Debi Bryk Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Educator

3623 Eggert Rd.
Suite 202
Orchard Park, New York 14127
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello! My name is Debi Bryk and I am a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health Educator, and member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP). I am also a Reiki Practitioner, wife, and mother of 4 wonderful children.

My passion for food as medicine began many years ago as I saw so many family members and friends suffering from various conditions that were not improving with conventional medicine as well as my own health declining. Through dietary and lifestyle changes, I have been blessed to not only heal myself, but help many others achieve their optimal health.

As a holistic practitioner I address the whole individual: diet, lifestyle, stress, environmental, toxicity, detoxification, spiritual, and emotional. I specialize in gut health and autoimmune disease and offer an individualized approach as we are all biologically different; therefore, there is no specific diet that is perfect for everyone. I also offer genetic testing which can be a helpful guide in determining the best diet and lifestyle based on your genetics in order to help prevent inflammation or disease and improve or maintain health.

I work with clients one on one either in person or remotely. I also offer nutrition classes and employee wellness programs. Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your concerns or learn more.

Sidra Javed Thyroid Wellness Coach

Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

I am Sidra and I am the founder of Wellness Accountability Coach. As someone who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2018 I know first hand how debilitating the symptoms of a thyroid disorder can make you. I went to numerous doctor and each of them were telling me different things and diagnosing me with different issues. Once I realized my nutrition and wellness needed improving and I started AIP, my symptoms significantly improved. I aim to help others dealing with similar autoimmune conditions and raise awareness of symptom management with the Autoimmune Protocol.

Laney Sisun Registered Nurse and AIP Health Coach

Phone: +1 781-696-2316
Email: [email protected]
2134 NW Aspen Ave
Portland, Oregon 97210
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi! I’m Laney Sisun, a Registered Nurse, an AIP Health Coach, and a Crohns Disease Warrior. I also own a Paleo Bakery, called the Honey Palette, that focuses on providing Decadent Desserts for people with food sensitivities, like childhood allergies and autoimmune diseases. All are paleo, sugar-free, sweetened with honey, and some are also SCD and AIP compliant.

As a nurse, I have focused my career on working in Women’s Health and Diabetes. And as a result of having Crohns for over 20 years, I have become passionate in researching alternative diets and therapies in order to improve my own health. Not only do I follow aspects of the AIP diet, but I also follow the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet), and can help with meal plans and tips combining both! Through exploration of my own health needs, I have seen major improvements with my own struggles with Psoriasis, Crohns Disease, and Lichen Sclerosis.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I have worked as a Diabetes Health Educator, a Cardiac Nurse, and a Labor and Delivery Nurse. I am a huge advocate for patient empowerment, and feel that as patients, we need to have control over our own health. My passions are educating people about diet as it relates to their own health needs, and guiding them towards a more fulfilling life through exploration of alternative treatments and foods. Because EVERY BODY is Different. We all have a different path, and I want to help you gain clarity so you can find your own and thrive!

Jagna Golebiewska Dietician and Nutricionist

Warsaw, Poland

Hello! My name is Jagna and i am a nutritionist and a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. My adventure with AIP began back in 2018 when i was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases myself. i was determined and motivated to fight for my well being. Not only ive changed my diet but ive changed my approach to my daily lifestyle. Because of my experience, I know i should help others to find a new ways to improve their health and get their life back on the right track. Our body has an amazing ability to heal and im here to support you on this journey.

Kathryn Aucoin Certified Health Coach; AIP Specialization

Phone: +1 207-838-7021
Email: [email protected]
Scarborough, Maine
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, I’m Kate! I have been an MS warrior since 2012 and my own journey using food and lifestyle to help relieve symptoms and slow my disease progression has led me to build a Health Coaching practice so I can help others do the same!

I offer a comprehensive 6 month Coaching Program where I specialize in helping clients with autoimmune disease make nutrition and lifestyle shifts to improve their health and happiness. Using AIP principles, we dig deep and explore all areas lifestyle (nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, environmental toxins, community and mindset) to create a personalized plan to fit their unique health challenges and health goals.

I also offer a shorter 3 month Coaching Program for clients who are looking for help in one or two of the lifestyle areas of focus.

My clients can expect a compassionate, client focused and non-judgmental approach from me. It is my life’s work to help others with autoimmune disease THRIVE!

