Jessica Pecush Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ & Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert

Jessica Pecush Nutrition
Calgary, AB T3H0X3
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Jessica is the Founder and CEO of Jessica Pecush Nutrition – her private culinary and holistic nutritional consulting practice based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

She supports professional, high-achieving women to REPAIR their gut, REGAIN energy and RELEASE life-hindering autoimmune gut symptoms, so they can flourish in their personal and professional lives!

Jessica helps her clients accomplish these results via The DI-JESS-TION Method – her fully online-based nutrition and lifestyle coaching program that is autoimmune gut disorder-focused.

This unique programming supports the root cause of womens’ ongoing gut issues/autoimmune disorder flares using the GI-MAP Comprehensive DNA Stool Test to drive her customized client recommendations, rather than solely focusing on symptom relief and band-aid solutions.

Nutritionally, Jessica empowers women via a strategic, whole foods-based, anti-inflammatory diet with flavourful, easy-to-prepare recipes that are FREE OF gut-triggering, inflammatory ingredients.

Beyond nutrition, Jessica and her clients also work together to adopt a Growth Mindset toward repair and healing, also deepening a client’s consistency and outcomes with highly-effective stress resilience strategies, enjoyable functional movement and quality sleep hygiene solutions.

Having navigated autoimmunity for 20 years now (Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Ulcerative Colitis), Jessica knows firsthand the discomfort, pain, urgency, unpredictability and physical/emotional/social toll autoimmune gut disorders have on the body.

Her passion for educating and empowering women who are navigating autoimmune gut disorders stems from her own SIGNIFICANT transformation with her day-to-day habits/routines and overall quality of life over time, contributing to long-term remission as a result.

Jessica looks forward to connecting with you!

Sherry Vail Harnell Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Duluth, Minnesota
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi! I’m delighted you are here taking the steps to take care of yourself, and look for a partner on your wellness path. I’m passionate in supporting people with autoimmune and chronic illness in my holistic nutrition practice.

We will educate, demonstrate/guide and empower you, so you are successful in implementing the positive changes in your life.

We are all bio-individuals and I believe there is power in food. I will meet you where you are in your wellness journey. Together, we will find nutrient-dense foods and lifestyle changes that will support your body in healing. I work with clients in groups or individually.

Brandy Stepetin Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Autoimmune Certified Coach

Eagle River, Alaska
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi!! My name is Brandy- a wife, mother of 3 and advocate for holistic health. I help women reduce inflammation and optimize gut health through a nutrient dense diet, energy testing and targeted supplementation; empowering them to step into wellness.

We all deserve health!

Stephanie Carson, CHN, CHC Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

Phone: +1 519-980-2656
Email: [email protected]
Windsor, Ontario
*Practices virtually worldwide

Hi, I’m Stephanie and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritional Practitioner, certified in functional nutrition. I am also a Certified Autoimmune Paleo Coach. I spend most of my time working at Thyroid Pharmacist, so if you follow any of our virtual programs, you should be quite familiar with me, but I also practice virtually, from my home with private clients.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis at a very young age (12 to be exact). I have struggled all my life by following a S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet), and over the last few years, decided to make a change to my health and wellness.

Originally, I decided to study nutrition for my own issues, and then realized that SO MANY people need help with their health. I am happy to share my knowledge and help others feel better, achieve their goals, and find a way of eating that suits their own specific needs.

Once you find your passion in life, it’s easy to love and enjoy what you do – and this, my friends, is my passion, drive and push in life to constantly move forward. My clients are my own personal motivation, and seeing them thrive and excel warms my heart and fuels my passion even deeper.

Sylvia Timberlake Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

Fort Collins Colorado
*Also practices virtually worldwide

Hello, I’m Sylvia Timberlake, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

I utilize a functional diagnostic, nutrition and lifestyle approach to help individuals get to the root causes of their particular health concerns. I partner with you to identify specific healing opportunities within your own immune, gastrointestinal, hormonal and detoxification systems that are creating dysfunction in your body. I assist in empowering you to connect the dots of your unique life-health journey.

I do this by asking deeper questions, utilizing targeted functional lab testing and uncovering hidden stressors. Let us work together to unravel the clues that led you to where you are today and together we can create a personalized plan that takes you to YOUR place of empowerment, healing and resilience.

