Dr. Larissa Neumann Medical Doctor, Health Coach & AIP Certified Coach

Reichersbeuern, Bavaria, Germany
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, my name is Dr. Larissa Neumann.

As a German medical doctor and AIP Certified Coach with a history of celiac disease and G-protein-coupled-receptor-(GCPRs)-autoantibodies, I (virtually) support people with (chronic fatigue) to reclaim vigorous energy levels and ultimate aliveness. With the power of a holistic program based on a diet, predominantly comprised of nutrient-dense whole foods, and lifestyle changes which includes approaches of functional medicine, epigenetics, spirituality, meditation and mindfulness practices, it’s my desire to support my clients fulfilling their dreams of ALIVENESS.

Professional Background: As a medical doctor, my professional background is a five-year training in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine at two German university clinics. For two years, I researched as a clinical informaticist in the field of Biomedical Informatics at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich, Germany, and at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), USA. Since 2022, I have been practitioning as an Health Coach, supporting people with (chronic) fatigue.

Personal Medical History: – My patient’s history began in childhood with recurring tonsillitis, adenopharyngitis and otitis of the middle ears. In adulthood I developed hay fever. In med school, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. – Anyhow, I was living a joyful life by following a strict gluten-free diet, exercising and caring for myself. Well, that was at least that what I thought how it was. Reality spoke something different in 2021! – At the age of 33, everything changed. Neurotransmitter autoantibodies, also known as G-protein coupled receptor (GCPRs) autoantibodies (AA) like ß1-, ß2- adrenergic and M3-, M4- muscarinic cholinergic receptor autoantibodies were found in my blood.

Symptoms were: Profound fatigue, sleep abnormalities, muscle pain, migraines, brain fog, post-exertional malaise (PEM), a sore throat, digestive issues (and a leaky gut), shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, hypoglycaemic blood sugars, and hypothermia. During crashes, I was not only house-bound but even completely bed-bound.

Transformation: Although this journey was a rough-one, it was the best thing that could happen to me. I learned how to follow a holistic program based on a nutrivore diet, functional medicine, epigenetics, spirituality, meditation and mindfulness practices. Now, it’s my passion to pass this knowledge to others and to support them in their healing journey.

My clients desire to:

– feel ultimate aliveness,

– reclaim vigorous energy levels,

– enjoy the prosperous power of their body,

– and transform from a victim of their symptoms into the creator of their lives.


E-mail me to schedule a charge-free 15-min phone call to check, if we match as a coach and coachee. I coach in English and German. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and your story. There is a way out!

With much gratitude, Larissa

Jackson Penfield-Cyr Licensed Bodyworker

Hanover, New Hampshire
*Practices virtually worldwide

I’m a licensed bodywork therapist, providing manual and movement therapy for posture, pain, and performance, with special expertise in pain education, breath training, and autoimmune coaching.

My mission is to invite you into a whole new relationship with your body and mind – one empowered by scientific principles that help you make informed choices and changes in your habits, health, and well-being.

There’s a lot of health care modalities out there. I know it’s a challenge to navigate the modern health care field, a vast spectrum of industrialized medicine and alternative interventions, full of various traditions and diverse techniques. In fact, it’s overwhelming – especially when you’re in pain.

In my own healing journey, I wanted one thing: Empowerment. I wanted knowledge and experiences that gave me the information and developed skills to use intelligently in my work to resolve my chronic pain and autoimmune conditions.

This led me to avoid services and products based upon doctrine and dogma, in my search to discover the fundamental principles of human health and well-being.

Today, research in the fields of neurobiology and autoimmunity serve as the foundation of my practice.

The therapeutic services I offer invite you the opportunity to experience an education in mindful embodiment, to learn about your physical existence in our physical world, and to empower you to embrace true ownership of your health care.

For more information, please visit my website or contact me to set up a consultation.

Thank you for your consideration of your healing, health, and well-being. Have a grateful day.

Mindy Hazen Occupational Therapist, OTR/L

Harrisonville, Missouri
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, I’m Mindy. I have been working in acute care treating adults with chronic illness/autoimmune disease, etc. in the area of Occupational Therapy, for 23 years. The last 11 years, I have also started working with infants and their families, in the NICU.

