Gain the knowledge and skills you need to confidently serve your autoimmune clients directly from the top experts in the field


After establishing themselves as leaders in the autoimmune community with busy private health coaching practices, Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt joined forces with best-selling author and medical researcher, Sarah Ballantyne, PhD to develop a training program that would share the first-hand experience and knowledge gained from their vast experience.

Since its launch in 2017, the AIP Certified Coach Practitioner Training Program has trained nearly 1000 practitioners from a diverse array of professional backgrounds. These practitioners collectively serve countless thousands of autoimmune clients, but the need and demand for personalized autoimmune wellness coaching continues to grow.

In 2022, Jaime Hartman brought her expertise in educational psychology and instructional design to the leadership team of AIP Certified Coach. The result is a fully refreshed course that will prepare and encourage the next generation of autoimmune protocol coaches, ready to empower their autoimmune clients.






  • The program is based online and will run over the course of eight weeks, from March 4 to April 28, 2024.
  • The exam dates for the fall enrollment will be May 2 to 4, 2024. For course completion, you must be available and with internet access during any 2-hour window during this time frame.
  • The program is open to practitioners with existing certifications or licenses to work directly with clients or patients. Health coaches, nutritional therapy practitioners and consultants, registered dietitians, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, and medical doctors (and others!) can all integrate this information into their practices.
  • Enrollment will be open until February 28 or whenever the enrollment cap is reached. Since we are actively teaching the program, we have a limited number of students we can take.
  • Upon completion of the coursework, an exam, and proof of certification and/or licensure and insurance, graduates will have permission to use the AIP Certified Coach mark on their marketing materials, call themselves an AIP Certified Coach, and be listed in the practitioner directory on our website.
  • Graduates who certify will be granted a license to use a collection of over 45 custom-designed handouts, self-assessments, checklists, charts, and other materials directly with their 1:1 clients.
  • Completing the program earns NTA members 24 CEUs , NANP members 30 Cat I CEUs, and NBHWC members 15 CE credits (other professional organizations may approve CEUs on a case-by-case basis).
If you are serious about working with an autoimmune population,
you won’t go wrong with this advanced training!



You will be educated about important topics like the science behind autoimmunity and practical strategies for helping your clients implement dietary and lifestyle interventions.

We’ve designed the coursework to take 4-5 hours per week
of your time over the 8-weeks of the program.


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the principles of the Autoimmune Protocol, including the lifestyle mediators of sleep, stress, movement, and connection, and the evidence base supporting its efficacy as related to autoimmune disease in general and to specific conditions
  • Within scope of practice, coach clients who are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or pursuing a diagnosis self-advocate with their medical care provider(s) and help clients determine if the Autoimmune Protocol is appropriate for them in conjunction with their overall treatment plan
  • Identify clients for whom the Autoimmune Protocol may be contraindicated and offer support either for addressing barriers to its implementation or alternative approaches that are appropriate for the client’s unique needs
  • Support clients’ personal health visions and explore with clients how an effective implementation of the Autoimmune Protocol could best support their goals
  • Explore with clients their preferences and needs as they transition to the elimination phase and then proceed through reintroduction phases of the Autoimmune Protocol, ultimately determining a long-term least-restrictive, culturally appropriate, and personalized diet for themselves
  • Evaluate client progress through all stages of the Autoimmune Protocol and provide troubleshooting support within scope of practice as needed and make referrals to qualified practitioners when warranted


  • Assigned reading on the week’s topics
  • Video lectures and transcripts of the week’s lessons
  • Presentations by guest teachers who are experienced AIP Certified Coaches with specialized advanced training in topics such as immunology, eating disorders, body inclusivity, and occupational therapy
  • Weekly discussion prompts within the private classroom community
  • Ongoing engagement with a cohort of fellow students from diverse practice backgrounds
  • A total of THREE live video calls (all of which will be recorded for those who can’t attend in real time)
  • Unlimited opportunity to ask questions and receive answers during the 8 weeks

We know from first-hand experience what it takes to keep a professional practice and an online presence running. The thought of adding continuing education can be daunting!