Naomi Lewis Masters of Nutrition

90 Alamo Ave
Berkeley, California 94708
*Practices virtually worldwide

Naomi empowers her clients to become healthier individuals from the inside out. Through private consulting Naomi reveals how diet, ingredient quality, and proper food preparation all work hand in hand to create a foundation for good health. Naomi integrates her extensive culinary and nutrition background with her own life experience to help guide her clients to health. She can provide practical recipes and tips specific to your needs. Her goal is to empower you to be the driver of your own health and move at a pace that works best for you.

Kristen Ude, DC, CCN Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Phone: +1 512-970-8883
Email: [email protected]
1600 W. 38th St, 412
Austin, Texas 78731

I have a lot of compassion for people with autoimmunity as I have spent 25 years working collaboratively with natural healthcare practitioners and allopathic doctors to manage issues which include Psoriatic Arthritis, Crohn’s and Hashimoto’s. Since my first Applied Kinesiology chiropractic visit in 1994 and the recommendation to eat “veggies with protein and fruit in between,” I have been on this path and helped many others along the way who were interested in taking matters into their own hands. If you are struggling with support, implementation, finding the right team, getting the right tests done, optimizing detox pathways and supplementation, please feel free to call me. I am also a certified coach in Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in the One, both NYT best selling relationship books by psychotherapist Katherine Woodward Thomas. I find that healing relationship trauma (and making good decisions going forward) is central to a healthy immune system. In 2018, I will also become certified by Terry Wahls, MD. I work in person or online and strive to make sessions affordable, knowing how hard it can be to work while sick.

Elitsa Dineva-Sevenich Holistic Nutritionist

Rosbach, Hessen
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi! My name is Eli and I am a Holistic Nutritionist, a CSNN graduate with a Diploma in Natural Nutrition.
I learned the value of a healthy lifestyle the hard way: Up until my late teenage years I’ve always been overweight which made me feel very insecure. It was a happy coincidence that I started learning about nutrition. When I tried a more holistic approach and changed my relationship with food, my appearance and well-being also started to change. Gradually, I learned to love natural, good quality food, became physically active, and started to really appreciate my health. Inspired by my own transformation, it became my dream to be able to help others as well. Thanks to the CSNN program, I gained specific knowledge about the bits and pieces I had stumbled upon during my own journey with food lifestyle habits, and of all the ways the right diet helps you control your health challenges and even prevent disease. As a certified holistic nutritionist, I’d love to help you and guide you throughout your own journey towards a healthier life with enhanced well-being.

Andrea Hirsh, NTC Nutritional Therapy Consultant

Phone: +1 856-304-0914
Email: [email protected]
611 South Church St.
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
*Practices virtually worldwide

I’m passionate about using nutrition as a tool to help improve health, so I became a Nutritional Therapy Consultant certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association. In addition, the Autoimmune Protocol has been instrumental in helping to manage my own health issues, and I’m excited to assist others in reaching their health goals through implementation of this program. I’m also a health coach for the online program, SAD to AIP in SIX.

Judit Schneider Certified Health & Life Coach, AIP Certified Coach, Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Phone: +1 802-465-8156
Email: [email protected]
Brandon, Vermont
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello! I’m Judit!

For many years I struggled with rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Then the trajectory of my life changed dramatically when I implemented lifestyle and dietary changes. The arthritis is completely gone, and I can manage my thyroid function very well without symptoms.

I am a Health & Life Coach, and an AIP Certified Coach, as well as a certified teacher in many styles of yoga and Pilates.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about sharing the knowledge I’ve gained through my own healing experience. I help women who are ready to take charge of their lives to minimize or even eliminate the symptoms of their autoimmune disease.

I will provide concrete strategies and resources to incorporate into your daily life that work best to help you eliminate fatigue, lack of focus, mood swings, anxiety, bowel problems, muscle soreness, migraine headaches, joint pains, skin problems, insomnia, weight gain and more.

Your 90-day personalized healing protocol includes:

o implementing a simple elimination diet that removes inflammatory foods
o introducing healing superfoods in a slow or more dynamic way
o helping you understand the science behind these steps
o adopting lifestyle modifications: sleep, stress management, movement, relationships
o guidance for shopping, cooking, weekly meal planning
o providing you with a gentle yoga program designed specifically for those with autoimmune disease
o helping you to attain a stronger, more confident mindset
o helping you to overcome obstacles and manage your disease
o providing you with different tools and materials

I will be your supportive mentor to help you reach your wellness goals and find the foods and lifestyle practices that work best for you.

The first step is to reach out to me for a 15-minute free consultation to see how I can help you on your journey.



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