Magdalena Jusiewicz, RN Holistic, Functional Health, Integrative Provider

Phone: +1 719-966-7276
Email: [email protected]

Hi, I’m Magda Jusiewicz, and I am a Registered Nurse and AIP certified coach. I am also Yoga and Yoga Tune Up instructor. I have witnessed autoimmune diseases in my family and personally have Grave’s disease. Over the last few years I had been learning holistic modalities for healing through yoga, nutrient dense food, restful sleep and management of stress. Being a nurse for over 14 years helps me understand illnesses, medications and healing processes. My goal is to help clients with autoimmune disorders to learn how to manage their symptoms in order to heal so they ultimately improve their everyday life. I assist individuals with chronic illness to attain and maintain maximum function through Autoimmune Paleo protocol and careful food reintroduction. As a nurse I will be your strong advocate and help you coordinate the difficult journey of managing autoimmune and/or chronic illness. I strongly believe a person should be treated as a whole. And since each person has unique set of problems they should have individualized plan that optimizes their physical, psychosocial, and spiritual health.

I am looking forward to working with you to design the perfect health plan to meet your goals. My company’s name is Functional Life, LLC where I provide support worldwide via email and Skype. I am also available in person in Colorado. When I am not working with clients and veterans you can probably find me hiking Rocky Mountains with my husband and three dogs.

Mówimy po polsku.

Ann-Marie Lum, CNP RNCP/ROHP Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner

Vancouver, BC, Canada
* Also practices Virtually Worldwide

Ann-Marie O’Keefe is a Vancouver based, Registered Clinical Nutritionist specializing in Functional Nutrition, and founder of Peak Performance Integrative Nutrition.  After completing her training with the Institute of Holistic Nutrition she is currently advancing her studies with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

My optimal goal is to support my clients with effective personalized evidence-based therapeutic protocols that include targeted dietary interventions, lifestyle recommendations, and nutraceuticals unique to your biochemistry and advance testing. I partner with clients that are being treated concurrently allopathically, and those who opt for a completely natural approach. I work with clients and their primary care physicians and specialists to ensure we are all working together for our client/patients’ optimal results.

About Peak Performance 

Thank you for considering Peak Performance as your wellness partner in supporting your health goals. We are a Functional & Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Practice which helps restore people’s health and vibrancy of life by supporting the whole person, not just a collection of symptoms or diseases.  

We coach our clients around the world through video consultations, and in-person in Vancouver, BC. We use the latest advancements in cutting edge diagnostic testing and team up with experts to uncover underlying root causes to dysfunctions and are able to uncover and solve often overlooked factors that have a dramatic impact on your health. 

By providing your body with precision nutrition, targeted supplements & herbs, mind-body connection, and lifestyle protocols unique to your biochemistry, personal beliefs and current health state, we often see remarkable results with your health and the reduction of presenting symptoms.


Dawn Brighid Integrative Nutritionist

Brooklyn, New York
United States

Dawn Brighid is an Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach. She addresses the root cause of an individual’s imbalance using evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes to help regain and maintain optimal health. Each person’s unique life circumstances and priorities are always taken into consideration.

Dawn understands that changing habits and creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. She guides clients to remove barriers, creating new healthy habits one step at a time. She empowers clients to enjoy life and food, while finding balance and getting their health on track.

Dawn is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and a Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist (CDN) in NY State. She holds her MS in Nutrition & Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health, is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach trained at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is a graduate of Jaya Yoga Center’s 200-hour yoga teacher training program.

Amanda Chocko, NTP Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Hi, I am Amanda Chocko and I believe in the power of nutrition in combating chronic disease. I learned this first hand through my own health struggles with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Graves Disease, anxiety and insomnia. Although prescription drugs initially helped to manage my symptoms, I knew that could have more control over my illness. That is when I turned to a holistic approach to reclaim my health and vitality. I was able restore my own health by bringing my body back into balance thru nutritional and lifestyle adjustments. This experience inspired me to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified AIP Coach. Now, I empower others reclaim their own health and well being through a step-by-step, bio-individual approach that emphasizes nutrient-dense, whole foods and healthy lifestyle recommendations. I would love to help you do the same.

