Janice Strand Nutritional Therapist, Gut & Psychology Syndrome Therapist, AIP Certified Coach Practitioner

Phone: +1 206-617-0908
Email: [email protected]
Redmond, Oregon
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello, My name is Janice Strand. I have over 35 years in Nutrition.
– B.S. In Nutrition
– Nutritional Therapist Practitioner
– Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner
-Certified Hypnotherapist

Being a mom, the worst thing is to see your child sick and suffer. My son has Celiac disease and years ago he was very sick. Doctors at that time could not help him. The desire for him to feel good lead me back to school. I earned my certification as a Nutritional Therapist, Gut and Psychology Syndrome Therapist, & Hypnotherapist. Today my son is a healthy grown man.

I treat every client as I did my son, I don’t give up!

Helping others with Autoimmune disease is my passion. I realize this can be a confusing time and often there is very little support for individuals or families managing diet & lifestyle. Oftentimes doctors don’t have time to explain why, how, or what we can do to improve our health. This is where I can step in. It is my hope for everyone to live a happy healthy life!

Alice Dénoyers University Expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Scientific Evidence, AIP Certified Coach

Phone: +00 376 361 074
Email: [email protected]
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

I’m Alice Dénoyers, a University Expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Scientific Evidence. I’m French and based in Andorra, a very small country between Spain and France. I’m also studying to become a Registered Dietician.
I’ve been blogging about the autoimmune protocol and more generally about health and lifestyle since 2017. My blog,, which comes from “Health and Epigenetics” aims to share information and build a strong Spanish speaking community. I also manage a private Facebook group, also called Episalud, with the same objective.

I discovered my passion for the autoimmune protocol and integrative health in 2014, after living through an intense thyroid flare. This major health challenge drove me to learn all I could about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, autoimmune disease, nutrition and lifestyle, so as to help others.

As a Certified AIP Coach, my mission is to share the message of the autoimmune protocol with the Spanish-speaking community and be part of the revolution in the conventional health paradigm.

A professional translator for more than 20 years, I’ve always been passionate about building bridges between communities and helping people understand each other.

My skills in different languages (French, Spanish, Catalan and English) allow me to bring up-to-date information about the AIP in these European cultures, where it is seriously lacking.

Kim Carr Swords, BCHHP, CHN, CHHC B.C. Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Alpahretta, Georgia
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hi, I’m Kim, a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, AIP Certified Coach, and the founder of Salt n’ Sauna Wellness (voted Best of N. Atlanta for “Best Holistic/Alternative Medicine” & “Best Med Spa”). I’m here because everything went wrong, and had to figure out how to make everything right again, probably much like yourself. I specialize in autoimmunity, nutrition, and empowerment, along with practical, real-life approaches that it takes to be successful in any healing journey. I understand practical, as it’s the foundation of my daily life. I’ve been a single mom for 18 yrs to 3 amazing kids, my oldest is special needs, and I’ve always worked full-time.

My journey with Grave’s Disease & Celiac Disease helped me discover my immense passion to heal! My journey began by taking the medication for Grave’s Disease. A month later I was fighting for my life in the ICU, where I spent 13 days, 10 of those near death. The medication for my Grave’s Disease was killing me, literally. I was one of only a handful of people around the world to survive a case so severe. Upon leaving the hospital, my doctor gave me two choices, have my thyroid removed or die. I opted to follow my own path, and began the process of modifying my diet and lifestyle, detoxing my body, and anything needed to regain my health.

You can be healthy & vibrant living with chronic disease. It is possible! As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I use a holistic, functional approach to healing, troubleshooting, and discovering root issues. I’m here to help empower you to take back your health, learn to use practical approaches to modify your diet and lifestyle (most importantly sleep, stress, toxic relationships, exercise, & daily life), advocate for yourself, and empower you. There is power in learning to heal your body, and living a vibrant life with chronic illness…take yours back!

Nina Lane MSc, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, AIP certified coach

Phone: +1 306-380-6174
Email: [email protected]
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
*Practices in-person or virtually

Nina is Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and AIP certified coach with a background (including a Master of Science) in human health research. She is the founder and owner of Nina Lane Wellness where she empowers clients to take leadership of their health by providing education, tools and support. She passionate is about helping clients to live their best life with targeted nutrition and food-first solutions. With a focus on complex client cases, Nina supports clients with digestive dysfunction, hormone imbalances and autoimmune disease.

