Michela Formis Nutritional Therapist

Phone: +3 248 438 1134
Email: [email protected]
Avenue Montjoie 229, 1180 Uccle, Brussels, Belgium
Centre Ovive, rue de Spa 13, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
*Practices virtually worldwide

I am an Italian nutritional therapist based in Brussels, Belgium.

I became passionate about the healing power of food as a result of personal experience.
After the birth of my second child my already unstable health took a turn for the worse. It took me several years to get to my Hashimoto diagnosis and more to regain my health through diet and lifestyle changes. After experiencing food’s amazing power on my own body I embarked in nutritional therapy studies, to better understand the mechanisms behind this process and help others struggling with health issues. I as a sufferer myself I am especially committed to help people with autoimmune disease.

I believe in accompanying and guiding my clients on their own unique path, directing their efforts in the most beneficial way, always respecting their specific circumstances, personality and their levels of discipline and willpower. I think each one of us has a relationship with food that can be very deep and emotional, so when moving forward, I take into account the personal history and try to adjust the pace to the client’s specific needs and feelings.

Theresa Partridge Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

Phone: +64 210 888 5194
Email: [email protected]
New Zealand

As registered Naturopath & Herbalist and an Autoimmune Paleo Certified Coach, I support people on their journey to wellness and vitality.

In particular people living with:
– fibromyalgia
– autoimmune
– digestive
– stress
– burnout & fatigue issues.

I like to take a collaborative and individual approach when working with people. We are all unique. Something that works for one person may not work for another. This is why taking the time to listen to your story is an important part uncovering your “why” when it comes to getting to the heart of health issues.

I can work with you to develop a personalised Care Plan and provide support on your wellness journey with the goal of getting your energy back so that you can enjoy the things you love in life.

Like many practitioners, I became interested in natural medicine after having my own health issues. After years of “not feeling right” I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and subsequently other AI conditions.

I had worked for a number of years in a corporate management role and being a single mum, realised that stress was playing a significant part in my health.

It took a hefty dose of burn-out and AI flare-up to make me to sit up and take notice.

Being a Continuous Improvement focused person in my corporate career, I refocused these skills on myself and in the process developed a curiosity about how our bodies work, particularly how stress and nutrition have an impact on our health.

After graduating with a Bachelor in Natural Medicine, I now practice part time as a registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist – supporting people on their own personal continuous improvement journeys. I would love to help you on yours.

I live and practice from my clinic in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges forest in Titirangi, Auckland, where I live with my husband and meet with clients in-person or virtually on line.

I de-stress by walking in the forest and the beach and I practice mindfulness and meditation.

Tee Williams Certified Holistic Autoimmune Health Coach

Phone: +1 800-890-6127
Email: [email protected]
541 South Willow Avenue Ste. 101-#314
Cookeville, Tennessee
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at an early age, I had many
flare ups and eventually surgery. I decided to be the master of my own
health destiny. I implemented the Autoimmune Protocol and I learned to
restore my health with diet and lifestyle changes. It’s my goal to show
individuals diagnosed with an autoimmune disease how to decrease their
symptoms by teaching them how to calm the immune system, heal
digestion, balance hormones, minimize pain and inflammation and
hopefully put their disease in remission.
If you are struggling with the signs and symptoms of an autoimmune
disease such as joint pain, irregular bowel movements, chronic fatigue,
itching and boils. I can teach you how to listen to your body and regain its
vitality naturally with diet and lifestyle changes. My 1-on-1 coaching will
maximize your quality of life so you can start living a life of vibrancy and
dial in on your individual needs.
Schedule a free consult at my website to learn more!

Elizabeth Zenger, Ph.D., L.Ac Acupuncturist, Herbalist

811 NW 20th Ave., Ste. 203
Portland, Oregon 97209

I am a licensed acupuncturist in private practice in northwest Portland since 2001. I work with people who suffer from chronic illness, physical and emotional issues, and those seeking life-long wellness and core-level healing. My work focuses on body-mind healing, and I have a special interest in the connection of emotional trauma with physical illness, including autoimmune disorders.

I practice a style of acupuncture (Five Element) and a bodywork system (Zero Balancing) which treat body, mind and spirit. I am also a Board-certified Chinese herbalist. Many times, I have seen first-hand how important proper nutrition can be to getting the most benefit out of acupuncture and bodywork. Nutrition is also key for wellness and self-care.

Over my years of practice, I have expanded nutritional therapy because I know how effective it can be. I am now happy to offer coaching in the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol as an added benefit for my clients. While most people come to me for Five Element acupuncture or Zero Balancing, individual consultation sessions on nutrition and the AIP protocol can be arranged.

