What was your experience with AIP Certified Coach and how has it changed your approach?

“Awesome training. Awesome instructors. If you are on the fence, take the plunge and become AIP certified. You will be glad you did.”

Emmanuel Cayemitte, Certified Autoimmune Holistic Nutrition Specialist; RNP (Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner) (Spring 2024 Class)

“The AIPCC training program provided a wealth of detailed information which exceeded my expectations. Going into the program I thought I knew AIP well, but I’m amazed at the level of knowledge I gained. Dr. Ballantyne, Mickey, and Angie are passionate about what they do, and it shows!”

Sandrelle Aguirre, ACE Certified Health Coach (Spring 2022 Class)

“I really feel like this program was top-notch and EXACTLY what I needed to be enrolled in immediately following the NTP Course to narrow my niche and remind me of my "why" in the first place. It really empowered me to be included in discussions and spoken to during videos as a practitioner who is already in practice even though I am just getting started. Thank you so much Mickey and Angie for creating this course and sharing all your knowledge and experience in this way. You have made such a difference in my health life and now in my professional life and I'm so glad to now be part of the AIP community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Laurie Brooks, NTP (Spring 2022 Class)

“This course made me feel I finally had enough education to confidently coach my autoimmune clients. Having an autoimmune disease myself was not enough to make me feel comfortable in coaching, but the education provided in the AIP Certified Coach course was real and significant. I'm ready to help others face their autoimmune disease, whatever it is.”

Robyn Steele, FMCHC, NBC-HWC (Fall 2021 class)

“Over the past 5 years, more and more of my clients seem to have autoimmune disease. I felt limited in how I could help them. Now I feel confident and able to create bigger results for them.”

Michelle Leotta, Health Coach (Fall 2021 class)

“This program has deepened my understanding of autoimmune diseases and is very thorough in covering the science behind the AIP. It is also very helpful in covering strategies to help clients transition into this lifestyle change. I believe this program will help me enhance the support I'm able to offer to my clients.”

Shakeena Bradely, FNTP (Spring 2021 class)

“The certification course was outstanding. It provided the knowledge and tools I was seeking to help in working with my autoimmune clients. I am exceptionally glad I took the course.”

Liz Delizia, Certified Holistic Nutritionist (Fall 2020 class)

“This program was absolutely phenomenal and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of autoimmune disease and a protocol that can be implemented to help their clients heal.”

Aysha Gerald, CHC (Fall 2020 class)

“The course really filled in the gaps for me. It was very comprehensive and the handouts are so valuable. I am looking forward to working with my autoimmune clients with much more knowledge and confidence in the future.”

Peggy Corlett, FNTP, CHC (Fall 2020 class)

“The AIP program helped me fill in the gaps of information that I didn't receive in my base certification training as an FNTP. I feel more reassured to work with AIP clients now.”

Melissa Morales, FNTP (Fall 2020 class)

“The AIP Certified Coach program has taught me what I need to know to feel confident about when and how to use, and even when not use the AIP diet in working with autoimmune clients. Although I had already learned much about the diet before the program, now I understand it more deeply and thoroughly, which is what I was hoping to gain from it.”

Larissa Spafford, FNTP (Fall 2020 class)

“AIP Certified Coach provided much more than I imagined when I signed up for the course. I have taken a few certifications and this was the most comprehensive, well organized and well presented. I already have a background with working with autoimmune clients. However, there were some missing gaps that I was missing. After taking the course, I now feel more empowered to dive deeper with clients when troubleshooting their symptoms. In addition, the handouts provided will allow me to provide even more value to my clients than I did before.”