Stacy Smith, NTP Functional Wellness Advisor

Phone: +1 913-390-3161
Email: [email protected]

Hi – I’m Stacy and I’m here to guide you along the path to your best health. I’m a Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC) through the Nutritional Therapy Association, AIP Certified Coach, and Functional Wellness Advisor. After being diagnosed with lupus and anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome in 2015, I was told repeatedly that dietary changes were irrelevant in the management of autoimmunity. My own experience couldn’t be more different, and led me to become a relentless proponent for the healing power of food. AIP has been instrumental in managing my own health, and I’ve been fortunate to see so many other autoimmune warriors have powerful and positive experiences of their own. Through my private practice, Viridis Wellness, LLC, I put my passion into action helping clients achieve their wellness goals through education, empowerment, accountability and positive, long-term, lifestyle changes. I specialize in wellness recovery with autoimmunity, connecting with nature, improving gut health, blood sugar regulation, holistic sports performance, autoimmune athletes and corporate wellness. My view is that wellness comes from addressing the whole person. I enjoy working virtually with long-distance clients as well as in-person with local clients, and offer a variety of group education programs. If you’re ready to take the first step towards your highest wellness and need a partner on your journey, let’s talk about where you want to go. Complimentary 15-minute discovery calls are available by request.

Jesse St. Jean Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Salem, Virginia
*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Like many nutrition and health coaches, I was inspired by my own journey with autoimmune disease and the Autoimmune Protocol to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a Certified AIP Coach. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2013 and Chronic Lyme Disease in 2018 after a lifetime of seemingly unexplainable digestive and immune symptoms. I found AIP a year after being diagnosed with UC and it quite literally changed everything about my life! It took me some time and troubleshooting to start seeing those life-changing results, but AIP ultimately led me to a life filled with healing, both personally and professionally.

One of the biggest tools that changed the trajectory of my health was learning how to advocate for myself and be the leader in my own healing journey. As a FNTP and Certified AIP Coach, I want to empower all people who desire to reclaim their wellness through nutrition-centered coaching. I will teach you the skills and tools you need to nourish your body and take control of your health while supporting you in reaching your wellness goals. I meet with clients virtually, through video and telephone calls, to meet you where you are making it easy and convenient. I can’t wait to walk your healing journey together!

Robert Abbott, MD Family Medicine Resident Physician

Phone: 434-218-3425
Email: [email protected]
Resilient Roots: Functional and Evolutionary Medicine
925 E Jefferson St
Charlottesville, Virginia United States 22902

My name is Rob Abbott and I am an integrative and functional medicine physician practicing in Charlottesville, Virginia as part of collaborative clinic Resilient Roots . In addition to my primary clinic in Charlottesville, I work virtually as part of another functional medicine clinic known as the Austin Center for Functional Medicine.

I completed my internship in family medicine at the Virginia Commonwealth University- Shenandoah Valley Family Medicine Residency Program in Front Royal, Virginia and am a graduate of the University of Virginia (U.Va.) School of Medicine.

I have completed training in functional medicine through the Kresser Institute and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). I am on the scientific advisory boards for both the Kresser Institute and the Ruscio Institute, leaders in functional medicine research and education. In addition, I am the medical advisor for the innovative collaborative, Autoimmune Wellness where I conduct research and write about integrative approaches to autoimmune disease.

In my clinical work, my team and I support patients with various autoimmune diseases to implement sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes including the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet.

In my free time I enjoy trail running and creative expression through writing and communal conversation.

Nadhrah Maidin Certified Culinary Nutrition

Phone: +60 12-608 1898
Email: [email protected]
Kuala Lumpur

I’m Nadhrah, a foodie, Culinary Nutrition Expert, AIP Certified & Menstrual Coach, Pilates instructor and a mother of 3 beautiful kids. I focus especially on women’s issues especially menstrual related. I’m very passionate about dealing with autoimmunity since I’ve been living with Endometriosis since I was 13 years old.

Working around Endometriosis can be very overwhelming, difficult and tricky. My coaching sessions are designed to help women through all these challenges and equip them with the right knowledge and tools so they can manage the symptoms and take charge of their health.

I work 1-on-1 with clients to help them address their health concerns and improve their quality of life. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.

I look forward to working alongside you on your health and wellness journey.

Ingrida Kuprevičiūtė Nutritional therapist

Kėdainiai, Vilnius, Lithuania

*Practices Virtually Worldwide

Hello everyone, I studied in Great Britain and obtained my degree in Nutritional Therapist in 2016. I work with people struggling with a wide variety of autoimmune diseases. This became the major focus of my practice. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and AIP Certified Coach, I work with the bio individual to find root causes and develop achievable and individualized plans to integrate whole food and lifestyle changes to help individuals manage their symptoms and get back to their best self. I look forward to supporting You on your health and wellness journey!

Chloe Archard Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach

Phone: +44 7771 933045
Email: [email protected]
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
United Kingdom
*Also Practices Virtually Worldwide

I’m Chloe. I’m a nutritional therapist and AIP certified health coach and I’m on a mission to inspire & support women with autoimmune disease to make positive changes to their health.

I will help & support you with implementing the Autoimmune Protocol with a particular focus on gut health, I can provide AIP recipes and meal plans and guide you through reintroductions. We can also work to optimise other areas of your health such as stress management, movement and sleep.

I work face to face locally (Tunbridge Wells area) and online via zoom, as well as running online group AIP programmes. Please get in touch via email for more information and to arrange a free chat about which service would best suit your needs.



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