What was your experience with AIP Certified Coach and how has it changed your approach?

“I’m more prepared to answer questions about the biology and pathology of autoimmune diseases as well as address the mindset that 'there’s nothing I can do to make this better' that I see with my patients.”

Katie Johnson, PTA, BSPTA (Spring 2022 Class)

“I loved how in depth the information was. It helped educate me on the causes of autoimmune disease, which I can pass along to my patients. I think when you can explain to people why something happened and how to address it. They are more willing to listen and act.”

Ammie Chapman, DC (Spring 2020 class)

“This was one of the best courses I have taken in my 20 years of practice. It has given me the tools to confidently teach my patients how to improve their health and their lives through the AIP.”

Elizabeth Baker, DC (Winter 2019 class)

“My experience with AIP Certified Coach was so much more than I was expecting. I am hoping to start working with clients with autoimmune disease in the near future and feel very confident about my ability to support, educate, and guide them through the healing process.”

Carley Schick, Physical Therapist (Winter 2019 class)

“Experiencing the AIP Certified Coach program has changed my approach to working with autoimmune clients by giving me the confidence to spread the message and educate everyone I can in this protocol because it WORKS, it really heals and improves lives and changes lives in the most profound ways when the knowledge, motivation and support is all there. I have that to confidently deliver being an AIP Certified Coach! Thank you Sarah, Mickey and Angie!!”

Mollie Ressler, PT (Summer 2017 class)

What were the top three most valuable aspects of the AIP Certified Coach program?

“The three most valuable aspects of the course were the client handouts/ supplemental information, the in depth education in the science behind the foods we eat, and troubleshooting when symptoms aren't improving. The impact these aspects will have on my practice are the ability to speak clearly and intelligently about the science which gets buy-in from my clients and the handouts make it simplified and professional and then having answers when there are frustrations is just the icing on the cake!”

Mollie Ressler, PT (Summer 2017 class)

“I think the information on the lifestyle of AIP will be very impactful for my future clients who may see diet as too challenging or scary at first but are more comfortable with starting on sleep habits or stress management.

The handouts provided make educating clients on complicated topics much simpler and straight forward. I love the idea of clients having something in their hand they can take to their home and help guide their health journey.

Knowing the specifics of the immune system and autoimmune responses helps patients understand why they experience the symptoms they have and how AIP a will alleviate these things.”

Carley Schick, Physical Therapist (Winter 2019 class)

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