What was your experience with AIP Certified Coach and how has it changed your approach?

“The very explicit scientific explanation of why each food is avoided on the diet gave me more clarity about how to explain why this diet is so powerful to people. It was a really great immunological review and I learned things about the immune system that I did not learn in my four year graduate program that had a year long course in immunology!”

Anna Murphy-Moore, L.Ac (Fall 2021 class)

“The AIP certified coach course really solidified my understanding of the AIP. I now have a deeper understanding of how and why it works to help people with Autoimmune disease. The handouts for clients will be immensely helpful in supporting clients going forward.”

Angela Merlo, L.Ac (Fall 2021 class)

“Honestly, I really appreciated this course. It helped me realize how much I would want to collaborate with AIP-trained nutritionists for my patients who need a bit more hand-holding since the coaching I would want to do with them would be minimal compared to the acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment plan.”

Sydney Malawer, Licensed Acupuncturist (Spring 2021 class)

“AIP Certified Coach was everything I was hoping for -- a systematic, scientific, yet compassionate way to approach working with an AIP client. The handouts alone are worth the cost, saving me a year of trying to create this info on my own. The instructors are top- notch and the info I learned has definitely been a game-changer.”

Pamela Grant, LAc., FNTP (Spring 2020 class)

“I feel much more comfortable guiding people through dietary changes, whether they prefer a strict elimination diet or a slower transition into an AIP lifestyle, and much more comfortable delineating which patients need which approach.”

Andrea Lane, LAc. (Summer 2017 class)

“An excellent course, for beginners and for those familiar with the AIP approach. I really appreciate having the handouts available - they save me so much time! This alone has changed my practice. Learning about working with the different kinds of learning and implementation styles that people have was very helpful.”

Colleen Burke, LAc. (Summer 2017 class)

“The AIP Certified Coach program is helping me to provide my autoimmune clients with even deeper levels of care through education and real-life, practical things that they can do everyday to help them feel their best. I loved how this program focused on the science of autoimmunity but also really emphasized how much we can control when it comes to our health...something that often feels very intangible when you're struggling with an autoimmune disease.”

Sarah Corbett, Clinical Herbalist (Spring 2020 class)

“I really appreciated the way Mickey and Angie taught the class, very relaxed but confident. And focusing on showing how to make the clients feel that they are an important part of the journey.”

Kelly Shattuck, Certified Herbalist (Winter 2019 class)

“The AIP Certified Coach program was a powerful training that expanded my understanding of how autoimmune diseases arise and, more importantly, how to use the AIP protocol skillfully to support those living with them. It was a worthwhile investment both professionally and personally.”

Khandro Noble, Clinical Herbalist & Licensed Esthetician (Summer 2017 class)

What were the top three most valuable aspects of the AIP Certified Coach course?

"1. Access to instructors on Q&A 2. Learning about the different transition styles 3. Forcing myself to read Sarah's book, haha. Future practice impact: 1. I always feel more confident saying I have a certification in something 🙂 2. I know I will like the alumni community to learn from other seasoned practitioners."

Laura Paris, Board Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (Spring 2023 Class)

“The handouts are really stellar; they clearly outline any and every bit of information that I could want as a practitioner or a patient could want. The pacing of the course was very appropriate and I never felt either overwhelmed or bored by the material. The facebook discussions were so enlightening; the questions posed were thought-provoking and seeing the answers from the other participants really helped me and deepened my clinical knowledge.”

Andrea Lane, LAc. (Summer 2017 class)

“The resources are incredible! They are making it so easy for me to share this info with my clients. I also really loved the focus on nutrient density and the lectures on autoimmune science. This information and the accompanying resources is helping me to work faster and smarter with my autoimmune clients and is helping me take my practice to the next level.”

Sarah Corbett, Clinical Herbalist (Spring 2020 class)

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