Therese Revitte, MNT, BCHN® Master Nutrition Therapist

Phone: +1 720-989-8188
Email: [email protected]
Centennial, Colorado 80121
*Practices virtually worldwide

Hi, I’m Therese Revitte, Master Nutrition Therapist and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®. It was my own experience with autoimmunity that pointed me in the direction of prevention and health. I studied organic gardening, permaculture, food quality and eventually enrolled at Nutrition Therapy Institute. As I earned my MNT certification, I focused on learning about how and why autoimmunity happens and how to rebalance the immune system. I learned how our country’s food production has changed drastically for the worse in the past 100 years, while our environment and lifestyles have become more toxic and unhealthy. These factors put a great strain on our immune systems – no wonder they function improperly!

This is my very personal testimonial that when you give the body what it needs, it will respond and heal. It’s not always easy, because living a healing lifestyle isn’t mainstream. But the outcome – feeling well – is the reward.

I live in the Denver, Colorado area where I run my private practice, Live Bright Nutrition Therapy, virtually. I work with clients who have all sorts of health goals and conditions. I specialize in autoimmune clients and gut health. I’m dedicated to teaching people how to tap into their best health and happiness through individualized, targeted nutrition and lifestyle strategies. I look forward to being on your team!

Anastasiia Khrabrykh Master of psychology

St. Petersburg
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Привет всем! Меня зовут Анастасия Храбрых.

Аутоиммунный тиреоидит Хашимото — такой диагноз мне поставили 10 лет назад. Оказалось, он не такой уж безобидный. Чтобы нормализовать свое состояние, я перешла на АИП питание. Стала работать над причинами аутоиммуннитета под контролем врачей. Полностью изменила свой образ жизни и пришла к любви к себе. На своем пути я добилась заметных улучшений в анализах и самочувствии.

В своей работе я стараюсь объединить все знания:

– по первому образованию я журналист. Так что на моем сайте вы найдете много полезных статей, информации об аутоиммунных состояниях, причинах, актуальные исследования и т.д. Я стараюсь освещать эту тему в России. Объективная и достоверная информация очень важна, когда человек лицом к лицу сталкивается с диагнозом.

– по второму образованию – я магистр психологии. Поэтому особое внимание в своей практике я уделяю психологическому благополучию клиентов. Ведь часто бывает, что человек сам саботирует свое выздоровление, не слышит свое тело, имеет деструктивную установку “не живи”, впадает в отчаяние и не принимает себя таким “поломанным” с аутоиммунным диагнозом. Моя тематика в работе – это любовь и принятие себя. Вход в путь исцеления не из насилия и борьбу с собой, а из любви. Это долгосрочная мотивация.

– сейчас я изучаю нутрициологию и кулинарию. Совсем скоро выйдет моя книга “100 АИП рецептов”. В 2021 году я успешно окончила обучение на Сертифицированного АИП-коуча и планирую далее расширять свою квалификацию в теме персонализированного питания.

Вы можете связаться со мной по почте [email protected] , чтобы назначить 10-минутный бесплатный звонок, где мы обсудим ваше состояние на данный момент и желаемый результат. Я могу помочь вам с мотивацией, принятием себя, безопасным входом в АИП-протокол, буду вас ориентировать и поддерживать на этом пути. Но от вас также важно желание и активность.

Мы в одной лодке – давайте грести вместе!

Maureen Reilly Registered Pharmacist

2504 W Behrend Dr
suite A-11
Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Hi my name is Maureen Reilly. I am a Pharmacist in the state of Arizona. After many years of practicing pharmacy and then being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Psoriatic Arthritis, I finally realized that chronic illness is not resolved in the pharmacy, but in the kitchen. When conventional medicine failed me, I turned to diet and lifestyle for answers. After 14 days on the Autoimmune Paleo diet, I was a new person! No pain, no fatigue, no brain fog. I am so amazed with how well I feel that I want to make it my mission to help put other’s autoimmune disease in remission.

When you work with me, we will address diet, lifestyle and nutrient deficiencies.

I know how you feel. It is not in your head. I can promise you that healing is possible

You can count on me to support you on your way to feeling good!

Lenka Petrikova Certified Nutrition Advisor

Phone: +421 949 605 775
Email: [email protected]
Nitra, Nitriansky kraj
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide
Hi! My name is Lenka and I am certified nutrition advisor from Slovakia. I love educating myself in nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes. I have always been fascinated by the correlation between food and health. Now, when I am certified AIP Coach, I can help people who sufferers from (not only) autoimmune disease symptoms.
Kind regards,
Lenka Petrikova

Jamie Nicole Holistic Health + Autoimmune Strategist

Phone: +1 832-308-3333
Email: [email protected]
Houston, Texas
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Jamie Nicole is the Founder and CEO of The Natural Healing Coach, LLC. Jamie has established herself as a leading expert in the health & wellness industry as a certified holistic health & autoimmune strategist, dance fitness instructor, and health & wellness motivational speaker.

