What was your experience with AIP Certified Coach and how has it changed your approach?

“After completing the AIP Certified Coach training, I feel more confident in working with my autoimmune clients. I have more knowledge, tools and understanding of AIP. This will allow me to serve my clients in a more personalized manner.”

Lindsay Peter-Contesse, RD (Spring 2020 class)

“The AIP Certified Coach course gave me the confidence and resources to better serve my autoimmune clients. It helped shed some light on some new areas that I hadn't considered and I definitely feel better equipped to handle more challenging cases.”

Jaqui Zimmerman, RD (Winter 2019 class)

“My experience with AIP was great! A very good learning experience with great course material and support from the coaches. Coaches are knowledgeable. Videos, slides and texts offer different options to learn and understand. Many of the participants had had personal experience with the diet/approach and their sharing was valuable.”

Mirielle Guibord, BSc. Dt.P (Spring 2018 class)

“I had a wonderful experience with this AIP Certified Coach program. I now feel as though I am well equipped with a variety of science based information and knowledge to share with my IBD clients. I wholeheartedly believe in complementary medicine and the knowledge that was shared among functional medicine practitioners and traditional MDs ( with a blend of both Eastern and Western Medicine practices) has allowed me to approach working with my clients from all different aspects of their lives, allowing for total body and mind healing.”

Lori Beeken, MS RD (Spring 2018 class)

“The depth of the certification has helped me have a more science-based conversation with doctors. And the handouts made it easier to develop a structured plan when working with autoimmune clients.”

Shariah Hussenbocus, RD (Summer 2017 class)

“Great course, especially the science part. It has helped me in getting more structure into my work with autoimmune clients. Good handouts.”

Hanne Heinrich, RD (Summer 2017 class)

“This invaluable experience has enriched my professional life, not only by gaining more knowledge as to how to approach the AIP diet with clients, but also with the talented colleagues and friends I have had the pleasure to connect with and share ideas with. I feel blessed to have been a part of this inaugural class as I feel our group will go on to make an important impact on the world by educating and helping people take their health into their own hands.”

Tina Christoudias-Spyrou, RD (Summer 2017 class)

What were the top three most valuable aspects of the AIP Certified Coach program?

“I really appreciated the attention to detail with AIP. I came in already doing the diet and reading paleo approach front to back several years ago. It was helpful to go through it all again with a different perspective.”

Juli Roberti, RD (Winter 2019 class)

“1. the importance of micronutrients and the role that they play in autoimmune health 

  1. understanding how specific foods/food groups affect digestion and gut health
  2. supplementation - types and uses for supplementation”

Lori Beeken, MS RD (Spring 2018 class)

“The top three valuable aspects of the course for me were being able to have direct contact and support from the innovators and experts of the course, Mickey and Angie, at every step of the process, gaining access to the fantastic handouts and resources provided by the course, and networking with like-minded passionate professionals. I anticipate that this will allow me to expand my practice internationally and will give me the exposure needed to help as many people as I can.”

Tina Christoudias-Spyrou, RD (Summer 2017 class)

“1. The FB discussions provided a lot of insight on autoimmune conditions. I'm sure they'll help me create more individualized plans for my patients.

  1. The handouts : These are going to save me a lot of time.
  2. The content : Having the facts already gathered will make it easier to help patients and practitioners 'see the truth'.”

Shariah Hussenbocus, RD (Summer 2017 class)

Do you have any other feedback for us?

“I highly recommend this course to anyone who works with the autoimmune population. This is a growing population and we need more trained professionals to help patients achieve greater healing and quality of life.”

Lindsay Peter-Contesse, RD (Spring 2020 class)

“I really enjoyed this course and truly feel that the knowledge I gained from taking this course has allowed me to provide a more in- depth medical nutrition therapy approach with my IBD clients. This course was so helpful for anyone working with patients with autoimmune disease and especially dietitians that want to provide more wholistic care and healing to their patients.”

Lori Beeken, MS RD (Spring 2018 class)

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