The good news is that we have specifically designed this course so that you can learn all the information at a comfortable pace (4-5 hours per week). Joining the army of health coaches ready to address the autoimmune epidemic shouldn’t be a drain on your health!

Let’s combine our efforts in this mission of wellness. If you are ready to collaborate with your clients to create health and happiness and to bridge the gap in the conventional healthcare system, we need you!

Turning the tide of disease around the globe is a job made for an army! We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you.







Mickey Trescott, M.Sc., FNTP — After achieving personal success managing my Hashimoto’s and celiac disease with the Autoimmune Protocol, I shifted my cooking career to practice nutrition and have been working privately with one-on-one clients since 2014. I’m the author of three award-winning and best-selling books on the Autoimmune Protocol; The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen, and The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook. In 2017, I created the AIP Certified Coach Practitioner Training Program with Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, and Angie Alt, FNTP as a response to the demand for practitioners who are educated in integrating the Autoimmune Protocol into their work. I have a love for evidence-based nutrition, with a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States.

Jaime Hartman, M.Ed., NBC-HWC, FNTP — I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, trained by Duke Health, and have a master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin with over 25 years experience in education and instructional design. I discovered the Autoimmune Protocol as a tool to better manage the effects of my own post-surgical Crohn’s disease, and in 2013 I began a blog called Gutsy By Nature to chronicle my health improvements and to keep me motivated to continue. Through this I met Sarah, Mickey, and Angie who inspired me to make a full career change and was among the first cohort of students to complete the AIP Certified Coach Practitioner Training Program in 2017. I have been a co-teacher of this program every year since as well as the organizer and host of the AIP Summit series since 2020. In my private coaching practice I help clients identify and prioritize the changes that will allow them to achieve their personal health visions.






"The AIP Certified Coach program expertly fills an important gap in continuing education for health and wellness providers working with chronically-ill patients and clients. This rich educational experience is a must for all practitioners looking for the knowledge and practical tools to effectively guide your clients to implement evidence-based diet and lifestyle interventions, including personalizing and troubleshooting the Autoimmune Protocol. This outstanding program has my highest recommendation."

Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Approach


  • Have an existing certification or license to work directly with clients or patients
  • Are serious about serving the autoimmune community
  • Want to learn with peers as committed as they are
  • Desire continuing education on a modest budget
  • Prefer continuing education at a moderate pace
  • Are comfortable learning in an online environment
  • Want to teach the Autoimmune Protocol, but are unsure where to begin
  • Are already using the Autoimmune Protocol, but need help with personalization, troubleshooting, and best coaching practices


“The program is science-based, easy to follow and beneficial even for physicians.”
— Kaley Bourgeois, ND

“This invaluable experience has enriched my professional life, not only by gaining more knowledge as to how to approach the AIP diet with clients, but also with the talented colleagues and friends I have had the pleasure to connect with and share ideas with. I feel blessed to have been a part of this inaugural class as I feel our group will go on to make an important impact on the world by educating and helping people take their health into their own hands.”
— Tina Christoudias Spyrou, RD

“AIP Certified Coach was a valuable and enriching program, providing essential ongoing education for any health professional that embraces the idea that “food is medicine.” As a Certified AIP Coach, I feel more equipped to walk my clients through the hows and whys of autoimmunity, and to troubleshoot more complex situations. The handouts are well designed and thought out, and are worth the price of the course alone!”
— Ryan Monahan, FDN-P

"I added AIP Certified Coach to my coaching toolkit to gain the knowledge to help autoimmune clients begin to manage and heal their body through nutrition and lifestyle change. The AIP Certified Coach program gave me the tools to assess and modify AIP based on the needs and desires of the client - go all in or take it slow - a key to successful transition to AIP. The program also provides resources to help educate my clients and guide them on their AIP journey. Importantly, I gained a wonderfully supportive community of practitioners in which to share knowledge and seek assistance when I need guidance in supporting my clients.  AIP certified does a fantastic job promoting AIP Certified coaches so that we can spread the knowledge of healing through nutrition and lifestyle change. Lastly, AIP Certified has been a strong supporter of the BIPOC AIP community through their outreach as well as BIPOC AIP Certified scholarship, trying to bring the message of healing to underserved autoimmune communities."