In a time where self-love, body awareness, and inner healing reign supreme, Jamie’s success in overcoming health complications associated by food sensitivities and an autoimmune disease has provided hard-won and extremely valuable first-hand knowledge on integrative wellness solutions. Her experience and methodology have proven to reduce pain, improve energy, increase productivity, and manage stress.

More recently, Jamie’s holistic approach has led her to coach others with autoimmune disease on the verge of losing faith in healthcare and wellness solutions. Her clients have gained confidence, achieved better relationships with food, and discovered the keys that unlock their freedom from being shackled to their disease.

Celebrated for her ground-breaking practices, innovative coaching methods, and hands-on lifestyle management techniques, Jamie supports type-A, overachiever, workaholics struggling with chronic health issues who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. She helps them identify what might be triggering their symptoms, empowering them to value their choices, take control of their bodies and gain freedom and balance through healthy eating and active living.

Download Jamie’s FREE HEALCoach Health Journal at to help you get started on your journey to better health with autoimmune disease.

Heidi Weiss, MPH, NTP Integrative Health Educator, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

1235 SE Division, #206
Portland, Oregon 97202
*Practices virtually worldwide

Hi! I am Heidi Weiss.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Chinese from Reed College, and a master’s of Public Health in Health Education/Integrative Health from Portland State University. As a result of my lifelong interest in nutrition an movement as the foundation of health, I certified as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and Pilates teacher in 2006.

My travels in Asia in my twenties and exploration of ancient Chinese medical texts in my undergraduate education led me to deepen these studies by exploring the field of nutritional anthropology during my master’s studies. After having children and discovering food intolerances in both myself and my children, I became more passionate about learning about and using therapeutic diets to bring about healing. I have witnessed the profound benefits of adopting the AIP diet and lifestyle in both clients and friends, and am very inspired about the potential this movement has for turning the tide of the growing incidence of auto-immune disease worldwide.

In my sessions with clients, I use a combination of motivational interviewing, manual bodywork, pressure point therapy, and intuitive energy work. My experience with evolutionary astrology, nutritional anthropology, and energy work techniques from the Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu traditions also inform my work. I offer both group classes and one-on-one nutrition sessions at my Southeast Portland Location, Lemon Tree Wellness, as well as virtual coaching worldwide.

Charity Berglin NTP, CHHC, CPT, CCC

Phone: +1 509-669-1555
Email: [email protected]
Cashmere, Washington

My name is Charity and I have lived with 3 autoimmune diseases since my initial diagnosis in 1991. I am married with 4 children and run a busy coaching practice in Cashmere, Wa. I have nearly 30 years of Personal symptom management experience. I am a 2015 graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and a 2018 graduate of Nutritional Therapy Association in Olympia, WA. I am Currently seeking board Certification

I help my clients explore the overwhelming aspects of life with autoimmunity. Together we create a “baseline” or a starting point for achieving future health goals. I teach effective strategies for change in diet and lifestyle that are realistic and simple. Taking one step forward at a time; your personalized program will radically improve your quality of life. During the course of your program you will:
Set and accomplish goals
Explore new foods
Reduce inflammation
Understand and reduce cravings
Increase energy
Feel better in your body
Improve personal relationships

When was the last time you talked with a professional about your health and received the personal attention you deserve? Could one conversation change your life?

Sherry Vail Harnell Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Phone: +1 218-730-7955
Email: [email protected]
Duluth, Minnesota
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi! I’m delighted you are here taking the steps to care for yourself, and look for a partner on your Wellness Path. I’m passionate in supporting people with autoimmune and chronic illness symptoms in my holistic nutrition practice.

We will educate, demonstrate, guide and empower you, so you are successful in implementing the positive changes in your life.

We are all bio-individuals and I believe there is power in food. I will meet you where you are on your wellness journey. Together, we will find nutrient-dense foods and lifestyle changes that will support your body in healing. I work with clients in groups or individually.

Ashelii Rabelo Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Miami, Florida
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello, I’m Ashelii!

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Autoimmune Paleo Coach. Living with Autoimmune disease and having reclaimed my quality of life through real food nutrition, a more holistic lifestyle approach and root cause medicine, has made me passionate about helping others reclaim THEIR healthy balance.

Everyone has different goals, schedules, budget, & lifestyle. I’m here to guide you towards reclaiming your health, break away from trendy “diets” and find YOUR healthy balance.

Currently offering Remote Nutrition & AIP Coaching – Workshops + Lectures – Corporate Wellness – Consulting + Collaborations

Rachael McDaniels Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Phone: +1 307-262-0005
Email: [email protected]
1626 S Conwell St
Casper, Wyoming 82601

Rachael McDaniels is from a small town. She has worked in the health care business for over 6 years. Graduated college as Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. She is passionate about working with people to help live life to the fullest. She has been working in pediatrics for 2 years and geriatrics for 6 years. In her spare time she likes to Figure skate and be in nature. She always find the positive thing in life.



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