It’s my own personal journey with illness that led me to the world of AIP. I found myself very ill after receiving a vaccine. I spent nearly a year trying to find answers through tests, doctor visits, etc. After I was very overwhelmed with my results from a food sensitivity test, I crossed paths with a dietician, who recommended I navigate my new findings with AIP.  It was when I was studying AIP that I became aware, that I was in fact suffering from autoimmune disease.
 I did most of my healing through diet and lifestyle changes with AIP.  Then when my healing hit a plateau, I started working with a functional medicine physician. I have been diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease, suspected celiac disease, and now I am aware that my Endometriosis, which I have had for over half of my life, is also autoimmune.  I have been searching for answering for most of my adult life, as to why I was always fatigued, never felt well, couldn’t lose weight, etc. Never in all these years, after seeing multiple physicians for my endometriosis, including procedures and surgeries, had any of my physicians ever mentioned diet or lifestyle to me. If I had known in my late teens what I now know, I am sure my story would be different. The silver lining is that I am healing and getting better every day.  AIP has given me my life back; I feel better now than I have in the last two decades. My healing journey was just too good not to share and this is why I became an AIP coach. My goal is to help others further their healing by tracking macros, increasing exercise tolerance, staying accountable with their just right diet, living life, etc. I have found renewed purpose and I vow to help others, earlier in their journey/diagnosis, feel better and not have to struggle for years, like I did. I look forward to working with you and helping you heal.

Cathy Eason, FNTP Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

Phone: +1 503-212-4106
Email: [email protected]
13760 Swordfern Ct.
Oregon City, Oregon 97045
*Practices virtually worldwide

Hello ~ I’m Cathy, and I’d love to help guide you on your journey to great health. I’m a Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), AIP Certified Coach, Certified GAPS Practitioner, Certified Healing Foods Specialist (CHFS), Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner (CFSP), and I am Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition ®. I’m also a Licensed Massage Therapist, public lecturer, holistic-health practitioner mentor, and even an occasional author.

I live, play, work, garden, and relish creating delicious meals to share in Central Oregon as the owner and primary practitioner of Open Door Healing LLC, and I enjoy working with both local and distance-based clients through group programs and individual sessions. I have over 20 years clinical experience providing holistic nutrition counseling, therapeutic bodywork, exercise program development, and holistic lifestyle education to a wide range of clients, most if not all with some form of autoimmunity. I grew up all too familiar with the impacts of autoimmune disease watching multiple family members struggle with diabetes, and my passion for healthy living through real food blossomed into a career in functional nutrition after several years of bodywork led me to recognize diet as a root cause of inflammation. My nutritional therapy practice is an experienced blend of mind-body-spirit work developed over the course of many years of study and work with dozens of clients, and I love to tailor your nutritional therapy care to your own unique needs. As an educator and nutritionist, I hope to instill my love of learning about the human body in you and witness you fully embrace your own journey to optimal health.

Sybil Cooper, PhD, NBC-HWC Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, Certified Health Coach, NBC-HWC

Monroe, New York
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

My name is Sybil and I’m thrilled you are here. I know it can feel frightening, lonely and confusing when you get that autoimmune diagnosis. Perhaps there is also a bit of relief that you finally know what is wrong and that it’s not all in your head. An AIP coach can help you make sense of your diagnosis, provide a confidant to share your thoughts and feelings about this new diagnosis, as well as help you make lifestyle, behavior, and nutrition changes to be support your body.

Even with a PhD in Immunology, I had a lot to learn about managing my autoimmune disease (Sjogren’s syndrome, Myasthenia gravis, Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease, and Raynaud’s Phenomenon) with lifestyle and behavior change and nutrition. I wanted to cement all that I had learned on my own through formal certifications so that I could help others shorten their autoimmune journey to wellness and to become empowered to take control of their own health.

I deepened my knowledge of functional nutrition (Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, School of Applied Functional Medicine AFMC-candidate), the autoimmune protocol (AIP Certified Coach) as well as lifestyle and behavior change counseling (Master Primal Health Coach, National Board Certified Health coach (NBC-HWC), Sleep Pro Coach) in order to be able to both educate, empower and inspire my clients to take charge of their health in all aspects of their lives.

With my background knowledge, my own personal experience of living well with autoimmunity and my love of learning, I can be a guide on your individual autoimmune journey to wellness. Email me to share where you are on your path, what you’d like to accomplish and schedule a 20-min chat to see how we may work together.

Ellen De la torre Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Ayurvedic Counselor

Phone: +1 507-382-2775
Email: [email protected]
*Practices virtually worldwide

Hello! I’m Ellen De la torre, a certified Holistic Health Coach, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and AIP Coach. I am a current student in Ayurveda and this, along with all of my studies, solidifies my belief that a holistic approach (including mind, body and spirit) is necessary for healing to begin.

I am also Grave’s Disease Warrior! Being an AIP Coach has given me the exact tools to better understand the science behind autoimmunity, as well as to learn the practical information on diet and lifestyle support for managing symptoms to help myself, as well as the clients I serve.

It is truly my mission and passion to support people with autoimmune issues. I look forward to working with you and supporting on your healing journey. I offer virtual appointments and work with people worldwide. Se habla español.

