Anne-Isabelle Dionne MD

Phone: 514-953-2947
Email: [email protected]
608 Rue Jean-Neveu
Longueuil, Qc, J4G1P1
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Je suis une médecin certifiée en médecine fonctionnelle (IFMCP). Je supervise un organisme spécialisé, le Centre Axis, à travers lequel les clients trouvent le soutien nécessaire pour faire une transition vers l’optimisation de leurs habitudes de vie dans une perspective de prévention et/ou de renversement de leur maladie chronique. L’approche AIP est enseignée et plusieurs professionnels de la santé ont la compétence de vous accompagner pour bien effectuer cette démarche. Au plaisir de vous accompagner dans la promotion de votre santé!

Carol Jensen, NTP Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Phone: +1 208-244-4175
Email: [email protected]
330 S. 4th Ave.
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Because you are stressed, fatigued, and inflamed, I dedicate my work to mentoring you in transformational changes that bring peace and healing. I am a valuable advocate to add to your health care team. Trained by the Nutritional Therapy Association as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I believe that a nutrient-dense diet can help restore balance to your hyper-sensitive immune system. I focus on foods and lifestyle habits geared to diminish inflammation. As a specialist in blood sugar therapy, I know how to stabilize those fluctuations that keep you from making progress. I have transformational tools. You deserve answers! I accept local and online clients.

Unique Hammond, CHC Holistic Nutritionist + Certified Health Coach + AIP Specialist

*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Unique Hammond is a Crohn’s survivor, holistic nutritionist, author, certified health coach, AIP specialist, wife, and mother who has helped countless individuals discover natural wellness and live healthier lifestyles. To learn more about Unique and her refreshing, no-holds-barred approach to whole-body health, visit

After putting my severe Crohn’s into remission naturally with diet and lifestyle, helping others to create their healthiest life has become my passion and life’s mission.

You are GREAT, regardless of how broken you might feel while you battle for your health. Hang in there. You got this.

Živilė Kubiliūnaitė Functional Nutrition Counselor, AIP Certified Coach

Kelmė Kelmės raj
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello! My name is Živilė. My personal struggle with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and endometriosis led me to AIP and the benefits I gained from it motivated me to switch careers and become Functional Nutrition Counselor and AIP certified coach.

I believe it’s very important to use a compassionate, balanced approach and make specific recommendations based on each client’s particular circumstances. I like to remind clients that AIP is a “template” that we can work with to customize for you. I love to explain the “why’s” behind diet and lifestyle suggestions, but after you understand why they may be beneficial to you, I help you figure out how to turn it into a really joyful experience by learning about new tasty foods and carving out time to pamper yourself.

Brianna Marie Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Master Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Interventionist

*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Are you sick of being sick? Do you want to start feeling better? Changing your habits and altering your lifestyle can be undoubtedly intimidating. I am here to offer patients personalized one on one support, guidance and tools that motivate a long-lasting shift towards health, fitness and attainment of one’s best self.

Hi guys! I’m Brianna Marie. I help chronically ill women HEAL by reversing the damage keeping them sick overweight & exhausted. Creator of the Holistically Fit Protocol. I am a Registered Holistic Practitioner, specializing in Functional Medicine, and Lifestyle Interventions with a focused drive for helping women create the healthy lives they have always dreamed of. I am so proud to say that I have helped dozens of women HEAL with years of expert knowledge and my own personal experience.

I have personally battled with many chronic health and autoimmune issues and their root causes; Hashimotos disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBD, SIBO, leaky gut, parasites, depression, severe asthma and more.

It wasn’t until I discovered holistic health and functional medicine, that I learned and implemented better ways to treat the root of my problems and was able to put myself into remission! YES! It is possible live symptom-free with autoimmunity.

I’ve made it my mission to selectively work with women committed to reversing their chronic illnesses, by adapting a holistic approach which will create a long-lasting shift towards overall health and happiness. Contact me for your FREE consultation.

Naomi Lewis Masters of Nutrition

90 Alamo Ave
Berkeley, California 94708
*Practices virtually worldwide

Naomi empowers her clients to become healthier individuals from the inside out. Through private consulting Naomi reveals how diet, ingredient quality, and proper food preparation all work hand in hand to create a foundation for good health. Naomi integrates her extensive culinary and nutrition background with her own life experience to help guide her clients to health. She can provide practical recipes and tips specific to your needs. Her goal is to empower you to be the driver of your own health and move at a pace that works best for you.

