Robert Abbott, MD Family Medicine Resident Physician

Phone: 434-218-3425
Email: [email protected]
Resilient Roots: Functional and Evolutionary Medicine
925 E Jefferson St
Charlottesville, Virginia United States 22902

My name is Rob Abbott and I am an integrative and functional medicine physician practicing in Charlottesville, Virginia as part of collaborative clinic Resilient Roots . In addition to my primary clinic in Charlottesville, I work virtually as part of another functional medicine clinic known as the Austin Center for Functional Medicine.

I completed my internship in family medicine at the Virginia Commonwealth University- Shenandoah Valley Family Medicine Residency Program in Front Royal, Virginia and am a graduate of the University of Virginia (U.Va.) School of Medicine.

I have completed training in functional medicine through the Kresser Institute and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). I am on the scientific advisory boards for both the Kresser Institute and the Ruscio Institute, leaders in functional medicine research and education. In addition, I am the medical advisor for the innovative collaborative, Autoimmune Wellness where I conduct research and write about integrative approaches to autoimmune disease.

In my clinical work, my team and I support patients with various autoimmune diseases to implement sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes including the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet.

In my free time I enjoy trail running and creative expression through writing and communal conversation.

Sarah Brutscher Licensed Professional Counselor, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Fort Collins, Colorado
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, my name is Sarah and I want to help you manage your autoimmune disease so you can fully live your life! I know first hand how powerful the AIP diet and lifestyle can be and I am passionate about helping others find healing.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (CO) and Functional Nutritional Therapy practitioner, I have a wide range of tools and experience which help me to work with each client truly holistically. I look at all facets of health from nutrition and digestion to mindset and stress management in order to honor each clients unique set of challenges and empower them with skills and knowledge for deep healing.

I would love to help you on your healing journey. Together we will work to create a healthful and fulfilling life, even in the face of chronic illness. All are welcome here!

Alice Lloyd Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Phone: +1 410-924-1776
Email: [email protected]
Easton, Maryland

Hello from the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland!

A graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association, I am a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner as well as a AIP Certified Coach. I am enjoying my thriving health practice, Nutritional Lifestyling with Alice. I strive to empower my clients through health while incorporating budget friendly techniques, cooking tips and local farm buying. Working with individuals, groups and families, I love helping my clients understand how to incorporate more nutrient dense foods into their lifestyle. I also own and operate a boutique hotel accredited with many awards over the last decade, Bartlett Pear Inn. It is out of my hotel that I run my nutritional business complete with fun cooking classes and workshops.

When I am not working, I love being with my kids and husband, sitting (napping) on the beach, knitting, reading Outlander (all 10,000 pages), walking my dog Charlie, gardening, practicing yoga, studying nutrition, cooking, fermenting, pickling, baking, stewing, crock-potting and eating all kids of foods.

Alice Dénoyers University Expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Scientific Evidence, AIP Certified Coach

Phone: +00 376 361 074
Email: [email protected]
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

I’m Alice Dénoyers, a University Expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Scientific Evidence. I’m French and based in Andorra, a very small country between Spain and France. I’m also studying to become a Registered Dietician.
I’ve been blogging about the autoimmune protocol and more generally about health and lifestyle since 2017. My blog,, which comes from “Health and Epigenetics” aims to share information and build a strong Spanish speaking community. I also manage a private Facebook group, also called Episalud, with the same objective.

I discovered my passion for the autoimmune protocol and integrative health in 2014, after living through an intense thyroid flare. This major health challenge drove me to learn all I could about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, autoimmune disease, nutrition and lifestyle, so as to help others.

As a Certified AIP Coach, my mission is to share the message of the autoimmune protocol with the Spanish-speaking community and be part of the revolution in the conventional health paradigm.

A professional translator for more than 20 years, I’ve always been passionate about building bridges between communities and helping people understand each other.

My skills in different languages (French, Spanish, Catalan and English) allow me to bring up-to-date information about the AIP in these European cultures, where it is seriously lacking.

Sara Kowalik, MS, Dipl O.M., L.Ac. Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Phone: +1 402-319-2077
Email: [email protected]
1908 N 203RD ST
ELKHORN, New England 68022

My name is Sara and I have a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and a board-certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM. I have been practicing as a Licensed Acupuncturist in Nebraska since 2013.

My motivation for becoming an Acupuncturist and more recently an AIP Coach stems from my own battle with autoimmune disease. I have been on the Autoimmune Protocol and am grateful for the changes it has made in my health. I understand the struggles that come with an autoimmune diagnosis and how AIP can be a game changer! Having personally benefited from both Acupuncture and the Autoimmune Protocol, I am excited to combine the knowledge and skills to assist others to unblock their roadblocks to health and well-being.