Sybil Cooper, PhD, NBC-HWC

“The AIP Certified Coach program has transformed my practice. The vast amount of resources, from client handouts to real-world troubleshooting advice, help me to support my clients through every step of the Autoimmune protocol. This program is the most extensive AIP training I have seen and I can't wait to bring this knowledge to the people who need it most.”
— Christine Horley, NC

“The AIP Certified Coach program was very well laid-out, comprehensive, and the materials were very robust and informative. I very much enjoyed the videos and learning from others on the Facebook group. I am looking forward to collaborating with the other coaches from my cohort on an autoimmune group program this coming year. I love that I now have a framework and toolkit to use with my clients through the coaching process.”
— Shelley Myers, RN

AIP Certified Coach Ethics Statement

At AIP Certified Coach we train practitioners on the science and implementation of the Autoimmune Protocol within a holistic understanding of health. In the simplest terms, we believe we are all linked and that seeking health and building community is an interdependent project that must be rooted in social equity. 

While autoimmune disease is not limited to a particular age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, religion, ethnicity, or nationality, we recognize that systemic barriers in our world result in certain groups such as Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) facing disproportionate burdens in health and accessing care. These same systems of racism and oppression have structured what has long been a highly homogenous medical/healthcare field, which further disadvantages diverse patient populations. 

Here at AIP Certified Coach we believe it is our collective responsibility to engage in the critical thinking and work necessary to advance social and health equity. We are committed to fostering an anti-racist, anti-oppressive and inclusive environment where diversity of all kinds (both in client and practitioner) can shine and healing partnerships are the norm.






We are offering a 10% discount to those who choose to pay up-front!



What kinds of practitioners can take AIP Certified Coach, and does taking the program enable me to practice nutrition directly with clients?


AIP Certified Coach is open to practitioners with existing certifications or licenses to work directly with clients or patients and who carry appropriate liability insurance. Health coaches, nutritional therapy practitioners or consultants, registered dietitians, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, and medical doctors (and more!) can all integrate this information into their practices. We also accept current students completing their base certification, with the understanding that they will wait to complete certification until they finish their base program.

If you have a question about if your certification qualifies you, please contact us (aipcertified at gmail dot com).

Before using the AIP Certified Coach mark, graduates will be required to show proof of certification or licensure, as well as proof of insurance for their practice. It should be noted that it is up to each individual to assess the laws in their state and determine their own legal scope of practice. AIP Certified Coach is for educational use only.

AIP Certified Coach is not a standalone certification that enables you to practice directly with clients. All students must come into the program with an existing certification in the coaching or medical fields that enables them to work with clients or patients, or be a current student of a program that will qualify them in the future.

How does the online community work and how long will I have access to the materials?


Once your enrollment is approved, you will be granted access to the AIP Certified Coach website where you will be prompted to create a login. Each week, starting with the first day of the class schedule, a new set of materials (videos, transcripts, and handouts) will be unlocked for the entire class to move through at the same pace. An internet connection will be required to stream the videos, and they will not be available to download for offline use, due to the extremely large file sizes, but an audio-only version of each video’s content will be available to be accessed offline. Reading lists, transcripts, and handouts will all be available to download.

A stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 768 kb/seconds is necessary to stream video content from the site. All operating systems and browsers are supported, as long as they support video streaming through Vimeo. Zoom is used to facilitate live calls.

In order to access the handouts and other materials, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another program that can access .pdf files.

Graduates will have access to the learning community platform for the duration of their enrollment and at least 30 days after the program ends. Transcripts, copies of the lecture slides, and all handouts can be downloaded and are yours to keep and use with your clients in accordance with the license you will be granted upon successful completion of the course.

How much time do I need to complete the program, and is anything scheduled?


