Amy Innes Certified health and mindset coach and Uplevel Your Life podcast host

Phone: +61 422 681 155
Email: [email protected]
Sydney, NSW
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Amy Innes is a wellness and mindset coach, speaker and a podcast host. After being burnt out from her successful corporate career and struggling with endometriosis, anxiety and depression, Amy decided to take full ownership of her life.

Her immense passion for health and wellness took her to a journey of recovering from her health conditions, to leading a vibrant life. She now empowers other women to do the same.

Today, Amy is a mother of two, a dedicated advocate for natural wellness, AIP, Paleo and toxin-free living specialist. She has helped thousands of women all around the world to take ownership for their health and consciously create a purpose-driven life.

Amy spreads her empowering message through her podcast, online courses, one-on-one and group coaching and hosting healing retreats.

Lucy Fairclough Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

New York, New York
United States

*Practices Virtually Worldwide

My name is Lucy, I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Organizational Psychologist. I am British, but now live in New York with my husband after spending the last 11 years living and working in the Middle East!

I’m passionate to support others in knowing that small changes can make a huge difference in health, and that we can be in control of our health journeys through understanding our bodies, and the power that nutrition holds in healing. It is my firm belief that a natural paradigm can hugely support in health and healing, especially after my own healing journey with hashimotos thyroiditis.

As a nutritional therapy practitioner with a corporate background in organizational psychology, I understand the diverse challenges people face in their everyday lives. I understand just how different each individual is, and how, in order to move ahead with our challenges, we each need support in different ways.

I support individuals in a discovery process, gaining self-awareness and insight into themselves so they can identify what they need, step by step, to support healing and shift towards the healthier life they deserve. I use focused tools and support to navigate behavior change, so that individuals can feel empowered and confident in their health journey.

Please get in touch if you are looking for coaching support to dig deeper into your health journey, build healthy habits and navigate the complexity of autoimmune disease.

Stephanie Hasapis-Williamson Doctor of Physical Therapy, Health Educator, Health and Wellness Coach

Phone: +1 330-265-6105
Email: [email protected]
12614 Estate Ave NW
Uniontown, Ohio 44685

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a passion for health and wellness beyond pain, movement and mobility limitations.

I believe we can maximize and transform our health and physical performance through diet, lifestyle modification, sleep, mindset and the belief in ourselves. I adopted this mindset through my own health journey.

My personal philosophy is to meet clients where they are on their personal health journey. I work to educate and guide clients to reach their desired goals with encouragement and support along the way.

My goal is to help educate clients on ways to maximize their health and wellness empowering them to live their best lives!

In Health and Happiness,


Kelli Knudsen AIP Certified Coach, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

New York, NY
Stamford, CT 06901
United States
*Also practices virtually worldwide

Welcome! I’m thrilled you are here and taking the step to look for a partner in your AIP Wellness journey. I found through my own journey with Hashimoto Thyroiditis that the autoimmune healing path can at times feel solitary. This is one of the many reasons I have become an AIP Certified Coach, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restart Instructor – to help clients bridge that gap faster between diagnosis and what to do next to begin healing, feeling better and become empowered to transform their health.

With my certifications, teaching experience and decade of also working as a Wellness Coach focused on mindset related to individual health goals, I have the tools and know-how to help you accomplish you AIP goals and be there for you along the way.

I work with clients individually and in groups, both locally in NYC and Stamford, CT, as well as virtually worldwide. Though I do have an increased focus of clients with needs regarding Hashimoto Thyroiditis, Adrenal Fatigue and pregnancy, I enjoy working with all clients on their autoimmune journey who are ready to take the next steps.

There is nothing better than having someone by your side that knows what you are going through, has already experienced it, can help guide you as well as teach you how to be your own best advocate for your healing path ahead.

Everyone has their own bio-individuality and I’m ready to meet you where you are to help you move forward with your goals. Email me to share what you are hoping to accomplish and set-up a complimentary 15-minute call to discover how we may work together.

MICHAEL KAYE Chiropractor, Certified Functional Medicine Health Practitioner

SELLERSVILLE, Pennsylvania

*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

I’m Dr. Michael Kaye. I am the father of two grown children, husband, friend, chiropractor, exercise lover, passionate about nutrition and health, author and an avid dog lover, reader and podcast listener.