Naomi Lewis Masters of Nutrition

90 Alamo Ave
Berkeley, California 94708
*Practices virtually worldwide

Naomi empowers her clients to become healthier individuals from the inside out. Through private consulting Naomi reveals how diet, ingredient quality, and proper food preparation all work hand in hand to create a foundation for good health. Naomi integrates her extensive culinary and nutrition background with her own life experience to help guide her clients to health. She can provide practical recipes and tips specific to your needs. Her goal is to empower you to be the driver of your own health and move at a pace that works best for you.

Stephanie O'Donnell, MS, RDN, CLT, LDN Integrative and Functional Registered Dietitian

Rockville, Rhode Island
*Practices virtually worldwide

I’m Stephanie O’Donnell, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Lifestyle Eating and Performance Therapist. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. I’m sure you’re wondering how I got here, but first I want you to know that my intention is not only to provide you with knowledge, but also to support you. It’s not just the “what” that will get you feeling better, it’s the “how.” Everybody is different. You’re your own unique person living your own unique life, and you’re the expert on that. My approach is to consider you as a whole person. So let’s combine your expertise with mine and get you on the path to healing!

What is my expertise? I grew up with autoimmune disease. I didn’t have one, but my mom was diagnosed with MS when I was just 7 years old, so it feels like an old friend to me. I earned my Master’s Degree and published a paper, all while donning the role of caregiver to varying degrees. It was stressful and challenging, and because of that I know the negative impact of stress and inflammation on the body firsthand. When I lost my dad (who struggled with numerous health issues, including an autoimmune disease) a few years ago, I realized that I was on a high speed train headed straight towards an autoimmune disease. Since then, I’ve overcome more than 30 different symptoms by using the same lifestyle changes that I use in the programs that I offer you! We can start right where you are, right now. I will listen to your story, tell you what steps to take, walk alongside you and give you the support you need to feel better. In the middle of your busy life, together, we can start to turn things around.

Simone Jamie Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner & Autoimmune Protocol Coach

Phone: +61 416 001 789
Email: [email protected]
East Ryde, NSW

*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, I’m Simone Jamie, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Autoimmune Protocol Coach. I support women and men diagnosed with autoimmune disease in their journey to reclaim their health. I have first-hand experience with autoimmune disease (Hashimotos) and it was once I started the Autoimmune Protocol and felt the improvements in my health as a result, that I became passionate to learn as much as I could to enable me to help and support others.

Also, my qualifications as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner allows me to use and assess functional lab tests to look for any hidden stressors or imbalances within the body and opportunities to improve health and function including hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production, nervous systems. This allows me to develop personalized health re-building programs to meet each client’s unique needs to improve function through diet, rest, exercise/movement, stress management and supplementation. Test don’t guess!

My aim is to support and empower you with the knowledge and tools to live as well as possible and I’ll help you each step of the way.

Julianne Taylor Registered Nutritionist

Phone: +64 21 680 703
Email: [email protected]
Auckland, Auckland
New Zealand

My interest in nutrition and its impact on health was ignited over 20 years ago when diet changes, including adding paleo choices 10 years ago, led to reductions in many niggling health issues related to auto-immune disease and inflammation (Hashimoto’s, joint inflammation and Raynaud’s). This inspired me to retrain as a nutritionist, (I am also a qualified nurse) so that I could help others improve their own health through dietary changes. In my postgraduate research, I focussed on diet studies and Rheumatoid arthritis. I interviewed 10 people with RA who used a paleo diet or AIP to ameliorate their symptoms. As a result I gained a lot of insight into how people implemented and maintained this regime over time. As a nutritionist the areas I help people with include; managing metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes using reduced carbohydrate and low glycemic load plans, nutrition strategies for managing auto-immune disease and reducing inflammation, including the auto-immune protocol, as well as weight loss, and nutrition for strength training. I am also a FitGenes genetic testing practitioner. My nutrition career has been varied, as addition to working with clients, I have run workshops and delivered seminars, and have also worked as a researcher on a number of nutrition related documentaries. I see people in person through Feel Fresh Nutrition in Auckland, New Zealand, as well as virtually. My hobby is powerlifting, which I started only 4 years ago. I compete nationally and in 2019 I represented NZ in the IPF Worlds, something unimaginable with my previous joint inflammation. (Masters 3, 52kg class).