We have designed the program to meet the needs of busy professionals. Expect to devote approximately 4-5 hours to the program each week, with 2-3 hours of time spent watching video lectures, an hour of reading, and an hour of discussion time.

To enhance the instructional impact and facilitate community among class members, we will host a total of THREE live calls. For spring 2024, they will be:

  • Wednesday, March 6 at 8AM PST / 11AM EST
  • Wednesday, March 27 at 11AM PDT/ 2PM EDT
  • Wednesday, April 24 2PM PDT / 5PM EDT

Attendance at these calls is entirely optional and they will be recorded.

You will need to be available for 2 hours during a 3-day window at the end of the program to take the final exam and will need a stable internet connection during this time. The test dates for the spring 2024 enrollment are May 2-4, 2024.

Other than these three calls, you are not tied to any other specific meeting times and complete all of the learning activities as suits your schedule.

When is the next enrollment, or is there a self-paced version?


We typically offer the 8 week course one or two times per year.

Fall 2024 Program Dates:
Enrollment: Sep 4 to 18
Program: Sep 23 to Nov 17
Exam: Nov 21-23

If you want to be notified directly of future enrollments with a first chance to sign up, please join our interest list.

We’ve designed AIP Certified Coach to be completed at your own pace week-to-week, but you will want to keep moving with the class schedule so you can get the most out of the discussions.

Should you get behind in the material for an unforeseen circumstance, we will consider allowing more time to complete the program on a case-by-case basis. Ideally, students should only enroll in the program if they know they have 4-5 hours a week to devote to their studies.

Who will be my lead and guest instructors during this course?


Mickey Trescott and Jaime Hartman will be your lead instructors. They will participate in all weekly discussions in the learning community and you will have ample opportunity to ask them questions and benefit from their extensive coaching experience. Additionally, the course content includes lectures and conversations from select guest teachers who are practicing AIP Certified Coaches who have specialized education and experience. This year, these guest teachers are:

  • Tomesha Campbell, FNC, Pn1
  • Angelina Chilcoat, OTR/L, CHT
  • Sybil Cooper, PhD, NBC-HWC, FNC
  • Angela Grace, Ph.D. Registered Psychologist
  • Indira Pulliadath MS, MBA, NTP
  • Isabel Ramirez-Burnett, NBC-HWC

What books or materials do I need to purchase before starting the course, and is there a code of conduct to adhere to?


You will need to purchase two textbooks that will be required reading for the course - The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook and The Paleo Approach, which are available in both ebook or hard copy formats.

Here at AIP Certified Coach we believe it is our collective responsibility to engage in the critical thinking and work necessary to advance social and health equity. We are committed to fostering an anti-racist, anti-oppressive and inclusive environment where diversity of all kinds (both in client and practitioner) can shine and healing partnerships are the norm.

To remain accountable to each other, respect our diversity, and work toward the truest form of holistic health and wellbeing within the AIP Certified Coach program, we have developed the following code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

  • Be respectful. This is a group diverse in many ways, and you are likely to encounter perspectives, lived realities and experiences that are different from your own. While sharing of new ideas is encouraged, do so with respect, consideration and goodwill. Support the wellbeing of all members of this group. Inflammatory language will not be allowed within this learning environment, nor will stereotypical statements, racist or sexist remarks or jokes, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, classist or other bigoted, inflammatory or offensive language.
  • Commit to equity. Systemic barriers to health and wellness exist for many marginalized groups. Health and wellness practitioners of all kinds are expected to recognize these barriers, identify their own implicit biases and commit to dismantling them. This learning environment is no exception. We expect you to hold yourselves to the highest level of ethics.
  • Follow the law. Know the professional laws you are bound to and make sure you are abiding by them in your communications and actions here.
  • Maintain privacy. Just as you are expected to maintain the privacy of your clients or patients, the ideas and stories shared in this group often include personal experiences that students and teachers do not want shared. Do not share them outside of this group.