Dainora Bickauskiene Nutritional Therapist and AIP Practitioner

Phone: +44 7510 911068
Email: [email protected]
Woburn View
Little Waltham
Chelmsford, Essex CM33GE
United Kingdom
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi! I’m a Nutritional Therapist and i am here to help you!

My key areas of interest and clinical expertise are Autoimmune Conditions as well as Digestive issues.

I can help you navigate your health by translating science into simple-personalised recommendations based on your health status and test results.

I have been navigating my life with an autoimmune diseases (psoriasis) and thyroid issues for many years. As an experienced nutritional therapist, I discovered I could turn things around using functional testing, nutrition, lifestyle changes and by identify the root cause of the presenting symptoms. My knowledge changed my life, and now I am symptom free, and I feel great.

My mission in life is to share my knowledge and missing support to help people heal.

I work with people just like you who need a new approach to help them rebuild their health through functional medicine approach. As well as nutrition, I look at the way my client handle stress, their lifestyle, sleep and much more.

Let me help you figure out what your unique self needs to feel good and thrive.

Get your Free 20 minute Discovery Consultation TODAY!

Sarah Giordano Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

North Bend, Washington
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

I help overwhelmed women start eating for their body type so they can have better periods and boost fertility.

Lucía di Tullio, MD Medical Doctor

Phone: +54 9 11 5932-4210
Email: [email protected]
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

hello! i am Lucía, and i am a medical doctor based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Cats and yoga lover

After years of symptoms, and felling like a victim of my Hashimoto disease, i took my health into my own hands. Now i manage my condition through healthy diet and lifestyle choices + stress management and emotional healing.

i can help you deal with your mental and physical health issues, and be the vibrant, healthy woman you are meant to be!

hola! soy Lucía, medica en Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Amante de los gatos y el yoga.
Luego de años con síntomas y creyendo ser una víctima de mi enfermedad de Hashimoto, tome mi salud por mis propias manos. Hoy manejo mis síntomas a través de la dieta, estilo de vida, manejo de estrés y sanación emocional.

Puedo ayudarte a recuperar tu salud mental y física, para que puedas ser la vibrante y saludable mujer que sos en realidad!

Vanessa Bond, BA, CNP Certified Nutritional Practitioner

116 Fairlawn Avenue
Toronto, Ontario. M5M1S8
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Vanessa supports parents (and their families) with autoimmune who want to improve their energy and physical symptoms of inflammation using an integrative whole-body approach, including functional nutrition, movement and reality-based life load strategies.

As the mom of an autoimmune teen with a rare rheumatic condition and IBD, Vanessa recognizes a slow and steady approach to nutrition and lifestyle changes are what get the best results, and she has several methods to support you, like Reality Based Meal Planning For Autoimmune. This provides you with a framework to find the substitutions and meal ideas that work for your condition and family dynamics, so you can stick with AIP, reintroductions and find a nutrition plan that works for the long term.

With over 10+ years clinical experience, Vanessa can support you in two ways.

Her private online clinic is focused on customized meal planning and identifying food sensitivities.

Her online membership, The Integrative Autoimmune Network, provides personalized affordable guidance in the areas of nutrition, joint and fatigue-friendly yoga and breathwork for better stress metabolism … the way the body reacts to (and processes) both physical and perceived stressors of living with chronic illness … so members have proven tools to live well with autoimmune, even when our bodies don’t always do what we want!

Some additional credentials – Vanessa a professional advisor to the student clinic at The Institute Of Holistic Nutrition, she has worked in both integrative health clinics and for a professional supplements company, and she collaborates with other healthcare experts. She holds a diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition, along with a BA in Political Science & French, and she has earned additional certificates in Endocrinology and Nutrition, Fat Loss, Blood Sugar Balancing, Gut Health Mastery, Functional Lab Testing, and other ongoing training. She is a member in good standing with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners.

Contact Vanessa to schedule a free 45-Min call so you can move forward with confidence and clarity.



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