Mike Bunker Certified Primal Health Coach

Phone: +1 514-691-1932
Email: [email protected]
North, QC
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

I help folks get drastic relief from their chronic pain, get unstuck and finally drop the weight. Are you ready to reclaim your life?

My programs are based upon ancestral health and AIP principles proven to promote improved health, longevity, and wellness. Through holistic mind-body plans personalized to meet your needs, I can help you stay motivated and achieve your health and wellness goals—whether it is to lose weight, improve sleep, fight chronic pain, or feel a greater sense of fulfillment in everyday life.

If you are looking to make changes to discover energy you’ve never had in your life before or recapture the fitness you may have had years ago, we can do it together. Let’s shake up your routine, establish your goals, and take your mind-body health to the next level now!

Alene Brennan Nutrition Coach, Chef, Yoga Instructor, Essential Oil Advocate (Specialized in MS & Migraines)

Phone: +1 609-330-6218
Email: [email protected]
603 Oswego Court
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
*Also practices virtually worldwide

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016, I know first-hand what it’s like to live, and rise above, a chronic illness as well as debilitating migraines.

Within six months of my diagnosis, the lesions on my brain shrunk and went inactive and now 7 years later there has been no new activity.

Now I’m on a mission to help women, just like you, create their own health transformation. I support clients in creating a realistic and sustainable plan that delivers results so they can thrive in their body and in their life.

Certified in the Autoimmune Protocol and the Wahls Protocol, she provides the education and accountability to adapt the protocol into the individual’s unique lifestyle.

Alene holds three certifications: Nutrition Coach, Natural Food Chef and Essential Oil Specialist, and two specialty trainings in the Autoimmune Protocol and the Wahls Protocol. I bring both my personal and professional experience to provide you with the education and accountability you need to successfully adapt the protocol to your unique lifestyle.

She has been featured in USA Today, Healthline, Philadelphia Inquirer, Mind Body Green and on Fox News. I also host the My MS Playbook Podcast, delivering new episodes every Wednesday and YouTube videos @AleneBrennanTV.

Nellie Savage BHSc. Clinical Nutrition

Phone: 0410342631
Email: [email protected]
Sydney, Australia
Practices Virtually in Australia
Practices in person in Newport NSW

Hello! My name is Nellie Savage. I’m a degree-trained Clinical Nutritionist using a highly personalised nutritional medicine approach – I look for the “why” of what’s happening for you and together we work to find an approach that meets your needs.

The AIP protocol is profoundly healing. I came across it when looking for solutions for my Mum, who has Hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroid disease) and was struggling with fatigue, weight, and sky-high antibodies, despite being medicated for many years. Within a very short time of implementing AIP, her antibodies normalised and she felt (and looked!) like a different person, and dropped 10kg in the process. We were then able to personalise it and identify the foods that were causing her the most problem.

I also have lived experience of using AIP for mental health, and was able to avoid the progression of early Hashimoto’s. My clients have also found it profoundly healing for stubborn weight issues, inflammatory, insulin resistant and pre-diabetic conditions.

AIP is best implemented as part of a wholistic and well-monitored approach to your health. I believe the best outcomes are achieved when we work as a team, blending your knowledge and experience of your health concerns (nobody knows it better!) with my clinical experience and understanding. 

And lashings of self-compassion, kindness and support! 😊

Give me a call, and let’s talk about where things are at for you right now. 

Lori Beeken, MS, RD Registered Dietitian

Phone: 1+ (619) 672-2046
Email: [email protected]
10666 N. Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, California 92037

Hi, I am Lori Beeken, a registered dietitian that has worked in the acute care setting for over 10 years. I have a Master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from San Diego State University and became a Registered Dietitian through Loyola University of Chicago’s Didactic Program in Dietetics. I specialize in nutrition counseling for a variety of health issues such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, liver and kidney disease, as well as a broad spectrum of gastrointestinal disorders. In addition to my clinical work in the hospital setting, I provide outpatient medical nutrition therapy for the Gastroenterology department at Scripps Clinic Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California. It is my hope that I can provide my clients with nutritional guidance and creativity in the kitchen to nourish their bodies, manage symptoms and help heal chronic disease with wholesome foods that help them feel their very best and live life to the fullest.

Yulia Blomstedt Dr.

*Practices Virtually Worldwide

With the background in public health research and talk therapy, my approach to coaching is holistic and evidence-based. I will support you not only on your AIP journey, but will also help you to find balance in your life. More than that.

As a certified outdoor leader, I am also qualified to assist you should you like to go further and rediscover yourself and the world around you by introducing an element of adventure into your life. Together we will find a way to combat your fears, find courage, tenacity and creativity essential not only to handle your autoimmune diagnosis but also to lead the life your heart desires.