Vicky Ellenport Clinical Nutritionist, AIP Certified Coach

Phone: +61 417 592 822
Email: [email protected]
Brighton, VIC

Vicky Ellenport is a Clinical Nutritionist who guides and motivates people towards better health.

She received her Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) from Endeavour College of Natural Health and works in private practice from her Brighton clinic as well as visiting businesses and individuals at their workplaces across Melbourne. She also practises globally, online through video conference and telephone.

Vicky left a successful career in the corporate sector to study nutrition. She was prompted by a lifelong interest in medicine and a belief that there was more she could be doing to manage the autoimmune disease that plagued her for decades.

Vicky started using AIP to manage her autoimmune condition and since completing her AIP accreditation she wants to help others to manage their conditions and improve their quality of life.
“I will teach you the skills and tools you need to take control of your health, while supporting you to achieve your wellness goals.”

Please call me for a complementary discovery session and take the first steps in your healing journey.

Christian Miranda Certified Health Coach

Santiago, Región Metropolitana
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, AIP Certified Coach and Certified TRE Provider, besides having bachelor degrees in computer engineering and pedagogy. My interest in working with people with autoimmune diseases has its roots in my own journey as a person with three different autoimmune diagnoses. As a result of this, I understand firsthand what it is like to live with a disease of this kind and everything it entails.

In my work as a coach, it is of utmost importance to empower people in order for them to have control over their own health, so I can be a companion for them in their health journey and I can provide them with theoretical and practical tools that help them achieve their goals.

It is often necessary to make lifestyle changes, which are not at all easy to make. That is why I implement coaching tools in order to approach different areas of life of the person, so that we can identify what is keeping them from achieving the results they want, and help us find a solution for that.

I work in conjunction with a functional medicine physician in order to make sure the people I work with are also receiving the appropriate medical treatment for their health condition, as I consider this fundamental.

If you need help with changing your diet, improving your lifestyle and implementing the AIP protocol in a balanced and sustainable manner, I would be happy to be your companion in that process.

Para información en español puedes visitar

Maryam AlWedaei Clinical Dietitian

Phone: 00973 63330099
Email: [email protected]
URL: Instagram: @dietitianmariam
Live Light Nutrition Center,
Seef District, Manama,
Kingdom of Bahrain
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Clinical Dietitian and Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor. I understand that everyone is different, and the diet is only one part of your journey to reach your optimal health. Thus, I am linking the mind, body, and nutrition to gain the maximum benefit that you can carry on through your whole life.

Inessa Makdulina-Nyzio, MS, RD, CDN Registered Dietitian/ Integrative & Functional Nutritionist

Phone: +1 203-977-2446
Email: [email protected]
1234 Summer Street Suite 400
Stamford, Connecticut 06902

I have been in the realm of counseling since 14 years of age, working as a peer-counselor in a local community-based program in Forest Hills, NY. It is where I found my passion working with individuals and communities in teaching health and lifestyle with the goal of outreach and making the world a better place one person at a time. I have been practicing as a Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist for over ten years, during my foundational education in the nutrition field I worked as a Personal Trainer for seven years where I saw firsthand just how much personal transformation I can inspire in people and that further fueled my love for the field of life-style medicine. Although my basic training had a lot to offer, I always felt that there was more information that existed which I can use to empower individuals to create sustainable change, and so I found Functional Medicine several years ago and since then never looked back to just the standard care models. My own-personal transition, transformation and health challenges has empowered my ability to help heal those under-my care. I am a firm believer of practicing what I preach! I incorporate science and history to create open-minded practice frameworks and believe in the process of continued lifelong learning to the universal betterment.

Evelyn Thai Nutrition Consultant, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
*Practices virtually worldwide

With a background in holistic nutrition and physiology, my big-picture goal is to help clients navigate today’s extensive amount of information on food and nutrition so that they are better equipped to make decisions impacting their health. My own decade-long journey with vitiligo and digestive disorders has taught me that there is no one-size-fits-all, fixed approach to achieving wellness. It is important to me to work with my clients to create an adaptable program tailored to their specific goals – one that is sustainable and allows their body to thrive at its best. Areas of expertise include: autoimmune management, digestive health, food sensitivities, and weight management, with a focus on reducing chronic inflammation.



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