Emilie Davis Holistic Nutrition Counselor

347 N 300 W Ste. 203 & 204
Kaysville, Utah 84037

I am Emilie Davis of Whole Essentials Nutrition; a holistic nutritionist specializing in whole foods and lifestyle changes to help you live your best life. I don’t believe in diets or quick fixes, real change takes time.

I provide nutritional support and counseling to patients with a variety of needs. My interests and specialties include: children and adults with behavioral and neurological disorders, autoimmune disease, gut health, food relationship coaching including intuitive and mindful eating, and more.

I’ve become an autoimmune practitioner because there are so many people with autoimmune disease that can be helped through diet and lifestyle changes. I want to help people suffering from immune dysfunction, inflammation, and gut dysbiosis heal and start again.

Zhenya Dimova-Freundorfer Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer

Phone: +49 174 238 7973; +359 877 772 885
Email: [email protected]
Lilienstraße 28
Wenzenbach, Bayern 93173

Hello! I am Zhenya, and I am a Health Coach, Personal Trainer. I am glad that now I am a certified AIP coach and I have the opportunity to help those who sufferers with autoimmune diseases. Healing is a journey and I believe my mission is supporting you during that journey!

Kelly Hatke, MNT MNT, Nutritionist

Colorado, USA
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

I believe optimum health and disease prevention occur in large part by putting the right foods in the body.

Every bit of food leads us either closer to disease or closer to health.

I want to empower others on their path to wellness, to never give up on themselves, and to believe that health and feeling good are possible.

Nick Mavrick Nutrition Therapist

Phone: +1 720-619-0360
Email: [email protected]

egardless of the species, if you take away or significantly alter enough of an animal’s biological necessities, its health will suffer and its life will be shortened. Human beings are animals, too. Because of marketing, misinformation, and profit-driven food production principles, fewer and fewer people even know what decisions around diet and lifestyle are right and which are wrong. As a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (CNTP) and Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT), I have spent the last three years in clinical practice teaching people how to better adhere to a diet of nutrient-dense, whole, organic foods as a treatment tool for a wide range of diagnosed conditions as well as weight management and athletic training diets. I am now proud to also be AIP Certified and will be able to better assist clients with diagnosed autoimmune conditions to manage their diseases with dietary and lifestyle strategies. I received both my CNTP and MNT certifications from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado where I live with my wife and daughters. I am also a fitness enthusiast and I teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Sarah Sylvia Kremer Naturopath - Nutritional Therapist - AIP Certified Coach

Phone: +972 55-940-3615
Email: [email protected]
Centre Medical Neve Tzedek
Lilienblum Street 6
Tel Aviv, ISRAEL 6513116
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

I practice as a naturopath first in France and now in Israel. My experience over the years, allows me to treat my patients successfully in Naturopathy, in particular by a complete health assessment using the Physioscan, magnetic resonance device, and care, programs and assessments: nutritional assessment, treatment detox, slimming program, program for the remission of symptoms of autoimmune diseases, emotional coaching …


Training of Naturopath Heilpratiker with CERS TA in Geneva, for 3 years
Physioscan magnetic resonance training
Naturopathic training with IFSH for 2 years
Training in Plantar Reflexology with IFSH

Professional experience

I have several years of experience as a naturopath and I have specialized in health check-ups, nutrition, allergies diseases, slimming programs .

I have had positive results after treating patients for the following conditions:

Chronic fatigue, stress
hypertension and arteriosclerosis
Weight loss
Type 2 diabetes
Thyroid disorders
Disorders of the intestinal flora
Circulatory problems
Eczema, yeast infection
Muscle and joint pain
Acidity problems
and many other pathologies

A diet with good nutritional quality provides good health. The nutritional assessment is like a survey to analyze your diet, to identify any mistakes to avoid, your specific needs according to your age, gender, blood group and activities, food deficiencies and excess, food intolerances and allergies. Each disease requires a specific nutritional program which accompanies the healing process and especially autoimmune diseases which require an increase that reduces intestinal inflammation, allergic reaction and antibody production.

