Jake Carney Personal Trainer

Phone: +1 405-551-1898
Email: [email protected]
* Practices Virtually Worldwide

I am a personal trainer and sports performance coach that is always trying to find solutions for whatever obstacles are in the way of my client’s goals. In the 12 years I’ve been practicing I have noticed more and more clients that were having some kind of autoimmune issue or at the very least inflammatory issues that were causing them problems with their health and fitness goals. Regardless of the goal I always approach someone’s plan by what will make the biggest impact for the individual and more often than not it is some kind of dietary adjustment. Currently, I work with individuals online and in person to help them be at their best. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone find the answers to having more energy and performing their best, whether it’s in the corporate world or on the field.

Angel Casto, RD Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Phone: +1 304-421-4337
Email: [email protected]
60 Riverbend Blvd
Saint Albans, West Virginia 25177

Hi! I’m Angel Casto, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, working in the beautiful state of West Virginia. I currently work as a clinical Associate for West Virginia University and having completed my Autoimmune Practitioner certification, am eager to continue to grow my consulting business working with AI clients. I can work one-on-one or in small group settings focusing on individual needs.

As a conventionally trained RDN, I have the credentials to provide disease specific Medical Nutrition Therapy; however, now I will do it with a functional nutrition focus. AIP Protocol certification has fueled my passion for functional nutrition and has me researching the next program to study.

When we know better, we have to do better and I’m excited to teach West Virginia a better way!! I look forward to connecting with you and helping you heal.

Christina Tidwell, MN, RN, NC-BC Functional Nutrition Coach

Seattle, Washington 98102
*Practices virtually worldwide

Hi, I’m Christina Tidwell and I am a Registered Nurse and Functional Nutrition Coach. At 18 years old, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD). Western Medicine treatments gave me some relief, but I was still left struggling and feeling deficient in many areas of my life until finally discovering the power of food as medicine. Since focusing on healthy whole foods, learning disease triggers, and finding ways to reduce flare-ups, I am able to live a healthy, disease-free life.

Since then, I have become a RN, studied nutrition, and devoted my life to holistic health. My experience in conventional medicine as a RN has provided me great insight into the current management of autoimmune disease. I believe effective treatment of autoimmune disease involves bringing together the best of conventional medicine and a more holistic approach with attention to diet, digestive health, stress, relationships and our environment. Having worked as an RN for several years I have seen the many ways in which those with autoimmune disease aren’t receiving this whole-person care in our medical system and why autoimmune health coaches are absolutely essential to fill in the gaps and facilitate sustainable, transformational healing!

I am the owner and founder of Live Well with Christina, a holistic health and nutrition coaching practice specializing in helping clients with autoimmune disease take control of their health through diet, lifestyle shifts and personal empowerment. If you’re suffering from chronic autoimmune conditions, I have been there myself and I’m ready to help you increase energy levels, reduce inflammation, and work on the possible root causes of your physical and emotional imbalance, so you can move beyond chronic illness and achieve optimal health. Learn more about my coaching program here.

I offer virtual nutrition counseling via phone or video.

Julie Michelson, NBC-HWC National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Phone: +1 303-775-3649
Email: [email protected]
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Julie Michelson is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, who creates amazing transformations in the lives of her clients through her coaching business. Having gone through her own health struggles, she is excited to help her clients skip the hardship of figuring it out on their own and start living joyful lives of true wellness. Julie works internationally with clients in her remote coaching business, Julie Michelson Coaching, LLC.

Klairia Millidoni Dietitian/Nutritionist/Food Safety specialist

Nicosia, Cyprus 1040

I am a Dietitian and Food Safety specialist. I have been working in the private practice for 15 years. My B.Sc. in Food and Nutrition/Dietetics, my M.Sc. in Food Safety, my continuing education on AIP Nutrition and personal experience with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, give me the knowledge to help people with their health problems.

“Our body is woven into the harmony and wisdom of nature.”
Our health and well-being are inherent with our respect for this realization.
As everything in nature is linked together, a harmonious function of the digestive system is associated with the immune, the nervous, the emotional and the mental field.

I am very happy and passionate about my job that is providing nutritional support for different health problems and helping people with Autoimmune Diseases who are willing to make life changes for this healing journey.
Nutrition and lifestyle habits can be improved through time, guidance and increased level of consciousness regarding the quality of food and thoughts we provide our body.