With that, I want you to understand that there is hope to change your story. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to live with whatever pain or condition they are facing. Acupuncture is a body-mind-spirit medicine that treats the whole person. I will work with you as a whole person, not as a disease. I want to hear your story to find out what your specific issues are that are keeping you from flourishing. I will help you by making nutrition and lifestyle changes and suggestions while also utilizing acupuncture to help maximize your healing potential and to reduce pain and stress, giving you back the quality of life you deserve.

Kiama Lee Holistic Nutritionist

Clinton, Mississippi

Hi Everyone! My name is Kiama Lee. I am passionate about holistic nutrition and how nutrition can impact every area of life. I very much enjoy working with people and learning their unique and individual stories. Each client represents a journey of discovery both for them and for me! Let me help start you on your journey towards health and wellness!

Marcia Cesario, RNC, CHN Registered Nutritional Counsellor, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Ontario, Canada
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, I am Marcia. I am a Registered Nutritional Counsellor, Certified Functional Nutritionist and Certified Bioindividual Nutrition Practitioner. I am also a proud Certified AutoImmune Paleo Coach and Nutrigenomics Counsellor.

Nutrition is my Passion and I am here to help you through your journey to a happier and healthier life.

Understanding how food and lifestyle affected my own health helped me overcome years of anxiety, brain fog, fatigue and digestive disturbances connected to gluten and dairy intolerances. I experienced the power of nutrient-dense, healing foods and used my education and experience to help my husband and my kids overcome their health challenges and reverse their Autoimmune diseases.

I believe that everybody can change their lives towards a healthful and happier life – and I can help you uncover your food sensitivities, understand your symptoms (and listen to your body), optimize your digestion and restore your mind and body’s health. I also believe that welcoming all that is positive in our lives can really help us in our journey.

I especially love working with kids, and have specialized in inflammatory skin diseases and food sensitivities/intolerances. I love how smart the AIP Protocol is, and in my practice I also like bringing in principles from other healing diets and strategically customize the dietary intervention for my clients.

I live a simple, healthful, happy and allergy-free life with my family surrounded by wholesome, nutrient-dense foods. We incorporate yoga and meditation in our daily lives and a lot of music from all over the world. My husband and my kids and are my inspiration for so many kid-approved AIP-friendly recipe creations.

I am passionate about the microbiome, genomics and autoimmune research, and I enjoy creating simple and nutritious recipes in my kitchen for my family.

Juanita Aguirre Certified Health Coach, AIP Certified Coach

Phone: +57 311 5356447
Email: [email protected]
Cali, Valle
* Practices Virtually Worldwide

Many years passed and many visits to doctors (for the migraines and joint pains, I suffered), before being diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome and rheumatism. Having a name for what I was living for, gave me peace of mind and encouraged me to start my own journey of my health recovery (initially intuitively), without medicine.

I started changing my diet, changed running for yoga (I became a yoga teacher) and meditation. I was certified as a Health Coach at the IIN in New York. This path I walked, opened my eyes and showed me that I was able to take responsibility for my own health, making changes to my diet and my lifestyle. ¡It was possible!

Now, with all the love and intent to support you since you’re probably living what I lived years ago, I decided to become AIP Certified Coach. I will guide you to become the leader of your own path to your well-being, vitality and energy to live, despite an autoimmune disease.


Danika Sicard, ND Naturopathic Doctor & Masters in Acupuncture

2179 Mer Bleue Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario K4A 3T9

Hi my name is Danika Sicard and I began my career at the University of Ottawa completing an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics. This was the beginning of my particular interest in nutrition and healthy living. I began to incorporate concepts I had been taught into my daily life and experienced profound improvements in my general health, energy and state of mind. I decided then that my vocation lay in helping others to reach their health goals, prevent disease and to heal themselves. I continued my studies and completed the four-year graduate degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. I augmented my professional credentials with a Master of Science in Acupuncture granted by the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. It wasn’t until my second child came along that I really became interested in autoimmune diseases. My daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and even after extensive education in naturopathic medicine and acupuncture, I felt I needed to know more and that’s when I fell upon the Autoimmune Protocol and the teachings of Dr. Sarah Ballantyne. It was my mission to learn everything I could about her condition and other autoimmune conditions. So, here I am today able to help people living with autoimmune disease by offering them the direction and tools they need to achieve their optimal state of health.

Angelina Chilcoat, OTR/L, CHT Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Sinai Rehabilitation Center
2401 W Belvedere Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Hello. I am Angelina Chilcoat, an occupational therapist who helps people in persistent pain and people with hand injuries that are traumatic, musculoskeletal, and neural compressive in nature. Many times, autoimmune and autoimmune suspected conditions are the root cause contributors to musculoskeletal, nerve entrapment, and chronic pain syndromes. My occupational therapy practice weaves together evidence-based rehabilitative techniques, neuro-immune pain science education, and science-based diet and lifestyle changes (such as AIP), so my clients can return to their most meaningful activities and lead a more full life.



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