Heidi Belden, PharmD Doctor of Pharmacy, AIP Certified Coach

Falmouth, Massachusetts

*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello! My name is Heidi Belden. I am a pharmacist with over 25 years of experience. My motivation for teaching clients and physicians about the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) comes from my own personal journey managing my own autoimmune diseases. About 12 years ago, I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. Later came autoimmune GI issues, as well as osteoporosis, which led to spinal fracture. I had been to a long list of specialists over the years desperately trying to find answers for why I felt so poorly despite having what I thought was a fairly healthy lifestyle. I have personally felt the frustration of not getting answers from conventional providers on the root cause of my problems. It wasn’t until I found the Autoimmune Protocol that my health improved. It changed my life!! My goal is to help bridge the gap to mainstream medicine by educating both patients and the medical community about AIP. Hopefully soon, when an autoimmune diagnosis is made or suspected, diet and lifestyle education will be a part of the initial treatment plan. Please feel free to reach me at the email address listed above.

Cassiopeia Caldwell Holistic Health Educator, Life Balance Expert, AIP Health Coach and Nutrition Coach

Tijeras, New Mexico
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello – I’m Cassiopeia, a Holistic Health Educator and Balance Expert who helps career professionals and entrepreneurs increase their energy, clarity, and productivity, so they can grow their business and finally live the life of their dreams.

I struggled with illness for much of my life, but when an autoimmune disorder halted the growth of my business and led to my thyroid gland being surgically removed, I set out on a journey to discover the root of what was making me sick and unlock the secrets to health and wellness.

This journey led to extensive research, valuable life lessons, and to finally gaining a renewed sense of hope for myself and the world around me.

I became highly passionate about unpacking modern diets, helping others to find their inherent cooking talents, and demonstrating how easy it is to create healthy, gourmet style meals for less than the cost of most fast food.

After working through my illness and learning to show up fully in my business, my mission became to teach others how they too can take back their health and finally live the life of their dreams.

Diana Paulina Gutiérrez Mancilla Pediatrician

Phone: +52 81 1660 0221
Email: [email protected]
San Nicolas de los Garza Nuevo León

I am a Pediatrician with a background in nutrition of immunological diseases. Like most AIP coaches, I began my research looking for a way to ameliorate my symptoms from Lupus, which greatly improved using the AIP approach. For the firs time in 8 years of struggling, I am able to see vast improvements and I want to share this experience and knowledge with you.

Lisa Moane Nutritionist

Bulli, NSW

Lisa Moane works with children and families to restore their health and wellbeing.

Her focus is always to get to the root cause of disease, and embrace symptoms as vital clues in this journey.

Lisa specialises in assisting children with autoimmune disease alleviate their condition through diet and lifestyle changes.

Her training as an engineer and food scientist makes her a natural problem solver, putting all the pieces of the health puzzle together and finding a workable solution.

Lisa runs a busy practice in the Illawarra, seeing clients in person and virtually, across Australia.

Nathalie Kostman Certified Naturopath & AIP Coach

Lille, Hauts-de-France
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Français – English – Polski

Naturopathe certifiée et formée dans une école agréée FÉNA, je vous accompagne au travers d’une approche individualisée et appropriée à vos besoins spécifiques ; alimentation, gestion des émotions, exercice physique, mais également d’autres techniques parallèles telles que la phytothérapie. J’accompagne notamment les personnes atteintes de maladie(s) auto-immune(s) de manière à leur permettre d’atteindre une santé fleurissante et une meilleure qualité de vie au travers de la gestion des symptômes.

Je consulte en français, anglais et polonais.


As a certified naturopath, I work with my client through a holistic and individualized approach, ; nutrition, stress management, physical activity, and other alternative techniques such as herbal medicine. I specialized in autoimmune disease(s) in order to help promote a better quality of life by balancing symptoms, which results in a flourishing health.

Originally from Poland and living today in France, I’m offering my services in French, English & Polish.

Tara Nelson Naturopath

Phone: +61 417 945 333
Email: [email protected]
75 Lagoon Drive
Yallingup, WA 6282
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Tara Nelson is a Naturopathic practitioner in Australia with over 24 years of clinical experience. Tara combines traditional healing practices with evidence based medicine to bring profound results with all her patients, particularly her more recent focus on thyroid autoimmune disease and autoimmune conditions. Tara employs both diet, lifestyle and nutritional advice to bring health and happiness to her patients.