In today’s world we have information overload, not always the correct information and it’s too hard to decipher who is telling us the truth. Many of my patients feel they are herded in and out of the doctor’s office (be that an MD, DO, DC, PT) and NOT heard. It’s time to be heard! You are more than your symptoms and diagnosis.

My mission at The Center for Functional Health is to guide you to be in the best health you can be, to enjoy the freedom to spend quality time with your family and friends and to pursue life on your terms without health restrictions.

The Center for Functional Health will enable patients to exponentially improve their health through the use of technology such as advanced functional lab testing and clinical examination; education and personalized attention. With the patient and their primary care physician acting as part of the team, The Center for Functional Health will create the setting for transformational growth towards optimal healthy living.

Jennifer Chan Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Phone: +886 920 771 657
Email: [email protected]
Republic of China

Hello, my name is Jenn. I’m a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner practicing in Taiwan and virtually.

I help women suffering with autoimmune diseases to regain control of their lives through adopting autoimmune protocol.

I’m passionate about the healing power of REAL FOODS. Also, I believe in fueling the RIGHT FOOD for the each state of your health on the healing journey. I’m to guide you one day at a time and empower you to re-establish your health.

Aigul Chalova Nutritionist, Health Coach

Phone: +7 915 423-91-23
Email: [email protected]
Russian Federation

My name is Aigul Chalova. I am a Nutrition Consultant and Health Coach.

Through personal experience and education, I have acquired tools needed to help me and lead others
on their path of healing.
I work with clients to develop a personalized plan that would support them to improve their nutrition
and way of leaving to reach their life goals.

No matter what is your age or situation, you can begin to feel better and more alive.
I am excited to join you on your road to health!

Dianne Porter Integrative Nutritionist

Phone: +1 907-750-1620
Email: [email protected]
Bend, Oregon
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

As an integrative nutritionist, I am passionate about nutrition and using it to help others reclaim their health. Using the Autoimmune Protocol, I’ve recovered from an autoimmune disease myself. I understand the frustration, isolation and anxiety than can come along with a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease(s).

I focus on diet, restorative sleep, stress reduction and appropriate exercise with clients to achieve measurable results. This translates into improved digestion, increase energy, reduced pain and improved quality of life. You can thrive instead of just surviving! Together, we can use the Autoimmune Protocol to remove barriers to your improved health and well being.

Find information about nutrition coaching packages that I offer on my website. I also offer a free 15 minute discovery call to makes sure we’re compatible before we start working together. Schedule your call today!

Paola Stoffel TEN Practitioner, AIP Certified Coach, Unofficial Food Passionate

Fredrikstad, Viken
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

My learning journey goes hand-in-hand with my healing journey. First I experienced – by coincidence, I was born skeptical – the wonderful and intrinsically logic world of natural healing, combining body and soul symptoms to the individual key to health, and I started to learn how to use that key. Though, I could not solve all of my ailments until, in 2019, I discovered one of the most powerful tools ever – the Autoimmune Protocol. I was so overwhelmed by the results that I decided to become a Certified Coach.
My wish is to take you by the hand and teach and help you practically, theoretically and motivationally through your personal healing path, using mainly the AIP as an instrument which I will teach you to play, and my knowledge as a Naturopathist to make sure that you are performing the right song.
All my life I have been a food enthusiast, and the AIP made me even more creative. I am looking forward to help you with my online praxis.
I live in Norway, but I’m half Swiss and half Italian, and I speak fluently Italian, German, French, English and Norwegian.
If you want to have a peak – this is my instagram account

Kathryn Aucoin Certified Health Coach; AIP Specialization

Phone: +1 207-838-7021
Email: [email protected]
Scarborough, Maine
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, I’m Kate! I have been an MS warrior since 2012 and my own journey using food and lifestyle to help relieve symptoms and slow my disease progression has led me to build a Health Coaching practice so I can help others do the same!

I offer a comprehensive 6 month Coaching Program where I specialize in helping clients with autoimmune disease make nutrition and lifestyle shifts to improve their health and happiness. Using AIP principles, we dig deep and explore all areas lifestyle (nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, environmental toxins, community and mindset) to create a personalized plan to fit their unique health challenges and health goals.

I also offer a shorter 3 month Coaching Program for clients who are looking for help in one or two of the lifestyle areas of focus.

My clients can expect a compassionate, client focused and non-judgmental approach from me. It is my life’s work to help others with autoimmune disease THRIVE!



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