Marie-Noelle Marquis Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, AIP Certified Coach

Phone: 310-922-9580
Email: [email protected]
Los Angeles, CA
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

My name is Marie-Noelle and I help women struggling with chronic inflammatory conditions and diagnosed autoimmune disease live symptom free and thrive. While I work with all autoimmune conditions, I specialize in thyroid and gut/brain healing. I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and AIP Certified Coach, and I’m currently enrolled in the Advanced Functional Medicine program at the Kharrazian Institute.

I started my journey with holistic health on a quest to heal my own autoimmune disease after being told by a conventional doctor that my case was hopeless, and that I should get used to living in pain, and give up on any dreams I had yet to accomplish.

Like many women struggling with autoimmune and chronic inflammatory conditions, it took years to find a doctor that would listen to me and take my symptoms seriously enough to run some tests. Today, I am determined to share not only my knowledge in the field of holistic health with my clients, but to support clients in making their voice be heard when it comes to their own health.

I believe our bodies are designed to heal when given the proper nutrients and support to do so. With that in mind, in the fall of 2023, I launched Urban AIP – a ready-to-eat meal service, offering dedicated AIP compliant, chef prepared, NTP designed, organic meals, delivered right to your door. My goal is to put hours back into your week, so that you can focus on relaxing, healing and getting back to pursuing all the things that make you thrive.

Andrea Jelinkova Nutritionist and AIP Certified Coach

Czech Republic
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

I have been providing nutrition counseling since 2013, and more and more of my clients are people with autoimmune diseases. I decided to expand my qualifications and become an AIP certified coach to offer my clients a suitable therapy. I guide and support people on their journey to health and a better quality of life in Beroun, Czech Republic, and online in Czech.

Výživové poradenství poskytuji od roku 2013 a stále více mých klientů jsou lidé s autoimunitními onemocněními. Rozhodla jsem se rozšířit si kvalifikaci a stát se certifikovaným koučem AIP, abych svým klientům nabídla vhodnou terapii. Vedu a podporuji lidi na jejich cestě ke zdraví a lepší kvalitě života v Berouně v České republice a online v češtině.

Katie Tsyplakov AIP and life coach

Phone: +61 423 290 296
Email: [email protected]
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello, my name is Katie and I’m an AIP and life coach. As a health and wellness expert, I am dedicated to helping you transform into the best version of yourself, on your schedule. My goal is to work with the client to help them build the future they desire and activate all the necessary resources they may potentially need on this journey to reach personal goals. It involves drawing out people’s strengths, helping them to bypass personal barriers and limits in order to achieve their best version of themselves. While working with my clients I’m concentrating on outcome-oriented goals rather than problems. In this way, I’m promoting the development of new strategies for thinking and acting rather than trying to solve the problems and past conflicts.

Shelly Cobb Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist

Phone: +1-951-296-3020
Email: [email protected]
41743 Enterprise Circle North
Suite 105A
Temecula, California 92590
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

I am Shelly Cobb, owner of Thrive Well. Years ago, over several years my husband, our 6 kids and I were all diagnosed with Celiac Disease, some with Hashimoto’s. We regained our health back through holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Years later I was encouraged to become a nutritionist and personal trainer to work for one of the doctors who helped me get our health back. I went back to college and got my second master’s degree, this time in Holistic Nutrition. I have pursued various specialty certifications that center around autoimmune disease, health, wellness and exercise. I sat for 2700 hours of nutrition counseling to become a HNCB Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Professional. Later I became ANMA Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I am currently working on Doctorate of Health Science in Clinical Nutrition and Education. at University of Bridgeport. As a former high school teacher, I enjoy learning and pursue the latest information on health and wellness so I can best serve my clients. I personally and professionally have seen how the benefits of holistic nutrition and lifestyle can fully change a person for the better.

I enjoy working with others one on one, helping them achieve their goals – especially in regards to health and wellness. I understand both personally and professionally the daily challenges autoimmune disease can bring. I am here to offer help support, education and motivation to those who want to improve their health and well being. I offer my services in person, on the phone or over Skype. I teach various classes and also offer cooking demonstrations to help those with cooking challenges learn how fun, easy and tasty holistic cooking can be.

