Pia Larsen Certified Health Coach supporting health & wellness with autoimmune disease

Sydney, NSW

I’m passionate about making a difference and love to help people with their health and wellbeing because I believe everyone deserves to have good health. I’ve worked in the complementary healthcare industry for almost 20 years and have lived with Hashimotos for a longer time. Ever since the diagnosis I’ve been on a healing journey to try and find a way to heal and restore my body’s innate healthy balance. I’ve seen hundreds of people ranging from different medical and integrative doctors to naturopaths and body workers. I’ve been on fasting and meditation retreats and tried dozens of different diets and protocols locally and internationally. If I can help you in any way please reach out via [email protected] I’m in the process of building a website.

Becca Benning Certified Health Coach

Bromley (Kent) and London,
United Kingdom

*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, my name is Becca and I am a Certified Health Coach. Realising the power of nutrition and lifestyle measures in managing my own health conditions (MS, Coeliac Disease and thyroid dysfunction among others) was a turning point in my life. I have been inspired by my experience to use what I have learned to help others to find their own way to truly and effectively care for themselves, both to create the best conditions to support healing and to build the foundations required to thrive in the long term. I began the AIP myself in 2016 and it has formed the basis for a transformation in my health, which is significantly better in my 40s than it was in my 20s (though unsurprisingly my progress was less straightforward than that may sound!). My commitment to my clients is to support you in identifying a path towards better health that is tailored to your unique needs. The nature of the AIP process of developing self-knowledge inevitably means that every person’s experience will be different, and the healthier life you find as you learn to listen to your body, mind and spirit will be as individual as you are. I am not here to try and squash your life into an AIP box, but to support you in becoming as empowered as you can be in dealing with your own health challenges. Building on my experience as a fully qualified primary teacher (and a parent), I enjoy working with families and young people as well as adults.

I am currently studying to become an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach in addition to my existing certifications, which has already added a huge amount of value to my coaching and deepened my knowledge of functional medicine considerably. I am excited to use what I am learning to support my clients in working towards their vision of wellbeing.

Kira Lily Nash Homoeopath, Holistic Therapist, Natural Health Coach

Alhaurín de la Torre
Málaga, Spain
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Like many practitioners of alternative medicine, I began by trying to heal myself. I’ve had multiple chronic illnesses since birth and early childhood and when modern medicine couldn’t help me, I decided to find my own answers. I studied a variety of healing modalities until I had created a toolkit that I could use for most things life threw at me.

Fortunately, my previous career as a writer and artist enabled me to work with the celebrated doctor of both Western and Chinese medicine, Leon Hammer, M.D. Through his kindness and great wisdom, I learned even more about health and disease and the role that Lifestyle plays in both.

A lifetime of doctors and hospitals left me with a long list of diagnoses, but no tools to overcome them. It becomes so terribly easy to lose hope. But I’ve worked for many years to improve my health dramatically, and I’d be so grateful to use the knowledge I’ve gained along the way to help you do the same.

My practice is about helping people to find their true paths to health and wellness: what really works for each of you as unique individuals. I’m passionate about the benefits of nature and natural lifestyles, and I hope to help all of my clients rediscover and reconnect with their true essence: what it really is that makes you the beautiful person that you are.

In my own healing time, I love to be in nature. I surf, I walk in the beautiful landscape of southern Spain: in the orange groves, over the mountains, or along the Mediterranean coastline. I garden, read, write poetry, paint, work with clay, and drink cups of tea out of heavy ceramic mugs. I’m married, I have one son and a perfect, naughty, small white cat.

*Speaks both English and French

Michela Formis Nutritional Therapist

Phone: +3 248 438 1134
Email: [email protected]
Rue des Echevins 35
1050 Ixelles
Bruxelles (Brussels)
*Practices virtually worldwide

I am an Italian nutritional therapist based in Brussels, Belgium.

I became passionate about the healing power of food as a result of personal experience.
After the birth of my second child my already unstable health took a turn for the worse. It took me several years to get to my Hashimoto diagnosis and more to regain my health through diet and lifestyle changes. After experiencing food’s amazing power on my own body I embarked in nutritional therapy studies, to better understand the mechanisms behind this process and help others struggling with health issues. I as a sufferer myself I am especially committed to help people with autoimmune disease.

I believe in accompanying and guiding my clients on their own unique path, directing their efforts in the most beneficial way, always respecting their specific circumstances, personality and their levels of discipline and willpower. I think each one of us has a relationship with food that can be very deep and emotional, so when moving forward, I take into account the personal history and try to adjust the pace to the client’s specific needs and feelings.