I am based in Cyprus and work personally 1:1 at my office and worldwide online, in Greek and English.

Michelle Casey, NTP, FDN-P, CHHC Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Health Coach

Aloha! My name is Michelle Casey and if you’ve got autoimmune disease, I’m here to help. I got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2014, and AIP has been an integral part of my healing journey! I work with clients 1:1 to uncover root causes, and discover their unique healing opportunities, to help them live their lives to the fullest. I’ve also developed a 6-week group coaching program that teaches you how to implement and personalize a range of holistic approaches to managing autoimmune disease, including the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. It includes 6 live classes, and a private Facebook group for support in between sessions. You don’t have to do this alone! I’d love to help you unlock your body’s innate healing power. Check out my blog and other resources at

Unique Hammond, CHC Holistic Nutritionist + Certified Health Coach + AIP Specialist

*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Unique Hammond is a Crohn’s survivor, holistic nutritionist, author, certified health coach, AIP specialist, wife, and mother who has helped countless individuals discover natural wellness and live healthier lifestyles. To learn more about Unique and her refreshing, no-holds-barred approach to whole-body health, visit

After putting my severe Crohn’s into remission naturally with diet and lifestyle, helping others to create their healthiest life has become my passion and life’s mission.

You are GREAT, regardless of how broken you might feel while you battle for your health. Hang in there. You got this.

Lindsay Peter-Contesse, MS, RD, LDN Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist and AIP Certified Coach

Nashville, Tennessee

Hi, I am Lindsay Peter Contesse, dietitian and owner of Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition, LLC. I specialize in autoimmune diseases and gut issues. Autoimmune diseases are complex and present differently for each person. From sorting through recommendations of food choices, supplements, medications, or even being told there is no solution, or “It’s all in your head,”—it can be completely overwhelming. I focus on the whole person in approaching these issues with clients by looking for the root cause of symptoms, and addressing all aspects of the client’s lifestyle, including nutrition, stress, sleep, movement, and more.

Managing chronic illness can be exhausting, confusing, and lonely. The journey to healing is not always a straight line. I provide a comprehensive assessment and ongoing support to make adjustments in your journey to healing. Follow up appointments allow for discussing progress, adjusting nutritional & lifestyle plans, and creating manageable next steps.

Each client is different. Some common goals include: symptom relief, healing, and regaining a better quality of life. In working together and setting goals, we ensure they are realistic, achievable, and will work within your lifestyle. If anything above resonates with you, I would love to hear your story.

Carol Rose, NTC Nutritional Consultant

Phone: 805-429-0123
Email: [email protected]
1020 Summer Lane
Nipomo, California 93444
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, My name is Carol Rose, a Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant and AIP Certified coach and live on the central coast of California. When health began to decline I was led in the direction of functional medicine where I began to get my health back to where I thrive physically and mentally once again. Not only do I feel better and hopeful to continue to live a full active life, I have lost all the extra pounds that I carried for so long. Weight loss is what happens when you get healthy! (“Who knew?”) I found my way through the maze of food sensitivities, inflammation and the many symptoms that go along with autoimmune disease. I am so glad to be able to help others reach their goals for health and weight. If you have ever thought to yourself, ”What do I eat?” Food sensitivities can cause so many symptoms and can seem overwhelming to conquer. If this is a problem for you, then you have come to the right place. I love to help people get their life back where they can feel alive again and help guide them with their food sensitivities and/or nutrition issues, showing them how they can succeed in cooking delicious meals that are nutrient-dense. I also help them navigate the social terrain of eating differently than others when going out to eat and how to prepare food for traveling. Nutrition and lifestyle change is the focus that will help people of all ages reach their goals. No matter your age or situation, you can begin to feel better and more alive. Do you feel that you’re too old to get better? Too far gone? Failed too many times or feel unsupported at home? I can help you achieve your health goals by walking with you on this path to wellness. With someone to guide you toward better health, you get the time and attention you need to succeed. Life is a journey so trek with me and let’s go somewhere, Start now and feel good again! Yours in health, Carol Rose

Alexandra Albert, MD Rheumatologist

2705, boulevard Laurier
Quebec, Quebec G1V 4G2

I’m Dr Alexandra Albert, rheumatologist. I am not currently coaching myself patients for the AIP protocol since i am working in collaboration with another health care professional to do so. I am neither currently available for new rheumatology consultation. I do suggest AIP protocol to my own patients on a regular basis.



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