Jamie Nicole Martin, CHC (Fall 2020 class)

“Taking the AIP Certified Coach training was an incredibly valuable experience for me. Personally, as a nutrition nerd who experienced transformative health improvement when I first embarked on AIP while recovering from a serious eye disease and a multitude of other debilitating symptoms, I'd read and re-read Mickey and Sarah's books and used them as my guides. While I had success implementing what I learned, this course filled in gaps, connected dots, and went so much deeper. The video format with slides made complex concepts much clearer and easy to remember. I wish I'd had it back then when it was overwhelming to navigate being sick AND learning so many new things! Now, as an FNTP, this course is invaluable as a professional resource, even though I already had the textbooks. Having Mickey, Sarah, and Angie guide us through the protocol was like standing on the shoulders of giants - it was like having access to all their years of experience and knowledge without having to stumble through it myself. This protocol and the breadth and depth of information can feel overwhelming when you're on your own, but the troubleshooting, case study modules, and deep dives into the science were golden and I felt like I learned so many new things. I now feel much more confident with complex cases, especially in being able to customize the protocol and reintroduction phases. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to deeply understand how to optimize immune function and those wanting to empower themselves and others to live well with autoimmune disease.”

Melissa Yee, FNTP (Spring 2020 class)

“Very positive experience, I started sharing with clients from the beginning. I also felt that I thought critically with clients and this added to my toolbox, especially in the troubleshooting area. It was very clear from class one that you REALLY want us to succeed with our clients. I haven't experienced quite that devotion during other certifications or courses. Thank you”

Terry Morgeson, CNTP (Spring 2020 class)

“I have a new respect for the complexities of AI disease, and how personalized care needs to be for each client. Encouraging clients to look at root causes, not just symptoms and that lifestyle changes aren't just good because you're "healthy"-- there can be many ways a client needs to heal first and this can be a long journey but totally worth it. I love empowering clients to heal and take on their health in a new way.”

Lilah Wise, CHC (Winter 2019 class)

“AIP Certified Coach really helped me gain a full understanding of autoimmune disease and wellness and I am excited to apply my knowledge and acquired resources to my work with clients.”

Maria Pastore, CHC (Winter 2019 class)

“This class gave me practical tools to implement the AIP framework as well as the science to back up recommendations. I'm already seeing amazing results with the clients I'm working with and have the tools to troubleshoot the clients who aren't.”

Kristin Swim, NTP (Winter 2019 class)

“My time spent earning the AIP Certified Coach badge was invaluable. I had a pretty strong foundation understanding AIP before I entered because I've been using it to manage my own autoimmune disease for the last four years. However, the content of course continued to teach me even more. I now have a strong scientific understanding of why avoid certain foods and include others. Having this knowledge base has shown to be valuable for my clients, because now that they truly understand the why, they are more apt to be compliant with AIP.

Also, the client handouts provided through the course have been passed on to my clients as valuable resources. Having tracking sheets, detailed food lists, and troubleshooting guides provide a professional and well-rounded support to my AIP clients. They feel supported, and continue to reach out, developing that trust factor throughout our time together.”

Carly Michelson, NTP (Winter 2019 class)

“The course was chock-full of actionable tools for the coach and the client! Many practitioners know WHAT to do, but aren't sure HOW to do it. This course provides the HOW.”

Carol Jensen, NTP (Winter 2019 class)

“One of the most important things I got from this class was the tools for working with clients. I was already very familiar with AIP and the science behind it. But the tips and tricks from seasoned practitioners really opened my eyes as to how to apply it to my clients' symptom needs as well as how to better support them, as a practitioner.”

Rachelle Kenney, CNC (Winter 2019 class)

“This experience was invaluable and truly an investment that has already paid for itself in terms of my applications both personally and professionally. My approach now will be much less black/white as I once thought it would have been.”

Brianna Marie, RHNP (Winter 2019 class)

“As a health coach with multiple autoimmune illnesses, I felt as if I had a good foundation to be able to work with other individuals who have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease. This course was exceptionally well organized, and it provided me with essential tools to effectively help my clients. And while I knew much about the practical aspects because of my own journey, it was incredibly beneficial to learn, in greater detail about the physiological process of autoimmunity. The coaching handouts that were provided for our use are a tremendously helpful resource.”