Slimming program
Detox cure
Nutritional support for people suffering from chronic inflammation of the intestine
Nutritional support for people with autoimmune disease
Regeneration of the microbiota
Rebalancing food deficiencies and surpluses

Karri-Anne Cameron HN - Holistic Nutritionist

Wingham, ON
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi I’m Karri Anne. I specialize in helping women find balance with their nutrition. I will teach you how to create a body you love while learning to trust your intuition & enjoying the abundance of flavours and joyous rituals that food provides.

You’ll get a coach and a mentor all in one who will help you with:
Nutrition and food education
Nutritional healing for autoimmune/inflammatory diseases
Diet strategies that work for you goals and your lifestyle
Identifying sources of stress and how to manage these appropriately
Strategies to improve fitness and incorporate more enjoyable movement day-to-day
Sleep habits and recovery strategies
Encouragement and accountability while you engrain the habits to change your life
Living your true purpose

I struggle myself with Rheumatoid Arthritis but with knowledge and patience have found an enriched balance of life.
Some fun facts about me are: I am a small town gal and love to support local; I like to rock out to “eye of the tiger” and sing it as loud as I can to embarrass my beautiful girls; wear high heel shoes for fun because I am always in my comfy clothes; and my favourite food is my husband’s homemade hamburgers – Delicious!

Kelly Shattuck AIP Certified Coach, Certified herbalist

Phone: 919-782-0064
Email: [email protected]
Harmony Farms
5653 Creedmoor Road
Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

Hello, my name is Kelly Michele Shattuck. I have worked in the natural food industry for over 30 years. My mother started Harmony Farms, an independent locally owned health food store in 1984. I began a career there in my teens.

After being diagnosed with Addison’s Disease in September of 2006, and spending a week in the hospital, I decided I wanted to delve even deeper into studies pertaining to natural remedies and health.

I committed myself to pursue a fuller understanding of herbalism, became a Certified Herbalist thru Rosemary Gladstar’s “The Science and Art of Herbalism” and received my certificate in 2011.

I recently completed studies to become an Autoimmune Paleo Certified Coach. I look forward to guiding and supporting you on your wellness journey. Let’s discuss healing your body and calming your mind.

Carly Michelson, FNTP, RWP Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Autoimmune Paleo Certified Coach

Phone: +1 360-271-7136
Email: [email protected]
19041 Front Street, STE 102
Poulsbo, Washington
* Practices Virtually Worldwide

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Autoimmune Protocol Coach, Carly helps others living with autoimmune disease to discover the root cause of their symptoms, and find comfort in becoming their own self advocate for their health care plan.

Carly uses her own journey of living with the autoimmune disease Hashimotos Thryoiditis to connect with her clients. She encourages her clients to find relief from many debilitating symptoms and find true health through the Autoimmune Protocol. She’s been living the autoimmune protocol lifestyle for the last four years, and draws upon not only her education, but her own experience to create customized care plans for her clients by addressing their bioindividuality and specific nutritional needs.

Carly loves to see her clients move forward in life with new energy, physical vitality, and the ability to enjoy life with their loved ones. She currently sees clients in person in the adorable Scandinavian town of Poulsbo WA. Her services are also offered virtually through online courses and sessions everywhere.

Goldie Kornecki PharmD , AIP Certified Coach

Brooklyn, New York
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi! I’m a pharmacist practicing in Brooklyn, NY and I’m very passionate about improving the quality of my clients’ health through nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. I began on this health and wellness journey over ten years ago to help me work through my own healing and after transforming my life with changes in my diet and lifestyle, there was no turning back. I look forward to helping you gain control of your health and guide you on the path to wellness.

Megan Copeland Certified Nutrition Specialist, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Phone: +1 301-643-7507
Email: [email protected]
390 Sansbury Rd
Friendship, Maryland 20758

Megan Copeland is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist who received her master’s degree from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is a certified Autoimmune Paleo Practitioner and a candidate for her Functional Medicine Practitioner certification. Megan is a member of the American College of Nutrition and teaches Integrative Health and Nutrition to high school students at Anchor Christian Collaborative. In addition to homeschooling her kids, her other passion is bringing forth a colorful, nutrient-dense, whole-foods, whole-self approach to wellness. When she’s not working with clients, creating educational programs or writing about nutrition, she’s spending time with her husband and three children. She enjoys reading, going to the beach, working in her garden and creating healthy recipes with her kids.



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