My approach is client-centered and client focused. I work together in a collaborative fashion to help the client reach their goals. I am not licensed by the State of California, therefore I do not treat or diagnose disease. I offer fun, educational and motivational help through the use of nutrition, exercise and holistic modalities. It would be my pleasure to work with you.

Christina Tidwell, MN, RN, NC-BC Functional Nutrition Coach

Los Angeles, CA 90290
*Practices virtually and worldwide

Hi, I’m Christina Tidwell and I am a Registered Nurse and Functional Nutrition Coach. At 18 years old, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD). Western Medicine treatments gave me some relief, but I was still left struggling and feeling deficient in many areas of my life until finally discovering the power of food as medicine. Since focusing on healthy whole foods, learning disease triggers, and finding ways to reduce flare-ups, I am able to live a healthy, disease-free life.

Since then, I have become a RN, studied nutrition, and devoted my life to holistic health. My experience in conventional medicine as a RN has provided me great insight into the current management of autoimmune disease. I believe effective treatment of autoimmune disease involves bringing together the best of conventional medicine and a more holistic approach with attention to diet, digestive health, stress, relationships and our environment. Having worked as an RN for several years I have seen the many ways in which those with autoimmune disease aren’t receiving this whole-person care in our medical system and why autoimmune health coaches are absolutely essential to fill in the gaps and facilitate sustainable, transformational healing!

I am the owner and founder of Live Well with Christina, a holistic health and nutrition coaching practice specializing in helping clients with autoimmune disease take control of their health through diet, lifestyle shifts and personal empowerment. If you’re suffering from chronic autoimmune conditions, I have been there myself and I’m ready to help you increase energy levels, reduce inflammation, and work on the possible root causes of your physical and emotional imbalance, so you can move beyond chronic illness and achieve optimal health. Learn more about my coaching program here.

I offer virtual nutrition counseling via phone or video.

Martha Saunders Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Kailua Hawaii
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Aloha, my name is Martha, and I am a nutritional therapy practitioner. I specialize in gut health, blood sugar balance, and inflammation. I am a pastry chef and love finding ways to have a treat periodically that doesn’t wreck my health.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and heard the words autoimmune disease for the first time in my life. I was told there was no cure and that there was nothing I could do naturally to regain my health.

But happily, that is only where my story stated. I went on the AIP within 24 hours of my diagnosis and never looked back! I reversed every symptom and regained my health.

I love working with women who want a holistic way to manage their autoimmune disease symptoms. I also work with moms alongside their 16–22-year-old child who has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Working with mom and child to help them navigate how to use AIP to support their own healing journey.

I live in Hawaii with my husband and son but work virtually with clients all over the world. I created Aloha AIP to help clients implement the AIP within a group coaching program but I also offer 1:1 work as well. I focus on nutrient density – flooding the body with nutrients so it can flourish – and making lifestyle and mindset adjustments.

I love helping clients find their best health so they can live vibrantly.

Olga Turkova Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapist, Health- and Culinary-Coach

Phone: +35799663357
Email: [email protected]
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Меня зовут Ольга Туркова. Я нутрициолог, специалист по лечебным протоколам питания, health-коуч, кулинарный коуч. А ещё, я человек с целым спектром аутоиммунных состояний. У меня диагностированы аутоиммунный тиреоидит, аутоиммунный гастрит, псориаз и псориатический артрит.

В течение многих лет конвенциональные методы лечения не приносили желаемого результата. Моё самочувствие было далеко от идеального. Я не могла полноценно работать и проживать свою лучшую жизнь.

Но я не сдавалась. Я чувствовала, что решение существует, и искала его. В какой-то момент я узнала об аутоиммунном протоколе, и всё сразу стало на свои места. На собственном опыте я убедилась в том, что образ жизни и питание имеют решающее значение в деле достижения ремиссии.

Мои диагнозы по-прежнему со мной, но качество жизни и уровень здоровья несравнимо выше, чем они были до аутоиммунного протокола. Я снова стала полноценным членом общества с желанием жить, работать, делиться своим опытом.