Phone: +54 9 11 5108-3241
Email: [email protected]
CABA, Capital Federal
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

My name is María Sol Attie, from live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. mother of 3 , tennis and low carb lover.
I have a degree in Nutrition, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2001. I am also a personal trainer and hotel and restaurant manager at I.b.a.h.r.s. It was the passion for nutrition in sports that led me to study this career.

Level 1 and 2 certified Anthropomentrist l (Isak).
I hava a postgraduate degree in Sports Medicine at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires
I did the “International Course on Transnational, Metabolic and Anti-inflammatory Nutrition.” There I met and learned from renowned doctors who introduced low carb to the world with experience and scientific evidence.
I did the (AFMCP) Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice course at the University of San Ignacio de Loyola, Peru where i ve learned to understand nutrition with an anti-inflammatory approach and to incorporate herbs and adaptogens to modulate inflammation.
I did the intensive course in Orthomolecular medicine (SENMO) in Chile and in 2018 and a Postgraduate course in obesity and metabolic syndrome (SAOTA) in Bs As.

In 2020 I became certified as Advanced Keto Certification Specialist at the American Nutrition Association (ANA) in the United States where I learned the fundamentals and applications of the ketogenic diet as a therapeutic tool for the treatment of many metabolic diseases.
I currently present AIP Certified Practicioner where I combine integral and functional nutrition to achieve a conscious and real diet in my patients.
in 2020 I have written the introduction of the book Sanisimas for thermomix, with gluten-free and dairy-free recipes where I explain the benefits of a conscious diet.
Currently I have a low carb in excersice course with Dra. Alejandra Rodriguez Zia and low carb training course for professionals (doctors and nutricionists).

Belinda Motaze Certified Health Coach

320 Phillips St. suite 203
North Kingston, Rhode Island
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

My name is Belinda Motaze and I am a certified health coach. My focus is children’s health and childhood chronic illnesses.

I focus on children because I believe there is not enough being done to educate parents on prevention. Many of the chronic illnesses adults are dealing with started during childhood. There is a serious need for education, wholesome coaching when it comes to pediatric care. I believe AIP training is a a great addition to all the trainings and years of coaching. It gives me knowledge and confidence to assist and empower parents when it comes to managing their children’s health and preventing many of the chronic illnesses we see today in the pediatric world.

I work with parents worldwide by offering virtual consultations ( or locally ( My first language is French so I also offer consultations en Francais.

Marianna Giugni Nurse health coach

Phone: +1 416-884-3884
Email: [email protected]
Brampton, Ontario
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

My name is Marianna. I wanted to be a Nurse because I wanted to help people get better. I became in love with nutritional health as I found that integration of the two could assist people even more. My goal as a Nurse and Health Coach is to share my knowledge on how to create sustainable behavior change, my role is not to dictate what’s best for people—but share and provide information and resources for individuals to make informed decisions that work best for them and align with their unique needs and goals

Ashley Flynn Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Nutrition Response Testing

Phone: +1 978-223-5138
Email: [email protected]
280 Main Street
Suite 201
North Reading MA

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Flynn and I am the owner of Hometown Health and Wellness in North Reading. It is my goal and passion to help heal the community through nutrition and other natural remedies. I am a wife and a mom of a toddler so I am familiar with the challenges of eating clean. I strongly believe in balance and not deprivation. My approach focuses on education, practical solutions and sustainable lifestyle changes. I offer one on one nutrition coaching along with a service called Nutrition Response Testing. Nutrition Response Testing is a form of kinesiology that determines if there are any potential deficiencies or toxins present in the body, preventing you from reaching your health goals. My services apply to all ages, genders and health goals or condition.

Marilyn Harder Restorative Wellness Practitioner

Phone: +1 916-206-2944
Email: [email protected]
Rocklin, California
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

As a fellow AI sufferer, I have always been chasing the path to wellness and have HONESTLY found it for me and my body. I can also help you find it for yours.

As a Pilates Master Trainer, specializing in dysfunctional movement, a Bowenwork practitioner, and a ministry student – I bring new aspects of Mind. Body and God to the Autoimmune Wellness path.

As a Restorative Wellness Practitioner, I have the ability to test for underlying imbalances specific to you through food sensitivity/GI health/testing, Blood Chemistry panels – including nutritional deficiencies, kidneys, full thyroid, liver/gallbladder, cardiac markers and more, and adrenal/hormone panels and help coach you through diet and lifestyle changes, and natural approach/protocol to live your best life. It is possible to improve your quality of life. Don’t forget to practice self-care today – YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!



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