If you notice violation of these principles, feel discriminated against, uncomfortable, unsafe or have any other concerns, please disclose this to us as soon as possible by emailing us directly at [email protected]. All inquiries will be handled in confidence.

Violation of the AIP Certified Coach Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. Any breach of this code of conduct may result in the following actions with or without warning:

  • removal of posts
  • removal of student from the AIPCC learning community
  • expulsion of students from the Program without refund
  • removal of member from AIPCC Alumni Facebook group
  • revocation of AIPCC certification and use of the AIPCC mark

What if I am a current student in the process of obtaining a license or certification to work 1:1 with clients?


If you are currently enrolled in a program that will grant you a license or certification to work directly with clients or patients, you may enroll in AIP Certified Coach, but you will not be able to sign the AIP Certified Coach Practitioner Agreement (a requirement for using the mark or title) until you can show proof of certification and insurance.

If you decide to wait until you graduate your program, we are happy to hold your certification for up to six months after our program ends.

Can I get CE credits or CEUs for completing AIP Certified Coach?


Completing the program earns NTA and NTC graduates 24 CEUs, NANP members 30 Cat I CEUs, and NB-HWC members 10 CE credits. 

We found that many of our past graduates from varied backgrounds were granted generous CE credits or CEUs through their respective organizations. Please contact us if you’d like to inquire about them.

What are the requirements for completing certification as an AIP Certified Coach, able to use the mark, materials, and be listed in the practitioner directory, and what if I don’t want to be certified?


Students will need to complete all coursework (videos, quizzes, and participate in discussions), and pass a final exam. In addition, they will be required to show proof of certification or licensure, and proof of insurance for their practice.

Once all of this is completed, students can then sign the AIP Certified Coach Practitioner Agreement, which outlines the license and rules for using the mark. Once the agreement is signed, you can use the AIP Certified Coach mark on your marketing materials, use the title AIP Certified Coach, and be listed in our practitioner directory.

It should be noted that it is up to each individual to assess the laws in their state and determine their own legal scope of practice. AIP Certified Coach is for educational use only.

Once a graduate has signed the AIP Certified Coach agreement, they will be listed in our practitioner directory for one year. Going forward, graduates will be prompted to submit updated license information if expired, as well as proof of insurance annually. A small recertification fee ($35) will be due each year to cover administration and website costs. No CEUs will be required to recertify as an AIP Certified Coach, but we will continue to send graduates updates in science and research.

What are the payment and refund policies, and are there any scholarships available?


The cost of the program is either one payment of $799 or three payments of $299 ($899 total). Payment is due either in full or with the first payment in the payment plan before a space in the program will be held for you. Payment may only be made using a credit or debit card.

We use PayPal for our payment processor. If you have trouble completing your transaction, email us at aipcertified at gmail dot com and we'll be happy to help you troubleshoot or offer an alternative payment option.

In the event of your absence or withdrawal from the program, for any reason, refunds will be give on the following terms:

1.  Prior to the program’s start date, a full refund will be provided.
2. Within fourteen days of the program’s start date, a full refund less a 15% administrative fee will be given.
3. After fourteen days from the program’s start date, no refunds will be given.

As part of AIP Certified Coach’s mission to “train and encourage the next generation of autoimmune protocol coaches, ready to empower their autoimmune clients,” five (5) educational scholarships worth full enrollment price ($799) are made available to BIPOC health and wellness practitioners with existing certifications or licenses, who are looking for continuing education and training focused specifically on the autoimmune population.

This program exists to further two specific objectives - 1) to support BIPOC practitioners addressing racial disparities in the health and wellness field and actively planning to serve the BIPOC autoimmune community. 2) to benefit the entire AIP community by certifying more BIPOC coaches.

You can learn more and apply for a scholarship here.

How do I get in touch about technical support or a question not addressed here?


If you have a question about enrollment that hasn't been addressed, contact Mickey and Jaime directly by email at aipcertified at gmail dot com.

During the course, if you are able to access the learning community platform, we will be able to support you there.

If you are having technical troubles that prevent you from doing that, contact our team at aipcertified at gmail dot com.