Постепенно я задумалась о смене рода деятельности, получила образование в области нутрициологии и коучинга и начала помогать другим профессионально.

Я знаю, как составить полноценный рацион питания для клиентов с аутоиммунными состояниями и не только, как внедрить полезные привычки, как скорректировать образ жизни, чтобы он был во благо, а не во вред. Буду рада видеть вас на своих программах. Приходите и почувствуйте разницу между «до» и «после»!

My name is Olga Turkova. I am a nutritionist, a nutritional therapist, a health- and culinary-coach. And as it happens, I am also a person “blessed” with a whole range of autoimmune conditions. I have been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis, autoimmune gastritis, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis.

For many years the conventional therapy methods failed on me. My health was poor, and I was unable to do any proper work and live my best life. But I never gave up. I knew there was a way and searched for the right means to resolve my health crisis. I once learned about the autoimmune protocol, and all of it started to make sense.

My personal experience on the protocol has shown that the correct lifestyle and good diet are critical to going into remission. I still have my conditions, but the autoimmune protocol has enabled me to vastly improve quality of my life and health status.

I have gone back to being a normal, active human being able to socialize, live, work and share my experiences. At some point I realized I needed a career change, did formal nutritionist and coaching training, and began to help others as a certified professional. I know how to help clients with autoimmune and other conditions with their dietary requirements.

I know how to assist them with transitioning to a better, healthier lifestyle that brings real benefits to their lives. I would be delighted to welcome you to one of my programs. Come and join me to make your life better and healthier!

Megan Copeland Certified Nutrition Specialist, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Phone: +1 301-643-7507
Email: [email protected]
390 Sansbury Rd
Friendship, Maryland 20758

Megan Copeland is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist who received her master’s degree from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is a certified Autoimmune Paleo Practitioner and a candidate for her Functional Medicine Practitioner certification. Megan is a member of the American College of Nutrition and teaches Integrative Health and Nutrition to high school students at Anchor Christian Collaborative. In addition to homeschooling her kids, her other passion is bringing forth a colorful, nutrient-dense, whole-foods, whole-self approach to wellness. When she’s not working with clients, creating educational programs or writing about nutrition, she’s spending time with her husband and three children. She enjoys reading, going to the beach, working in her garden and creating healthy recipes with her kids.

Deanna Moore Certified Health Coach

Mission Viejo California
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, I’m Deanna, a full time Certified Health Coach and Biofeedback Practitioner in Orange
County CA. I have been a certified health coach for 3 years where I have worked with chronic
illness, families, adults/seniors and women through pregnancy. I have been working with
biofeedback for 3 years as well which is a stress reduction tool that I use with my local clients. I
work with clients who are diabetic, have autoimmune diseases, struggle with neurological
disorders such as anxiety and depression, digestive struggles and more. Throughout each of
my coaching sessions our goal is creating a health plan that helps my clients obtain the highest
quality of life possible.
Throughout my own health journey, I needed someone to help guide me back to health because
the Dr’s didn’t have those tools for me. What I needed was a health coach but I didn’t know it
then. After healing myself and learning how to navigate the medical world, I decided I wanted to
empower and help people simplify their journey back to health.
I give my clients tools to improve their lifestyle habits, meal planning education and individual
recipe guidance, stress reduction, develop good exercise habits, quality of sleep improvement,
reduction in environmental toxic exposure and how to better communicate with your medical
team. Through education, patience, empathy and compassion, I walk alongside my clients and
guide them back to health. As a certified AIP coach, I am excited to work in-depth with this
specific group of clients to both empower and show them that quality of life is possible.
If you struggle with an autoimmune disease, or are looking for empowerment or quality of life
improvement I’d love to support you. Visit my website at

Jagna Golebiewska Dietician and Nutricionist

Warsaw, Poland

Hello! My name is Jagna and i am a nutritionist and a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. My adventure with AIP began back in 2018 when i was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases myself. i was determined and motivated to fight for my well being. Not only ive changed my diet but ive changed my approach to my daily lifestyle. Because of my experience, I know i should help others to find a new ways to improve their health and get their life back on the right track. Our body has an amazing ability to heal and im here to support you on this journey.



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