Alene Brennan Nutrition Coach, Chef, Yoga Instructor, Essential Oil Advocate (Specialized in MS & Migraines)

Phone: +1 609-330-6218
Email: [email protected]
603 Oswego Court
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
*Also practices virtually worldwide

Alene Brennan coaches individuals around the world to best manage their autoimmune disease through diet and lifestyle.

An MS Thriver herself, Alene knows first-hand what it’s like to live – and rise above – a chronic illness as well as debilitating migraines.

Certified in the Autoimmune Protocol and the Wahls Protocol, she provides the education and accountability to adapt the protocol into the individual’s unique lifestyle.

Beyond food, Alene empowers individuals with the use of essential oils to help manage physical symptoms, emotional wellbeing and reduce the toxic load in their home. Essential oils are a natural extension of the food is medicine approach – or as Alene says, “Less Pharm, More Table.”

Alene holds four certifications: Nutrition Coach, Natural Food Chef, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer and two specialty certifications in the Wahls Protocol and the Autoimmune Protocol. In addition to these certifications, she has great insight in the food and healthcare industry having lead a 12-year corporate career working for Fortune 500 Companies such as Campbell Soup and Aramark and Virtua.

She has been featured in USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Mind Body Green and on Fox News.

Jessica Pecush Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ & Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert

Jessica Pecush Nutrition
Calgary, AB T3H0X3
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

A Culinary Nutrition Expert, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ professional and educator-at-heart, Jessica helps professional women who suffer from autoimmune-based gut issues how to repair their gut, regain their energy and reclaim their personal and professional lives.

Jessica teaches her clients how to support the root cause of gut issues, so as to reduce inflammation and fuel the body, mind and spirit in therapeutic and powerful ways.

Having navigated autoimmunity (IBD – Ulcerative Colitis) for 17 years now, Jessica knows firsthand the discomfort, pain and physical and emotional toll autoimmunity takes on the body.

Jessica’s passion for educating and empowering women who are also navigating autoimmune-based illness stems from her own significant transformation into a far greater state of health and quality of life.

Sonia Sidle, FNTP Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Phone: +1 970-214-5213
Email: [email protected]
Montgomery, TX, 77316

Hi, I am Sonia Sidle, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist (FBCS) and Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP).
My journey to wellness started many many years ago when I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I had all kinds of symptoms like dry skin, weight gain, foggy brain and more and I naively believed that conventional medicine would be able to help me out. For years I lived with those symptoms while suffering from endometriosis at the same time, and with no end in sight I decided that enough was enough. With the help of an integrative doctor, I discovered the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP) and was feeling better within three months. Then our teenage son was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s as well; even though his pediatrician did not agree with the AIP approach at first, he finally agreed to put him on it. Same thing happened to our son, all of his symptoms disappeared.

Going through all of this as a family really opened my eyes to the fact that food is medicine and I decided that I could help so many others dealing with the same type of issues. With my experience as a practitioner and as someone who has dealt with autoimmune diseases, I can help guide my clients individually or as a family either in-person or virtually.

Originally from France and living today in Montgomery, TX, I’m offering my services (HTMA, functional blood chemistry and food allergy & gut testing) as well as my AIP Coaching in English or French.

Suzan Shreim CNP

Milton, Ontario
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello ,
My name is Suzan , I am a mom of 4 , Certified Nutritionist (CNP) , and AIP coach .
I believe in healing power of food and the intelligence of the body to rebalance back to health .
It wasn’t easy to believe that but my story starts when I got sick after starting my exams toward Licensing for my pharmacy degree in Canada , I got so sick with so many symptoms that no one had answer to .
After running from doctor to doctor I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia .
After that I decided to start looking for the root cause of the disease and how to get back to health more than just looking into my symptoms and label it with a name .

Now that I know what it means to have an autoimmune disease and I know its not easy to change what habits that led you into your autoimmune disease from the start . I am here to empower you back into your health . to regain you balance back and not manage your disease .

With my background as a pharmacist and my diploma in Holistic Nutrition and other thing like Clinical detoxification , certified Holistic cancer practitioner I can help you to get your POWER back .



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