Harnam Kaur Nutritional Health Coach, and Medical Intuitive

Phone: +1 646-867-0799
Email: [email protected]
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Greetings Health Seekers. I am Harnam Kaur, your new Health Coach! I am also a medical intuitive and use these tools to aid me in making assessments. I know that each of my clients has different goals, health needs, wants and desires. I work from the understanding that all people are bio-individuals. This perspective allows me to work with each of my clients to build a plan to support them in their best health possible. Please contact me for a 20 minute complimentary discussion via phone or video conference. We can then decide on a possible course of action to uplift you into your best optimal health. Ideally, I work with you a minimum of 6 weeks or more. We design a plan that is personalized for your particular goals in feeling better in your body. Helping people feel empowered to take action in their quest for better health is my passion. Let’s connect~

Victoria Brenneman ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach

Phone: +1 574-320-3784
Email: [email protected]
Goshen, Indiana
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, my name is Victoria. I am an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach and an AIP Certified Coach. After years of dealing with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I developed a rare autoimmune condition called Churg Strauss Vasculitis. Conventional medicine offered little for my chronic conditions so I worked at achieving autoimmune wellness through a nutrient-dense diet and lifestyle modifications. They are powerful interventions!

The name of my business is Health Hope. I believe that with a sliver of hope for your health, you can begin to take action and move towards wellness. I am passionate about helping my clients create a wellness vision that helps determine the direction they are wanting to go. I am knowledgeable about habit change, both implementing new habits or changing ones that are detrimental to your health. I will listen to your story and offer support and resources to help you move in the direction of your goals. I will walk with you on your journey.

Sarah Nash AIP Certified Coach | Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Phone: +971 50 104 3221
Email: [email protected]
Zurich Insurance Company
Level 2, Gate Village 5
Dubai, Dubai 507279
United Arab Emirates
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

I set up The Know Project due to my discovery that so much of conventional medicine has us on a ‘need to know’ basis about our health. Where our well-being is outsourced to people who don’t know any better, aren’t able to help or even give us hope that we can ever feel better.

My platform is all about empowering you with knowledge, personalized support, strategies and solutions, borne out of healing and dealing with my own autoimmunity, to help you to turn your ‘NOs’ into KNOWs.

At The Know Project we celebrate bio-individuality. We know that everyone is different due to their unique genetic make-up, ancestry, microbiomes and experiences. We offer a root-cause-focused, human approach to healthcare that takes your whole body into account as a working ecosystem. You will never be defined by your condition here, you will never be seen as incomplete, you will never be just a number.

We address the imbalances that cause illness with a nutrient dense, whole food diet and provide lifestyle advice to harness your individual body’s innate intelligence to restore and maintain health.

Hire me as your health detective to help you reach your goals. Big steps or baby steps, I will meet you where you are (emotionally, physically & geographically) and go at your pace.

Email [email protected] to see how we can work together.

Angela Grace Ph.D. Registered Psychologist, Shamanic Practitioner, Iyengar Yoga Instructor

Phone: +1 403-827-8529
Email: [email protected]
Calgary, AB

I am a Ph.D. Registered Psychologist, Shamanic Practitioner, Iyengar Yoga instructor, and Autoimmune Paleo Coach. I provide holistic counseling & healing for girls & women struggling with trauma & burnout, autoimmune issues, self-esteem, body image, food, & self-love.

I utilize both scientific and intuitive approaches to help guide clients on their healing journey. My training in theatre, art, dance, yoga, and play therapy enables me to work in creative ways to enhance girls’ and women’s sense of well-being. I believe in soul-centered healing, a return to wholeness of heart in body, mind, & spirit.

I walk my talk! I use forward-thinking approaches with clients that are evidence-based and I have experienced tremendous personal healing from. I am happy to share best practices and healing approaches that work!

Melanie Hicks, CHC Certified Health Coach, Holistic Wellness Coach

*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, my name is Melanie Hicks and I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach.

I work with people who want to feel better. It is an honor to work with people on a wellness journey. You may have vague wellness urges or well-defined health and wellness goals. You may feel you have all the skills and supports you need or not any clue as to how to take the first step.

A big part of what I do is help you tap into your deepest desires for wellness and look at reasons for being stuck. Together we will discover your personal strengths and abilities for implementing healthier habits. Our partnership will help you put firmly in place lifestyle structures and mental supports which will allow you to make transformational strides on your wellness journey.



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