What was your experience with AIP Certified Coach and how has it changed your approach?

“I’ve been working on building a holistic health practice for years, and the nutrition piece is a huge part of lifestyle, but being able to help people with something specific like autoimmune, is going to add value to all that I can offer. Three most valuable aspects of this course was accessibility, the incredible amount of material, knowledge, and experience put into the course, and being able to hone in on my scope, specifically, and how I can use it to help others with AIP.”

Marah Chaney, LMT (Spring 2024 Class)

"This course exceeded my expectations. I didn’t come into it with any specific plan for my current career or business, but I did hope that it would not only give me the tools I needed in my own health journey but also perhaps some things I could apply with some my clients too. I now feel better prepared to walk alongside others and support them as appropriate and as needed. Thank you!"

Ashley Peebles, LMT, CPT (Spring 2023 class)

“My experience with AIP Certified Coach exceeded all my expectations. I knew I was in for a great course because of the incredible team who designed it, but I was blown away by the detailed information within each module. I am now so confident with my depth of understanding of the WHY, WHAT and HOW of AIP and cannot wait to share my knowledge and skills with clients to empower them to reclaim their health.”

Stephanie Lynch, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach (Spring 2022 Class)

“The AIP Certified Coach program is exceptional – an outstanding educational experience with the potential to benefit the practice of any and all health care professionals. The course serves as a scientific, principles-based approach to the diet and lifestyle factors that produce optimal human health for those with autoimmune conditions. It is also a rare opportunity to explore the interface between scientific research and clinical health care with professionals of various backgrounds, many of whom have autoimmune conditions, have benefited from the autoimmune protocol, and have a genuine curiosity to understand "why" so they may better serve others.

The AIP Certified Coach program has made me a better health care professional, beyond doubt. As a licensed bodyworker, my practice is based upon offering clients an educational experience in embodiment via manual and movement therapy. Many of my clients come to me because they are in pain, and as the scientific research grows and shows inflammation underlies pain experiences, it's clear to me the best way to serve my clients is to empower them with an understanding that the removal of inflammatory stimuli from both diet and lifestyle is the most significant intervention they can make to resolve pain. This course will help me work with people of all ages, abilities, and aspirations, irrespective of autoimmune diagnosis, because the scientific principles of health and wellness taught in this course apply to all human beings.”

Jackson Penfield-Cyr, Bodyworker (Spring 2020 class)

“The presentations on scientific background and all the reading assignments were really useful in terms of developing a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between body systems, nutrition, lifestyle, and other factors that contribute to autoimmunity (along with plenty of time for digesting and assimilating that knowledge into practice!). The practical aspects of the training led to steady shifts in my thinking and process over time, both about this work in particular and also coaching in general (and even positively influencing my somatic bodywork practice). I really love how this training has permeated through and filtered so nicely into all aspects of my work. Thank you Mickey, Angie, and Sarah!”

Marla Hanken, CMT, CHT, WCS (Spring 2020 class)

“The course was thorough and well paced. The handouts were so helpful and meant I didn’t have to redesign everything for my clients. It has given me confidence to work methodically and individually with my clients and I have already started to pick up more 1-1 clients within a week of completing the course.”

Claire Murphy, Senior Yoga Teacher (Winter 2019 class)

What were the top three most valuable aspects of the AIP Certified Coach program?

“The course offers a welcome and inclusive framework for continuing education, which is its most valuable aspect. The curriculum is thoughtfully crafted and comprehensive, with a course structure that sets clear expectations from the outset and offers students a chance to meet those expectations in their own way.

The lessons on Teachery and the discussions on Facebook created a community feel that facilitated the educational experience wonderfully.

The handouts provided were an invaluable resource of summarized and synthesized material, and will most certainly serve as an invaluable resource for coaching clients.”

Jackson Penfield-Cyr, Bodyworker (Spring 2020 class)

“I loved diving deep into troubleshooting, implementing, and the information on supplements was amazing! The resources that I gained from this course are so vast!”

Jennifer M Keffer, Licenced Massage Therapist (Spring 2020 class)

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