Sheryl Cook, FNLP Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP)

Phone: +61 415 212 126
Email: [email protected]
Bargara, Queensland 4670
*Practices virtually worldwide

Brain fog, bloating, fatigue and pain stopping you from getting what you want out of life?

Sheryl has been working with people who wish to reduce their autoimmune symptoms since 2015.
Clients have the choice of an online self learning centre or Monthly Support Packages to learn how to best support their body with functional nutritional and lifestyle choices. This is often an area overlooked in conventional treatments, yet Sheryl continues to see the power of it, not only in my own experience but also with her clients.

You are welcome to book a free call with Sheryl to discuss how best to address your own personal health issue. Simply pop to

If you would like to be part of her community, feel free to join here: Thyroid and Autoimmune Health with Sheryl Cook | Facebook

Shanna McCarron Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, AIP Certified

Phone: +1 619-279-1424
Email: [email protected]
San Diego, California
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, I am Shanna McCarron. 51 year old , wife , mother Personal Trainer, NTP and I have an Autoimmune disease. With the help of a wonderful Functional Medicine doctor I found AIP and got my life back! With the knowledge I have gained from my experiences and my Nutritional and physical training, I want to show others that aging and everyday tasks, should not be difficult. We are not supposed to be in chronic pain. The American diet and busy lifestyle has made us broken. I look at each client as the unique individual that they are and help them determine a plan that fits their lifestyle. I look forward to coaching individuals into a more pain free and functional lifestyle using yummy food and appropriate movement and lifestyle choices.

Wioletta Parker RN- BSN, NASM- CPT, NTP, CGP, CERTIFIED Autoimmune Paleo Practitioner

Phone: +1 616-821-5978
Email: [email protected]
6342 Wood Hollow Ave
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009
*Also practices virtually worldwide

My name is Wioletta, I’m an RN (BSN), NASM-Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with nutrition specialization, and certified AIP coach. After battling my own autoimmune disease (Hashimotos), I developed my passion for holistic healing with an emphasis on nutrition. I sought the help of doctors, only to find the same hopeless answer, wait for my thyroid to ‘burn out.’ At that point,I chose to pursue my own path to wellness. During this journey, we also gained a son who was born with several gut-health issues. We quickly found Western medicine ineffective so we decided to take a holistic approach.Through the collaboration with holistic practitioners, and elimination of foods/supplements, we were able to heal his gut. Over the years, my diagnosis has taught me to become more in tune with my body and to let it guide me in my path to recovery. I believe in not only a holistic approach to living, but also looking at the body as a whole in order to heal. Through my commitment to this approach focusing on nutrition, movement and mindfulness, I was able to do what others deemed impossible for someone with autoimmune disease. Successfully, I trained for 7 months to compete in my first bodybuilding competition, and placed at the top of my class. This experience further validated that the food you place in your body and the lifestyle you choose not only help you to attain wellness, but to go above and beyond your limitations. My personal successes have not only changed my life, but have also inspired a passion in me to want to help others be able to live life feeling their best. My goal is to work alongside you, motivate and educate you on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and heal your body. Together we will conquer your digestive struggles with personalized nutrition and accountability. I want you to see that a better life is possible. Through personalized lifestyle and nutrition planning, you too can have a healthier, happier, and well-balanced life.

Marivi (Maria Virginia) Gonzalez Certified Nutritional Coach

Phone: +507 6244-7334
Email: [email protected]
Edificio RBS Tower Punta Paitilla
piso 6, oficina 604
Panama, Panama 00000

I’m Marivi – a Hashimoto warrior and a thyroid patient advocate practicing virtually worldwide. I’m fluent in English and Spanish. I help successful and independent women who are frustrated with their thyroid to control their health naturally, so they can get their body back and love their life.

After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and Hashimoto’s, I was told repeatedly that dietary changes were irrelevant. My own experience couldn’t be more different, which led me to become a relentless proponent for the healing power of food and become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. I’m also trained by Dr. Allison Siebecker on the management of SIBO, taken Dr. Datis Kharrazian Hashimoto’s Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications course.

My healing journey has been a roller coaster ride. I have had many challenges from Hashimoto’s, SIBO, Clostridium difficile (C. diff), candida, Breast Implant Illness (BII), and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (Mold Illness). I’m incredibly appreciative of the experience and the process, which has allowed me to understand what it takes to get to the other side and regain my health. If you’re ready to take the first step, let’s talk! Complimentary 15-minute discovery calls are available.

Soy Marivi, guerrera Hashimoto y defensora de pacientes con problemas de tiroides. Practico virtualmente y hablo inglés y español con fluidez. Ayudo a mujeres exitosas e independientes que están frustradas con su tiroides a controlar su salud de forma natural, para que puedan recuperar su cuerpo y amar su vida otra vez así como lo hice yo. Ofrezco llamadas cortesía de 15 minutos, disponibles por pedido.



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