Kylie Hendrikse DipCNM, mBANT, CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapist

United Kingdom

*Practices virtually worldwide

Hello, I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist, specialising in supporting Type 1 Diabetics regain their health and balance their blood sugar levels using nutrition and lifestyle medicine. I use the functional medicine model to take a full case history of your health, to really dig deep to identify imbalances and their root cause. After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2002 I spent many years dutifully following the advice of my endocrinologists and dieticians, eating carbs with every meal and then struggling to keep my blood sugars under control. I still suffered from chronic acne, tiredness, bloating after meals, tight joints and my energy levels were depleted. It was only when background retinopathy was detected at a routine eye appointment that I had the wake-up call I needed and realised I would have to take full responsibility for my health if I was to feel better. Without realising it back then, I began an AIP style diet, eliminating all inflammatory foods and including loads of healthy fats, grass fed meats, vegetables and salads. My energy returned, and I started to feel better, and was able to control my blood sugar levels like I’d never been able to before. A year later at my eye test all signs of the background retinopathy were gone.

That was when I had my lightbulb moment and I decided to leave a career in IT to become a Nutritional Therapist. I have set up Autoimmune Clinic, a collaboration of practitioners who not only have a comprehensive understanding of autoimmunity, but have personal experience of it themselves. As well as seeing clients on a 1:1 basis, we run an online 6-week group coaching AIP Programme, where anyone with an autoimmune condition can be supported in implementing the AIP protocol. Our mission is to empower people with autoimmune conditions to take control of their health and help them make long-term lifestyle changes in order to live well with their condition.

Diane Sanders AIP Certified Health Coach, NASM Trainer, PN1 Coach, CFHC

Phone: +1 239-628-7906
Email: [email protected]
2110 NE 1st Terr
Cape Coral, Florida 33909
*Also practices virtually worldwide

For the past 35 years I have been involved in holistic health, food and fitness. I have always been involved in fitness from Callanetics (Pilates) to weight training, yoga, walking, biking and kickboxing.

As a foodie, the kitchen is my playground. I am always looking at food as a solution to healing and connecting with family and friends, verses just something to fill my belly and it must taste OMG Delicious!

In 2016, I started experiencing extreme fatigue, hot flashes, my joints and feet hurt so bad it was difficult to walk (which really hampered my training and lifestyle), the scale increased 10, 20, then 30 pounds in a 2 year period.

Finally, in 2018, I went to the doctor. I had chalked it all up to being perimenopausal (I was 51 and having sporadic cycles). I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. FINALLY! An answer! I was so relieved, until I started researching it.

Enter the deep dive! I immersed myself in education. I found statistics that blew my mind regarding autoimmune conditions (Apx 20% of the population or one in five people, suffer from autoimmune diseases. Women are more likely than men to be affected) and many of these conditions are just regarded as a “manageable disease” or “aging related condition”.

I wanted to know how to pluck the root to better manage the symptoms while easing the immune system attack. Through nutrient dense foods, enjoying my life with self-care, proper sleep and supplementation, I had a course correction on my path to living with an Autoimmune disease.

Through my studies I am now an AIP Certified Coach, Certified Functional Health Coach, NASM Personal Trainer and a PN1 (Precision Nutrition) Coach, and Founder of A Path to Living.

My passion for serving and helping others as they gain control of their health allows me to open doors for them to live an optimal life. It is my drive and promise to each of my clients… I believe in you, I understand you, I have been where you are … I am here for you.



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