Sarah Brookes Registered Nutritional Therapist and AIP Coach

SE London, United Kingdom
* Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello, I’m Sarah. I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist and AIP Coach. I help women with thyroid and other autoimmune conditions improve their diet and lifestyle in order to live well again. I run my own clinic with access to a variety of complimentary health practitioners as well as supporting another busy autoimmune clinic outside of London.

Trained at the world renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, with continued studies in functional immunology my approach will address your diet, organ function, sleep, stress, trauma, toxins, movement, inflammation and infections.

I believe that everyone can feel revitalised by making vital tweaks to their diet and lifestyle. I use the latest scientific evidence to get to the root cause of your symptoms. It’s only when we understand what created the problem in the first place, we can work to rebalance your body and support you back to your best.

Having reversed all of my symptoms and antibodies by 90% I am now ready to help you. I take an individual, holistic and evidenced-based approach and I’m here to make your transformation easier.
Clients will receive handouts, recipes and meal ideas as well as a nutrition plan. I offer three and six month nutrition programmes and 121 AIP coaching, with a view to extend this to online group coaching. All clients have access to a 10% supplement discount. Options available for those on a low income.

Amy Garifo, NTC Nutritional Therapy Consultant

Hello, I am Amy Garifo, a Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant and AIP Certified Coach, living in the central valley of California. I discovered my passion for food and nutrition as I was going through my own personal health struggles with hypothyroidism for the past 29 years. Through those struggles, I learned firsthand the power of nutrition in combating chronic disease. Now I use that knowledge to lead others out of their struggles, toward a return to health and vitality. I teach my clients how to incorporate nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole foods into their diets. In addition to that, I assist them in stress management, restorative sleep, healing movement and lifestyle adjustments. I believe you can live a life of optimal wellness. We will seek together to uncover the root causes of disease, identify and remove the stressors and in doing so, restore your health. I am here to support you and help you navigate through exactly which steps would lead you back to your vibrant self.

Katie Tsyplakov AIP and life coach

Phone: +61 423 290 296
Email: [email protected]
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello, my name is Katie and I’m an AIP and life coach. As a health and wellness expert, I am dedicated to helping you transform into the best version of yourself, on your schedule. My goal is to work with the client to help them build the future they desire and activate all the necessary resources they may potentially need on this journey to reach personal goals. It involves drawing out people’s strengths, helping them to bypass personal barriers and limits in order to achieve their best version of themselves. While working with my clients I’m concentrating on outcome-oriented goals rather than problems. In this way, I’m promoting the development of new strategies for thinking and acting rather than trying to solve the problems and past conflicts.

Stacy Smith, NTP Functional Wellness Advisor

Phone: +1 913-390-3161
Email: [email protected]

Hi – I’m Stacy and I’m here to guide you along the path to your best health. I’m a Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC) through the Nutritional Therapy Association, AIP Certified Coach, and Functional Wellness Advisor. After being diagnosed with lupus and anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome in 2015, I was told repeatedly that dietary changes were irrelevant in the management of autoimmunity. My own experience couldn’t be more different, and led me to become a relentless proponent for the healing power of food. AIP has been instrumental in managing my own health, and I’ve been fortunate to see so many other autoimmune warriors have powerful and positive experiences of their own. Through my private practice, Viridis Wellness, LLC, I put my passion into action helping clients achieve their wellness goals through education, empowerment, accountability and positive, long-term, lifestyle changes. I specialize in wellness recovery with autoimmunity, connecting with nature, improving gut health, blood sugar regulation, holistic sports performance, autoimmune athletes and corporate wellness. My view is that wellness comes from addressing the whole person. I enjoy working virtually with long-distance clients as well as in-person with local clients, and offer a variety of group education programs. If you’re ready to take the first step towards your highest wellness and need a partner on your journey, let’s talk about where you want to go. Complimentary 15-minute discovery calls are available by request.

Marianna Giugni Nurse health coach

Phone: +1 416-884-3884
Email: [email protected]
Brampton, Ontario
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

My name is Marianna. I wanted to be a Nurse because I wanted to help people get better. I became in love with nutritional health as I found that integration of the two could assist people even more. My goal as a Nurse and Health Coach is to share my knowledge on how to create sustainable behavior change, my role is not to dictate what’s best for people—but share and provide information and resources for individuals to make informed decisions that work best for them and align with their unique needs and goals

Andrea Hirsh, NTC Nutritional Therapy Consultant

Phone: +1 856-304-0914
Email: [email protected]
611 South Church St.
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
*Practices virtually worldwide

I’m passionate about using nutrition as a tool to help improve health, so I became a Nutritional Therapy Consultant certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association. In addition, the Autoimmune Protocol has been instrumental in helping to manage my own health issues, and I’m excited to assist others in reaching their health goals through implementation of this program. I’m also a health coach for the online program, SAD to AIP in SIX.



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