Jo Allegro-Smith, Wellcoaches Certified Health Coach (Winter 2019 class)

“I loved the experience and the expertise of these ladies! I feel very confident to move forward and help others who struggle with autoimmune issues. When I began following the AIP protocol for rheumatoid arthritis I had almost a full reversal of symptoms in just four days. I wanted to learn how to share that with others. This course has given me the confidence to do that!”

Susan Hekking, NTP (Winter 2019 class)

“I really enjoyed the AIP Certified Coach training. I feel it was very informative and it has greatly helped my clients with autoimmune who were not progressing as well as I had hoped with the changes we had made prior to going AIP. It gave me a clear path with science based research and easy to understand protocol to implement in my practice and present to my clients with confidence.”

Debi Byrk, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist (Winter 2019 class)

“I found the AIP Certified Coach training incredibly informative, even as someone having already done a lot of research myself in the years that I have been following the protocol. It covers a huge range of information presented in a very well thought out manner. I feel that the course has equipped me with an extensive toolkit which will enable me to much more effectively adapt my coaching to meet the varied needs of autoimmune clients wherever they may currently be on the autoimmune spectrum.”

Becca Benning, CHC (Winter 2019 class)

“There were many unanswered questions surrounding AIP until this course. Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of addressing this issue with clients.”

Megan Copeland, CNS, LDN (Winter 2019 class)

“I haven't started working with clients yet, but my experience with AIP coach was AWESOME! The course was so well put together and I feel very fortunate to have taken it. From my base training in Nutrition Therapy I already believed wholeheartedly in bioindividuality, but after taking this course I embrace that concept even more. I will be sure to read and use the manifesto with each and every client.”

Trish Raziano, NTP (Spring 2018 class)

“This class is phenomenal. It covers the science and the client aspects of AIP. Plus all the handouts and materials make it easy to tailor the information for your individual clients.”

Laurie Muscutt, Health Coach (Spring 2018 class)

“AIP Certified Coach was a valuable and enriching program, providing essential ongoing education for any health professional that embraces the idea that “food is medicine”. With autoimmune diseases increasing at startling rates, the time has never been more critical to bring autoimmune education to those whom the traditional medical has not served. As a Certified AIP Coach, I feel more equipped to walk my clients through the hows and whys of autoimmunity, and to troubleshoot more complex situations. The handouts are well designed and thought out, and are worth the price of the course alone! Excellent course, and I would recommend to other practitioners!”

Ryan Monahan, FDN-P (Summer 2017 class)

“The AIP coach course enriched my academic knowledge by helping me understand many more of the "why's" behind autoimmunity. Since I don't have an AI issue myself, I can't empathize with personal experiences. I feel like this is where I truly benefited from this course. Both Mickey and Angie shared coaching insights and personal experiences that have helped me understand AI more from a human perspective. I need to see the person (client) before the Autoimmune issue.”

Ashley David, NTP (Summer 2017 class)

“AIP Certified Coach gave me a truer understanding of autoimmune disease and I valued Sarah’s video presentations that went deep into the what, why, when and how. What Mickey and Angie brought so brilliantly to the course was the all important practical side of the Autoimmune Protocol, with top advice on how to implement, navigate, reintroduce and troubleshoot. As a result of the program I feel confident that I have the tools to advise, guide and support my clients on their journey to better health.”

Kate Jay, NTP (Summer 2017 class)

“The AIP Certified Coach program has transformed my practice. The vast amount of resources, from client handouts to real-world troubleshooting advice, help me to support my clients through every step of the Autoimmune protocol. And learning the science behind every decision will help to prioritize the changes for each individual client. This program is the most extensive AIP training I have seen and I can't wait to bring this knowledge to the people who need it most.”

Christine Horley, CNC (Summer 2017 class)

What were the top three most valuable aspects of the AIP Certified Coach program?

