What was your experience with AIP Certified Coach and how has it changed your approach?

“I really enjoyed the learning and the research findings to back the learning up. The teachers were very responsive and supportive on the threads.”

Bianca Clarke, Psychotherapist (Spring 2024 Class)

"I'm super impressed which how much knowledge you all have and how much time you spent on designing this training. Wow. Thank you!"

Cynthia Callaghan, LCSW (Spring 2023 Class)

“It was a seamless experience, start to finish, with plenty of support, easy access to the online teaching portion, and access to a great learning community.”

Imei Hsu, RN, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Fall 2020 class)

“I love having certification of an evidence-based approach to work with my autoimmune clients. I have used AIP for my own autoimmune issues for the past 5 years, and know the value of this approach from the inside out. I tell my clients that I only use approaches that I have experienced healing from, & I only seek professional development from the best of the best. This program fits all those requirements!”

Angela Grace, PhD Registered Psychologist (Fall 2020 class)

“I feel much better prepared to help my autoimmune clients, who've been told by their doctors to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, talk through their options and guide them on an AIP journey if that's what they choose.”

Eva Ash, PhD Psychologist (Spring 2019 class)

What were the top three most valuable aspects of the AIP Certified Coach program?

“I love the scientific backing of AIP provided by Sarah Ballantyne. Combined with the coaching and troubleshooting best practices with Mickey and Angie, it is a perfect blend of the science and art of nutritional healing. I am proud to be a part of the AIP Certified Coaching community where we continually seek best practices and provide our clients with updated information and approaches to guide them on their healing journey.”

Angela Grace, PhD Registered Psychologist (Fall 2020 class)

“1. Understanding the science behind AIP 

  1. Discussing things with my classmates 
  2. Hearing case studies in the last lecture

All three will contribute to my ability, as a psychologist, to help my autoimmune clients make the behavioral changes they want to make as they start their AIP journeys.”

Eva Ash, PhD Psychologist (Spring 2019 class)

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