What was your experience with AIP Certified Coach and how has it changed your approach?

“One of the best courses I have in integrative and functional medicine/nutrition. Complete, scientific, accessible!”

Catherine Bouchard, M.D. 

“I have greater insight into how elimination diets work and the optimal environment for success with it and supporting practices” 

Folake Taylor, M.D.

“As someone who has had phenomenal personal results with AIP, I thought I knew everything there was to know, but I was delighted to be proven very wrong! The AIP Certified Coach provided me with a rich depth of knowledge of the science behind AIP as well as some great troubleshooting tools, knowledge of how this applies in special cases such as pregnancy and children, as well as how to support people through different transition styles to set them up for success. This course has been a game changer for me in my practice!”

Monica Harris, ND (Fall 2021 class)

“This was a really worthwhile course! It provided both sound evidence-based material on the rationale behind using AIP principles, as well as loads of practical tips for implementing the diet and troubleshooting specific challenges.”

Kate Meckler, MD, MPH (Spring 2021 class)

“I have more tools in my toolbox to address healthcare goals and needs of a patient suffering from an autoimmune disease.”

Smitha Nair, MD (Fall 2020 class)

“I loved the experience , for me connecting with practitioners from the USA, and other places, and to see how this information is reaching more and more people-- it was amazing!”

Lucia DiTulillo, MD (Winter 2019 class)

“The amount of information and resources provided through this course have enriched my practice tremendously. I now feel confident that I can help my autoimmune patients reach their health goals.”

Danika Sicard, ND (Spring 2018 class)

“The program is science-based, easy to follow and beneficial even for physicians.”

Kaley Bourgeois, Naturopathic Physician (Summer 2017 class)

What were the top three most valuable aspects of the AIP Certified Coach program?

“The most valuable aspects were the materials and handouts, the scientific findings backing the protocol and the constant and prompt support from the coaches. I feel that these aspects have made me feel confident in conveying the information to my patients.”

Danika Sicard, ND (Spring 2018 class)

“Review of immunological processes behind autoimmune disorders, handouts and group discussions.”

Kaley Bourgeois, Naturopathic Physician (Summer 2017 class)

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