“The top three most valuable aspects of the course for me were: 

  1. The material handouts
  2. Business add-ons that I'd not thought about before such as a more robust contract.
  3. I loved how you wrapped the lifestyle into the importance of the program. It's super important and I don't think people think of those as much.”

Carrie Herndon, NTP (Spring 2022 Class)

“The thoughtfully organized handouts alone are worth the time and cost of this course. They helped me organize the way I approach and coach clients through the AIP process.”

Dianne Porter, MS Human Nutrition (Fall 2021 class)

“The amount of education, information, and resources you provided blew me away for the price of the course. Definitely got my money’s worth and more.”

Sarah Giordano, FNTP (Spring 2021 class)

“Dr. Ballantyne's scientific input was extremely helpful. Her explanations of dietary and lifestyle impact on autoimmune disease helped me to understand these conditions more intricately. Ultimately, this understanding will allow me to better serve my clients.

Mickey and Angie's engagement in class discussion was invaluable. They provided a clear and thorough response to every question that was posed.”

Alissa Klein, CHC (Fall 2020 class)

“The handouts and materials are invaluable, as well as the network of practitioners and the expanded knowledge of AIP.”

Sarah Deavitt, CHN (Fall 2020 class)

“The most valuable aspects of this course were the wealth of coaching tools provided with each module for both the practitioner and the client, as well as multiple private forum discussions where participants could post their questions and share resources, so as to learn from one another and also receive feedback from the creators. I also enjoyed not only being able to watch the instructional videos, but obtain the transcript and slide versions to them and quiz myself after each video to test my knowledge and understanding.”

Jessica Pecush, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant (Fall 2020 class)

“The three most valuable components of the course for me were the presentation of the scientific aspects of autoimmune disease, the practical application discussions of how to work with clients, specifically with troubleshooting and the plethora of client handouts that were provided.

The scientific aspects were detailed and provided me the knowledge I needed to have more confidence in what I know about AI Disease than I have through just living with it.

The practical application discussions will allow me to expand the type of Autoimmune Clients that I market to. Just as there are a wide spectrum of AI Diseases, there is a wide spectrum of those with AI Disease. Before, I was more comfortable taking on a particular AI client that was similar to me. I now feel more confident that I can serve a broader spectrum of clients.

The handouts are a game changer. They will greatly help with client education as well as retention.”

Jamie Nicole Martin, CHC (Fall 2020 class)

“1) The most valuable piece of this course for me was the handouts for clients and print materials for coaches to guide a client as they implementat AIP and pitfalls to avoid along the way. Many of these things were items I was trying to create independently and now I have these to give to clients instead or add to what I've already created.

2) The practical advice from both Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt about how to approach various difficult topics with clients and the wisdom they have shared from their years of experience is much appreciated.

3) The connections made with others enrolled in the course will continue to enrich my knowledge and theirs as we learned the value of what one another brought to the table as professional students and practitioners.”

Marcella Kustwan, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Spring 2020 class)

“I have a feeling I'll be reviewing this a lot and my perspective might change, since I had work and family situations pop up that prevented me from being able to take my time experiencing the course - but the top three things that stand out to me were:

1) Learning to personalize and troubleshoot with clients, especially supplementation. This already makes me feel a lot more confident and able to be so much more efficient in getting results/ruling things out more quickly.

2) Deep dive into reintroductions. I loved the professional perspective about making early reintroductions so the protocol is more sustainable for clients having a hard time, while acknowledging how this could affect results. It was practical, compassionate, and real. Understanding how to have these conversations with clients was so valuable.

3) The case studies! Wish there were more!! Now I can literally hear Angie and Mickey talking through their reasoning when analyzing symptoms, potential approaches, and troubleshooting to help inform my thinking when I encounter similar situations instead of not knowing where to start.”

Melissa Yee, FNTP (Spring 2020 class)

“The three most valuable aspects of this course are:

  1. The Handouts! Hands down, offering these to my clients and using them to help guide my process and overall packages is invaluable. Honestly, the entire course is worth it just for these resources.
  2. The science education provided by Dr Sarah Ballantyne -- I felt I had a strong understanding of AIP before I started, but I ended up learning so much more than I thought I would. Having the true understanding of the why's and how's behind the AIP is powerful, and I'm glad I can pass that onto my clients who need more convincing, or buy-in to why this works.
  3. Troubleshooting tips & case studies - I appreciated seeing and hearing how Angie and Mickey approach a new client, as well how they track client progress. Also, diving deep into troubleshooting strategies was very helpful as I come across more challenging cases. Bioindividuality is the basis for all we do, and understanding the modifications may need to be made for some is the key to finding success for clients, and in my practice.``

Carly Michelson, NTP (Winter 2019 class)

“Resources, Troubleshooting, Science... the immune system & nutrients that it needs. There will be many times that we are not sure what is the underlying cause of our clients problems but it is always good to have them eat a nutrient dense diet and meet the immune systems requirements! The resources are something I anticipate using a lot.”

Rachel Brenneman, ADAPT Certified Health Coach (Winter 2019 class)

“The resources offered to use with clients are simple, well presented and very comprehensive. They will make it significantly easier to work through many areas of the coaching process, from educating clients by providing clear information in a way that does not feel overwhelming, to assessing which particular areas of focus should take priority.

The discussion opportunities offered by the facebook group were invaluable, allowing amazing access to the excellent teachers, and also the very varied and extensive expertise of my fellow students. It is an extraordinary experience to be part of a community that is so supportive, knowledgeable and open in the interests of best supporting the overall mission to spread the word about the healing power of our own choices! The alumni group has already been very useful, and will continue to be so as a great place to continue to learn and to discuss questions that will inevitably come up as I work with clients.

The fact that audio recordings and transcripts of lectures are available for download was extremely reassuring. I am very pleased to know that I can revisit them at any point to refresh my knowledge and to search for specific information that may be relevant for an individual client.”

Becca Benning, CHC (Winter 2019 class)

“I really appreciated the ability to download audios of the training videos, being able to revisit these in the future will continue to reinforce the lessons I have learned.

The handouts that can be used with clients are great, I really appreciate that I don't have to duplicate this work.

The alumni facebook group will be an invaluable resource going forward. I'm excited to continue to learn from everyone.”

Amanda Christie, CHNC (Spring 2018 class)

“The course gave me a comprehensive study of the protocol from start to finish. Dr Sarah's research promotes credibility of the program and Mickey and Angie's experience provides the practical application of it. The handouts are fantastic! And the Facebook sharing was invaluable! I loved the input from other participants, as well as direct correspondence with Angie and Mickey. And I love having the continued support of the Facebook graduate group! This course has provided me with a transformative skill set that I can now offer to my clients!”

Arnell Caris, CHC (Spring 2018 class)

“I feel the top three most valuable aspects of the course were: 

  1. The handouts
  2. The video presentations
  3. The transcripts

- The handouts are simple invaluable when working with clients. Handouts in general are nice for a client to walk away with something that they'll be able to refer back to whenever they want to and these ones in particular are specked out for the client in a very user friendly way.

- The videos were nice (especially the first couple of weeks) to be able to put a visual with the science behind autoimmunity. That'll help with clients because it'll help me better explain it.

- Having the transcripts will allow me to better serve my clients because I can refer back to them at any time.”

Trish Raziano, NTP (Spring 2018 class)

“1) The in-depth science: going into the specific biological ways in which certain components of foods affect your gut health and trigger autoimmunity was helpful in building a deeper understanding.

2) Troubleshooting: Exploring all the reasons why the protocol may not produce results on the expected timeline for some people was a powerful piece to help me to remain patient and explore all the possibilities with clients as to what root causes may still need to be addressed before the protocol can take full effect.

3) Tailoring: Learning the ways in which the protocol can be bent to cater to each individual client was so important in understanding how to make it realistic. My business is called The Realistic Holistic and I feel it is my duty to make these kinds of protocols sustainable and attainable for each individual and their real life. This training has helped me to do just that!”

Megan O’Kelly, Certified Nutrition Practitioner (Summer 2017 class)

“1) The science of autoimmunity and food eliminations were thoroughly researched. This provides plenty of confidence for a health practitioner or health coach to walk patients/clients through AIP with confidence.

2) Implementation - I found it valuable to give clients the option to go cold turkey, or to implement the protocol in phases. The latter approach may be more digestible for those not experienced with elimination diets and to ensure compliance.

3) I really liked the handouts that go over nutrient density, and which foods contain the highest nutrient counts. Obviously, this makes the case for incorporating more liver and shellfish hard to ignore! The immune system is a nutrient hog, and it is the best interest of the client to help support immune balancing with nutrient dense foods!”

Ryan Monahan, FDN-P (Summer 2017 class)

“The handouts provided for each module are so great, I will be able to use them as is for my one-on-one clients. This makes everything so easy for us.

I found the pace very manageable, and I was able to keep up with the coursework, as well as my full time job, and all of the required reading. Having Sarah's lectures as well as the book made it so much more understandable than the first time I read it through!

The Facebook group was so incredibly helpful! I loved having the open discussions for each module,and the different topics each day to go over the material. Plus with everyone sharing their favourite resources as well, it was a great addition to the course material.”

Rebecca Weber, CHC (Summer 2017 class)

“Hands down, the most valuable aspect of this course are the client resources. I will save many hours of creating my own handouts, that I can now use directly for my clients. A close second is the hands-on troubleshooting advice, based on years of experience by the instructors. The course covered many real-world questions and issues that may come up during the AIP process and offered solutions and avenues to explore for each one. This will help me to guide my clients safely through the potential pitfalls and towards a healthier future. Finally, the connections I made with the other practitioners in the course will be invaluable for years to come. Discussions and comments throughout the course brought a better understanding of who we are, who we help, and how we can do more. The sharing and support has continued beyond the course.”

Christine Horley, CNC (Summer 2017 class)

Do you have any other feedback for us?

“This was an incredibly well-rounded course set at a pace that was manageable for busy, working practitioners. I am incredibly grateful for the content and resources that were shared throughout so that I can apply what I learned immediately into my practice.”

Cassandra Carpenter, FNTP (Fall 2020 class)

“I absolutely loved the course. So much that I would watch it all over again. What I am excited about is being able to share this information to the BIPOC community. I hope to also gain more visibility for AIP Coaches of Color. We are oftentimes underrepresented in the medical and coaching community. Because of this, the message is lost because it is not coming from a person who looks like the person who needs the information.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done, and I am now more equipped and more enthusiastic than ever to be able to serve in the capacity of an AIP Certified Coach.”

Jamie Nicole Martin, CHC (Fall 2020 class)

“I absolutely loved this certification course. I learned so much that will enhance my practice with clients for years to come. I truly appreciate the thoroughness of the instructors in their presentation of scientific concepts backed by the research that supports it.”

Marcella Kustwan, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Spring 2020 class)

“I am particularly grateful for the community that Sarah, Mickey and Angie have created. It was helpful during the course to have dialogue with other students, but maintaining a connection with them and other AIP practitioners through the AIP Graduates group is an invaluable resource. The handouts are also an amazing resource. Helping clients navigate their health journey seems a little less complex for them when you have written materials to share.”

Jo Allegro-Smith, Wellcoaches Certified Health Coach (Spring 2019 class)

“I loved this course, and have already begun re-reading your materials and recommended books to get the most out of it. I appreciate the way your program incorporates the best of traditional and holistic approaches to autoimmunity, and the practical nature you have in presenting a case for the importance of using both.”

Katherine Bavuso, FNTP (Winter 2018 class)

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